Sunday, 29 November 2015

London pays homage to Eva Gonzalo.

Eva María Gonzalo Torrellas travelled with her beloved Australian friend Kirralee to Peru in August of 2005 to spend a holiday. Apart from being pals, they were also colleagues hence they decided to traverse the aforementioned South American country with a third friend and also coworker Maria from Northern Ireland. These 3 workmates had already visited other European countries such as Austria or Czech Republic when their schedule allowed them to do so. However, this time was to be an utter journey inasmuch as they were going to another continent to cross such a special country as Peru is. At the last minute, Maria did no travel nevertheless, Eva and Kirralee travelled alone consequently living mesmerising adventures as a matter of fact, just like the ones they happily told people while in South America. They had flown from London to Lima through Houston. On the return flight they were going to visit New York City, spend some days there before heading to London one more time because the new scholar year was about to start. They were labouring in a school in Camden, London. Yet, once in Peru and when their holidays were vanishing they decided to see Iquitos, in the north of Peru ending  the vacation therein. In concordance, they took a flight from Peruvian company TANS Peru with such bad luck they passed away in the crash plane that took place in the summer of 2005, the plane fell in a dangerous place close to Pucallpa and Amazon River. From August, 2015 henceforth, these two friends have a never-ending tribute in the London school where they were working. As a result, this place serves as a never ending tribute to these two comrades not only of friendship but also of work and now of eternal residence. Eva was 27 years of age, Kirralee 25 (only two days ahead of being 26 years old). 

Eva Gonzalo London
Eva Gonzalo Hackney House London

Eva María Gonzalo Torrellas was born and raised in Tarazona, province of Zaragoza, northern Spain. Prior to visit Peru, Eva said her farewells to friends and relatives as she stayed in Tarazona for a week. When she was 18 years old she had moved to Zaragoza to start college, after ending her University career and worked briefly she went to Bournemouth, Dorset, south of England in order to learn English and work. 2 years later she moved to London, after 3 years in the capital of Britain Eva was working in Camden and living in Hackney that summer of 2005. A Wikipedia page remembers the crash plane.
Eva and Kirra on Wikipedia

Eva rests in Tarazona and Kirralee does it in Australia, yet recent happenings oblige us with assuring and vouch for the fact that Eva and Kirralee will always be present and somehow alive in the city of London, the place where their trip did commence and where now concludes. Do share and comment. Have a good day.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Eva María Gonzalo Torrellas

In London are used to respect the fallen, their own legendary people, their idols, their beloved sons and even adopted ones. Those whom no only did represent adroitly their friends, family and acquaintances but also what does mean this city, Great Britain thereby and the erstwhile British Empire likewise. Without going any further, while walking throughout London in a mere morning I did find several places that pay homage to men and women who did personify alive London verily. For instance, I saw something regarding...

One of my favourite musicians Amy Winehouse 
Amy Winehouse

One of my favourite politicians Winston Churchill 
Winston Churchill

One of my favourite writers Wilkie Collins 
Wilkie Collins

And One of my favourite relatives Eva María Gonzalo Torrellas.
Eva María Gonzalo Torrellas
With my buddy Bradlee, the custodian of the place where Eva Gonzalo Torrellas is being homaged in an eternal way in Camden, London.

If you want to know more about Eva María Gonzalo Torrellas and this event wait to read the next post. Do share, rate and comment.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Delilah Florence and the Machine

Whilst she was awaiting the phone call of her boyfriend recording in Jamaica, she and Isabella Summers (another key member of Florence and the Machine (keyboards)) who also composes alongside Florence Welch started writing song Delilah, yet they came with several ideas and many meanings as you are to see in a minute. This is the darkest Florence and the machine videoclip but can also be deemed as one of the more interesting Florence and the Machine have recorded to date, it tells of the tale about Samson and Delilah. However, on this particular videoclip Florence plays the role of Samson and her boyfriend (at that time) plays the role of Delilah. Delilah videoclip can be enjoyed now, at the same time, you can see the picture of the moment when the boyfriend of Florence Welch calls her in the middle of the recording session in Jamaica, something that can be read inside the lyrics of this Delilah song.

Delilah Florence and the Machine
Florence Welch and Isabella Summers recording Delilah Florence and the Machine

Delilah Florence and the Machine

Meaning of Delilah from Florence and the Machine is open to multiple interpretations, the images are so powerful that nothing is clear. Notwithstanding this, it can be interesting to point out some facts. The introduction of this videoclip Delilah from Florence and the Machine show us Florence listening to a wise man who explains her that humans are horrible beings therefore we should accept and love ourselves in order to understand the cruelty which invades our planet. Soon thereafter, Florence enters into a decaying motel where she sees herself involved in turbulent episodes with overly awful and strange characters, in the end, she somehow is able to move out from such a horrendous place. Delilah is one of the songs of this year, Delilah is a female character form ancient Bible that betrays Samson as she reveals philistines his secret, he was a powerful man because he never had his hair cut. What is the secret of Florence Welch to produce these wondrous songs? Her album, how big, how blue how beautiful is undoubtedly one of the best of this 2015. Do share, rate and comment.

Florence and the Machine Delilah
Florence and the Machine Delilah

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Canadian rapper, former lover of Rihanna, Toronto Raptors ambassador and a Hip-Hop institution Drake has launched an enthralling new piece of work called if you a reading this its too late, as always, his songs are impressive. Perhaps you have already heard one of his singles Hotline bling but when it comes to musical quality we have to talk about Energy whose videoclip could be considered as the best of this musical year as you are to realize right now. Enjoy Energy by artist from Toronto Drake. 


Drake Energy

Drake Energy
Drake Energy