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The Wall of Donald Trump and the 2020 US Elections.

Donald Trump talked incessantly about his project regarding a wall between the frontier of Mexico and the United States to prevent illegal immigration. What is more, such a wall was going to be fully paid for by the government of Mexico. Read this in Spanish: El Muro de Donald Trump y las Elecciones de Estados Unidos   Trump sold this idea and it became a recurrent chant in his famous rallies.

Four years ago, British comedian John Oliver analyzed this project of Donald Trump and the difficulties that it implied. Yet, 4 years after, the reality of what has become of the wall is far too more unbelievable and shocking than what John Oliver thought at first as the comedian explains in this video.

The reality overcomes fiction and the worst augurs. Do discover the truth behind the project of the wall of Donald Trump watching the following video. For instance, people close to Donald Trump are being investigated because they stole funds which were donated by followers of Trump to build the wall. Discover what John Oliver has revealed.


 Right now, it seems normal that Donald Trump is at the White House but at the beginning, everybody was laughing at him and the Republican Party did not want to see him at all.

Trump took advantage of the publicity he received to impulse his campaign and he destroyed all his rivals at the Republican primaries who were experimented politicians and despite everything was prepared so that Jeff Bush, brother and son of a former president, would obtain the nomination of the conservative political party.

The success of Donald Trump was not winning the elections (he lost it for nearly 3 million votes) yet obtaining the nomination of the Republican party. This was the true success of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton made an unforgivable mistake, she took for granted some states that usually vote Democrat such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin and in fact, she did not even hold rallies there.

Trump travelled to these states frequently and he did win the elections. There was only 75 thousand votes of difference between them in these 3 states but as Trump won these 3 states he obtained the presidency. Something bad Hillary Clinton would do when these 3 states that were traditionally inclined to vote Democrat chose Trump in the end.

Who is to win the 2020 elections??? Things do not look so bright for Trump this time but the US electoral system is really peculiar and anything can take place.

The popular vote is going to be for Biden probably but if Donald Trump wins Georgia, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania he will be very close to winning the White House. Yet, if Joe Biden wins one of these 6 aforementioned states it will be nearly impossible for Trump to win the White House. 

The wall of Donald Trump and the US Elections
The wall of Donald Trump and the US Elections

To date, Biden has a relevant advantage in Pennsylvania and Florida but Trump won these 6 states four years ago and he is winning in Ohio. There is an unwritten rule that tells that if the Republican nominee wins Ohio he/she gets the White House.

It was not like that in the past. When the United States were born as a country, the candidate with more votes would win the White House (as it happens in the rest of the free world) but they decided to change it to the current electoral system in order to give more power to the states. 

Nonetheless, they did not think one day the differences between states would be so big as far as the population is concerned as they are nowadays because there are some states with a heavy population and some rural states that do not have many people living therein. In fact, the electoral system of the United States depicts the reality of the country centuries ago.

In 1960, Republicans and Democrats made an agreement thus they decided to change it because they foresaw that in the future, the winner of the popular vote could lose the White House but in the end, some Senate members stopped the project and there have been 2 presidents in the XXI century, George W. Bush and Donald Trump, who have obtained the White House without having the majority of votes in the country overall.

What is more, Trump does have a plan. As you might know, a progressive judge, Ginsburg, died recently and Trump has chosen a conservative judge to replace her, Barrett.

It was supposed that a judge should not be appointed for the Supreme Court in an electoral year, let alone if the campaign has already started but Trump has ignored this rule, and given the Republicans hold a majority in the Senate they are going to appoint Barrett prior to election day. Only 20 percent of the American population say they are Catholic but 7 of the 9 judges at the Supreme Court are going to be Catholics now.

Obama could not choose a member for the Supreme Court 4 years ago because elections were going to take place such year. Republicans argued that a new judge could not be chosen in an electoral year and they would never do that if Trump was going to win. Not only they are going to appoint a judge in an electoral year but in the middle of a pandemic too and in the middle of the elections besides.

Trump does want to carry the result of the elections to the Supreme Court if the outcome is not positive for him so that the 3 judges he has chosen can give him the White House. It may sound like a scandal but George W. Bush already won the White House in similar circumstances 20 years ago.

Similarly, Trump appointed a person of his confidence who had donated millions to his campaign to lead the Postal Service. This man has cut the funds of the Postal Service so that it works poorly, thereby, the voting recount will be long and if it does not benefit Trump he will claim it is fraudulent to carry the result to the Supreme Court because voting by mail will be counted after election day and this year there will be plenty of it because of the pandemic.  

Followers of Trump are going to vote in person but millions of people have used voting by mail to avoid coronavirus infections. Hence, Trump is going to push everything to the limit to win the election by hook or by crook.

2 million votes were discounted four years ago and you have to experience long queues which in many cases last hours in some states to vote after having registered, this does not happen in European countries like Spain where you vote easily in a free day without queues or filling any paper.

Democrats study to put more judges at the Supreme Court if Biden wins but in real terms, they must accept the defeat Donald Trump has accomplished in this field, whether they like it or not the truth is the USA is going to have a very conservative majority at the Supreme Court the next decades and at least, fight so that Donald Trump recognizes the result in order to avoid everything does not end up in the Supreme Court.

The comedian Bill Maher has been saying for years that Trump is not going to leave the White House, that he will do anything to remain in power. Everybody was laughing at him but as always, he was right. Check out this video to find out more.


To end up, discover a YouTube video I have done talking about this subject. This YouTube video contains subtitles in English of my own. Do share and comment.


Monday, 12 October 2020

NIKE Sneakers at Half-Price Because of Coronavirus

How awful things must be!! I went to buy some sneakers to walk my dog throughout the countryside. The following sneakers cost 150 euros but the shop assistant offered me them at 75 euros. In other words, at half price. Read this in Spanish: Zapatillas Nike a mitad de precio por el coronavirus

I was no in a small store to say the truth. I was in the mighty and renowned department stores of Spain: El Corte Inglés.

Nike Sneakers at half price
Nike Sneakers at half price

And I was not going searching for sales, it was the shop assistant who talked to me about these Nike sneakers and this is because sales have plummeted so heavily because of coronavirus that you may find offers like this one.


What do you think??? These Nike sneakers are really comfortable and they look cool. The coronavirus is hitting so hard, brands do not know what to do to sell products and this is happening even in big stores like "El Corte Inglés".

By the way, I wrote a rigorous article talking about the origins of coronavirus. You can read it now. Do not get fooled!!! Do share and comment.

The Origin of Coronavirus

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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

My First Time as Influencer and the New Book of Halcombe Norilsk

I have posted a picture on Instagram wearing a t-shirt from a fashion brand of the United States as you might perceive. What do you think?? Do you like it?? Read this in SPANISH Mi Debut como Influencer y mi Nuevo Libro

My First Time as Influencer
My First Time as Influencer and my new book

However, I must clarify the tshirt has been made in Nicaragua to say the truth and as I have discovered. I have made a YouTube video talking about this (It contains subtitles in English)


My new book of fiction is titled: "El Cumpleaños de Natalie Davis".  In the following video you will learn more about it and you could read the beginning for free for instance.


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Saturday, 3 October 2020

BLACKPINK: Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo... "Lovesick Girls"

After my recent article in which I choose the best songs and live performances of BLACKPINK (Discover the best songs and live performances of BLACKPINK. Follow this link: The Best Songs and Live Performances of BLACKPINK ) we are to learn more about the members of BLACKPINK.

At first, BLACKPINK was going to be formed by 9 people and the group was going to be called Pink Punk, but in the end, the chosen were the very talented: Rose, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo and the name was the very witty and original BLACKPINK

In this month of October, 2020, BLACKPINK is going to release an album, they premiere a movie and they are for instance, on the cover of ELLE AMERICA as you can see now.


BLACKPINK stars a video for ELLE AMERICA likewise.


BLACKPINK has toured the world and here you can see the four of them talking with the BBC. Will be BLACKPINK playing in Glastonbury one day???


Similarly, BLACKPINK appeared in the television programme "Good Morning America" playing live.

BLACKPINK Good Morning America.

Now, you can discover some interviews in exclusive with Rosé, Lisa, Jennie and Jisoo, members of BLACKPINK. Vogue Korea interviews them. These videos contain subtitles in English so that you can understand fully what they are saying.





BLACKPINK has announced the cover of their main single with some impressive images and videos as you can see now. 


BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls


This is the official music video of BLACKPINK for "Lovesick Girls"

BLACKPINK "Lovesick Girls"

Are you a BLINK?? Are the members of BLACKPINK "Lovesick Girls" in reality?? Do share and comment.

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Sunday, 27 September 2020

The Best Songs and Live Performances of BLACKPINK!!!

BLACKPINK is a female band from South Korea (Kpop) that was born just four years ago (summer of 2016). The members are: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé who are really talented and brilliant.

Read this in Spanish BLACKPINK

Followers of BLACKPINK are called Blinks and they are all around the world. Indeed, the numbers and the popularity of BLACKPINK are huge.


The Best Songs of BLACKPINK



This is one of the first live performances of Blackpink in August 2016, the song is Boombayah. Little could one imagine what these artists were going to achieve and what was going to take place thereafter.




One of the first hits of BLACKPINK was DDU-DU DDU-DU whose music video can be seen now with English subtitles so that you understand the message because, besides the brilliant songs, the lyrics are similarly outstanding. They tend to mix Korean with English albeit sometimes they record in Japanese too.

The Best Songs of BLACKPINK




BLACKPINK premiered this song in the famous Coachella Festival in the USA. You can see the rendition of DDU-DU DDU-DU now



 Another great song of BLACKPINK is Kill This Love

The Best Songs of BLACKPINK



The music video of Kill this love is one of the best ones I have ever seen. It is really great as you can see right now.



BLACKPINK also sang Kill this love in an incredible manner in this amazing Coachella concert as you can realize thanks to this video


BLACKPINK have a version of Kill this love in Japanese (albeit most of the song remains in English) which they performed in a spectacular way inside their tour in Japan.




At the beginning of the summer, BLACKPINK released a new song: "How you like that" whose music video can be seen now.

The Best Songs of BLACKPINK


The Best Songs of BLACKPINK


BLACKPINK presented this song: "How you like that" in the famous American show of comedian Jimmy Fallon.


The last success of BLACKPINK is "Ice Cream" which was recorded with Selena Gomez.



The Best Songs of BLACKPINK


BLACKPINK has recorded likewise songs with Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa. The song they recorded with Dua Lipa "Kiss and Make Up" is really good, much better than this one with Selena Gomez



Original article: BLACKPINK

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

"Italy Cook and Love" Episode 4 Catania

The web is now a gold mine for all food lovers looking for simple recipes to make but also and above all for those looking for advice on where to find a quality restaurant.

 In this regard, the new series of episodes of "Italy Cook & Love" comes to your aid, always conducted with the simplicity that distinguishes Dario Privitera, accompanied in all episodes by a food blogger. Read this in Spanish: Italy Cook and Love

This time (perhaps also for logistical reasons) the journey through the best Italian restaurants will follow an itinerary along the entire boot.

A real guide to the best places to visit and with particular attention to the dishes absolutely to taste. 

Catania will be the setting for the first stage of Italy Cook & Love - Italy
Together with the food blogger, Veronica Mirabella, we will discover the Cascia restaurant and the chef Piera Giuffrida. 

The episode will be available from 21 September 2020 on all the social partner pages of the project.

One of the specialties of the Cascia Restaurant.
The production Dm Management made the episode in the period called "Zero Contagions" while respecting all the provisions and safety standards.

Italy Cook and Love Episode 4

The direction also for this new edition is curated by the co-creator of the format Giusy Di Mauro A.k.a Horus Dmg. Read this in Spanish


Wednesday, 16 September 2020

This is Why Lionel Messi Stays at Barcelona

Lionel Messi is according to my belief, the best footballer in football history. His career has always been linked to Fútbol Club Barcelona. Nonetheless, there was some breaking news at the end of August. Read this in Spanish Lionel Messi

Messi sent an official message to the club announcing he was leaving. Relevant teams such as Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, or Inter Milan were guessing how to sign him.

Messi stays in Barcelona

Messi stays at Barcelona

Notwithstanding his position, it was not going to be so easy for Messi as he has a contract until June 2021, thereby if a team does want to sign him, it must pay 700 million euros. 

This sum is so huge that no a single football team was going to pay it. If Messi had explained before last June he wanted to leave, Barcelona would have allowed him to leave for free, yet Messi announced his decision at the end of August. Messi wanted to explain that the football season had ended late because of the coronavirus but his contract did not say anything regarding a special case as the one the world is living.

As a result, Messi would go to a trial which he would probably lose. This is the reason Messi has decided to stay in Barcelona this season. Everything that has happened is truly severe as far as his image is concerned because, what is more, if he waits one year he can leave the team for free hence he could have saved this turmoil.

The best friend of Messi, Luis Suárez, is no required by the new coach Koeman who wants to get rid of him. Besides, Ernesto Valverde, former manager of Barcelona on whom Messi did really get well was sacked uncomprehensible at the beginning of January. Lastly, the humiliating defeat Barcelona received in its match against Bayern Munich recently made Messi to leave Barcelona

Fútbol Club Barcelona pays Messi 50 million euros annually tax-free (Barcelona spends 100 million as a result) and he is the emblem of the team that plays for him. Messi has made a mistake but he is such a good player everything will be forgotten soon. Furthermore, there will be a trifle audience at the football matches now thus people will not demonstrate against him.

 Messi announced his decision with the following video that contains English subtitles. 


What do you think of this interview?? Do Comment and share.

Read this in Spanish Lionel Messi

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AC/DC The True Story of Bon Scott

 It is just 40 years of the publication of one of the best albums in rock history: Back in Black. Read this in Spanish AC/DC

We are talking of one of the most sold albums of all time whose song of the same title, Back in Black, is similarly a historic record.

More or less, everybody knows the history of this album and the death of Bon Scott (the erstwhile singer of AC/DC) that took place some months prior to the publication of this album. Nonetheless, some recent investigations change the legend in a dramatic manner.

AC/DC Back in black the true story of Bon Scott
AC/DC Back in black

You can see the original music video of Back in black now


Jesse Fink is an absolute expert in the history of AC/DC as he has published two books about this band: Bon: the last highway and The brothers who built AC/DC

This writer and journalist has discovered that in reality, Bon Scott died of a heroin overdose when everybody knows as the legend has it, that he died of acute alcohol poisoning after a night of heavy drinking.

However, in reality, Bon Scott died because of a heroin overdose, and the people who were with him such night and gave him the drug made believe he had died choked in his vomit to avoid any troubles. Something they achieved. They put him in a taxi and the rest is history. This version has been maintained hitherto as Jesse Fink has discovered the harsh truth recently.  

What is more, it is assured that many of the lyrics in the album Back in Black were written by Bon Scott in reality. One month before passing away, Young brothers (the two incredible guitars of AC/DC Angus Young and Malcom Young are brothers although Malcom Young died a few years ago) gave him a copy of the album with the music composed as they had always done since Bon Scott always wrote all of the lyrics in the works of AC/DC.

 Likewise, the Young brothers were tired of Bon Scott who despite having led the group to stardom (he was the real star back then) he was not acting professionally in the last times as he had unhealthy habits and he was giving unprofessional concerts thus they wanted to sack him.

One month after receiving the album and writing much of the lyrics, Bon Scott passed away. AC/DC were criticized as they took so little time to publish the album (only some months after the death of Scott). Indeed, AC/DC took advantage of the news of the death to release the album that even though the cover is in black paying homage to Bon Scott and it contains this song Back in Black and even other songs that can talk about him, there is not any single direct reference to Bon Scott. 

Similarly, the Young brothers do not include any reference in the credits hence the heirs of Bon Scott do not earn any money from this iconic album, Back in black, albeit this writer assures Bon Scott wrote many of the lyrics and his death even helped the Young brothers who signed Brian Johnson to replace him, a great singer but less problematic and wild than Bon Scott

The creativity of AC/DC has never achieved the status it obtained with Bon Scott and it has never really been as great ever since. Indeed, this writer has revealed that You shook me all night long for instance (one of the best songs in this album and in rock historywas written by Bon Scott but the group does not recognize it. (Original Article AC/DC )

Do you believe this revision of the myth???

Do you think Bon Scott died of an heroin overdose?

Did Bon Scott write the album Back in Black in real terms??

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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Genre and Literature in English Speaking Countries

Plays you should read in order to understand the subject "Literature from the perspective of genre". Literature to learn the role of women in the history of Literature. Read this in Spanish Género y Literatura en los países de Habla Inglesa

Genre and Literature in English Speaking Countries

 Genre and Literature in English Speaking Countries


  1. ALFRED LORD TENNYSON "The Lady of ShalottAlfred Lord Tennyson: "The lady of Shalott"
  2. CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN: "The Yellow WallpaperCHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN: "The Yellow Wallpaper"
  3. OLIVE SCHREINER: "Three Dreams in a Desert" OLIVE SCHREINER "Three Dreams in a Desert" 
  5. VIRGINIA WOOLF: "The New Dress" VIRGINIA WOOLF "The New Dress"
  6. GLORIA ANZALDÚA: "To live in the Borderlands means you" GLORIA ANZALDÚA: "To live in the Borderlands means you" 
  7. SUSAN HAMPTON: "A drunk cadet had hit them" Susan Hampton "A drunk cadet had hit them" 
  8. TONI MORRISON: "Beloved" Toni Morrison Beloved Wikipedia Toni Morrison Beloved
  10. OCTAVIA BUTLER: "Bloodchild" OCTAVIA BUTLER "Bloodchild"
  11. VIRGINIA WOOLF: "A Room of one´s own" VIRGINIA WOOLF "A Room of One´s own"


Genre and Literature in English Speaking Countries

Saturday, 25 July 2020

The Rolling Stones Criss Cross

               The new music video of The Rolling Stones is a song from 1973 called Criss Cross that was not finally included in the album: Goat´s head soup. It is strange to discover this song was discarded as Criss Cross sounds utterly brilliant. Read this in Spanish The Rolling Stones Criss Cross

The Rolling Stones Criss Cross
The Rolling Stones Criss Cross

This music video was recorded in part in the Spanish island of Ibiza and in New York. It has been directed by Diana Kunst and the star of it is Spanish model Marina Ontanaya who is known as well as Marina Guindilla. 

The Rolling Stones will launch a new version of this album, Goat´s head soup this September with 3 new songs.  

You can see the official music video of Criss Cross right now. The Rolling Stones Criss Cross