Monday, 28 May 2012

Cipotegato, unique experience

As times get rough and rougher it is really easy to feel stressed and fed up with everything. We are living hard times indeed. Consequently, Halcombe Norilsk have decided that he ought to write about the Cipotegato as it is an unforgettable experience hence it may help people to feel better. Cipotegato

Cipotegato takes place every 27th of August at 12 o´clock in the morning in a Spanish city named Tarazona. This is not a random invention as it is mythical figure which was born in the Middle Ages, at that epoch it  was  possessed of a religious meaning.

Cipotegato opening the fiestas of Tarazona

Cipotegato epitomises the pride of being from Tarazona, this ancient superb character is a sign of redemption, freedom and strength of a human being. As a matter of fact, not only does it represent the historic character but even a true historical event in the following way.

There was once a prison in Tarazona many years ago and every year a prisoner had a last chance of freedom inasmuch as if he were to escape from the streets of Tarazona he would be free forever. Nonetheless, little did he know that people were waiting on with stones ready to be thrown. As a consequence, one had not many chances of success...

Times do have changed and now people thrown soft tomatoes instead of stones and everything has created a unique festival which opens the "Fiestas of Tarazona". 

The festivities in Honor of the patron Saint Atilano in Tarazona, were declared of Regional Interest in 1998 and National Interest in 2009,  every year there is a public poll where the Cipotegato is elected, people born in this Aragonese city can present themselves as candidates. 

The whole event is a pretty amusing and thrilling adventure, with battles of tomatoes, the running along the streets and the redemption of the character. The person elected to be the Cipotegato has a difficult task as he/she should be fit, run along the streets of Tarazona and avoid the rain of tomatoes.

After the war of tomatoes, the running of the Cipotegato and the uploading to his statue, the "fiestas" which last almost a week,  are opened and people walk through the streets while musicians play, neighbours throw water and the bars prepare everything in order to receive people who are yearning for “fiesta”.

You only have to be clad in white, have some tomatoes and be ready to feel the charm and craziness of this unique adventure.

                           Cipotegato Tarazona
                                                 Cipotegato in Tarazona

Why don´t you try!! It´s free, funny and addictive!! There are not a single event throughout the entire world like this one!!!. 

However, no matter how good can I  seem writing this post as should I see you that day I can assure that you would receive some tomatoes in your face!!!!

Cipotegato, every year in Tarazona. Will I see you next year? . Cipotegato

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Johnny Depp and the British girl

Since they are famous stars who shine in Hollywood and elsewhere we can deem them as superficial or out of our league. However, Johnny Depp proved the contrary (or at least his character Jack SparrowWhile shooting the end of the fourth part of the flick Pirates of the Caribbean sea in the capital of the United Kingdom his main protagonist received an incredible letter. There was a little girl who plead  him for help as she was really worried because she and her fellow pirates were losing a battle against the teachers who make them study very hard. So bad was the situation  that the only person able to help them successfully was Jack Sparrow, owing to this fact she wrote a desperately letter.

Johnny Depp

Any famous person would throw the letter away. Nonetheless, Johnny Depp phoned the school and announced that Jack Sparrow and some friends of him were on his way to the school in order to help the little girl and the mutiny.Ten minutes later, Depp dressed as Sparrow with the letter on his hand  and some friends arrived at the school and call on the girl (whose name is Beatrice Delap) so that be able to win the battle and fulfil the mutiny

                         The situation is really funny and you can see it below

Cuando el rodaje de la 4 parte de Piratas del Caribe llegaba a su fin, Johnny Depp recibió una increíble carta, una niña de un colegio de Londres le rogaba que les ayudara porque estaban perdiendo un motín contra los profesores que les obligaban a estudiar y a trabajar muy duro, el único que les podía ayudar era Jack Sparrow.Cualquier persona famosa hubiera tirado la carta a la basura pero Johnny Depp llamó a la escuela y anunció que iba a llegar enseguida con unos amigos piratas.Depp, vestido de Sparrow se presentó en la escuela y ayudó a la niña cuyo nombre es Beatrice Delap y a sus amigos a completar el motín.

                               Johnny Depp 
                     La situación es muy divertida y la puedes ver en el vídeo de arriba.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Plutocracy and Halcombe Hackney Norilsk as a model

Plutocracy: (Cambridge definition) a system of government in which the richest people in a country rule or have power.

  • Why must we spend several millions in buying a car which is so expensive and big whether we can go by walking or by bus, by bike to anywhere?
  • Why should we buy a house and pay a mortgage which costs us nearly our full salary which is so complicated to earn? Why?
  • Why everybody should go to University if there are not enough jobs for all of them?
  • Why everything is made of products which derives from petrol?
  • Why we must buy so many things and follow traditions based only on spending loads of money?

  •                                        Halcombe Norilsk

    We have been cheated. We live in a plutocracy and under no circumstances are we allowed to end it as everything has been prepared in that way.Do not panic, after having read such a sad post here you have another chapter of the live of Halcombe Norilsk, somewhat superficial.

     Halcombe Norilsk decided to become a model, he was dismissed as an idiot and a sexual predator  before but he was handsome, therefore, he entered a model agency in London  and  was ready to do a foray into the world of modelling. He told himself, You are a hunky dory man, you are going to set the world on fire!!!  He sent a letter to his friends and told them that he was a starlet in a famous scion of young models wearing swanky clothes and appearing like a slick ethos of fashion. He wanted to appear on the cover of the GQ magazine. Nevertheless, he encountered with some powerful  shenanigans in the model agency, the people jeer at him as his accent was horrible and his tummy fat. He ended up in a hosiery shop playing hoopla  and looking after an ugly poodle, he felt as he was incarcerated and into staycation.

    Halcombe Hackney as a Journalist

    Consequently, he shunned this world as he felt he had received an outright drubbing.
    Lastly, he screamed, Tut!Tut! Tut! Leave this world as there are abound other places to discover!!!!!

    Friday, 11 May 2012

    Halcombe Hackney Norilsk as a journalist.

    When his time in prison was over and his reputation was excruciating, Halcombe Norilsk thought that at least he could write for another great newspaper “The Sun” and he was hired to find great exclusives. Nevertheless, time passed by and he started to feel bad. While a cold snap in London he decided to take some hols and went to Bournemouth. One day while he was in a pub quaffing a drink he saw a woman and fell in love. She seemed a dork but she was a model and was really pretty, she was an important Scouse celebrity who was whirling round on the dance floor strutting around the attention of everybody and mingling her beauty with her perm hair. He paid her a fiver drink and they started to talk and she started to give a great hoot of laughter very soon. He knew she was going to be his. In fact, he had sexed her mood up....

    Halcombe Norilsk
    Halcombe Norilsk

    In spite of being deemed many times as a lanky before, his look this time proved that he was the dapper perfect gentleman who every women dreams of as his clothes were the  perfect attire for the occasion. He gave her a hint and then she gave him a demure smile and as he was being tantalised by her offer, they started to kiss each other, everything was cushy and he was frisky. She even blabbed  to him some grudges against her hubby.... Because of her fame Halcombe Norilsk knew that his salary would go up with a hefty 80 per cent, therefore, his reputation as a lover and a journalist will go up too.  He will sell the exclusive and he would be famous. The only fly on the ointment was that she was married to an important footballer and a lot of grumpy sozzled hooligans were there looking at each other. Halcombe was beleaguered, clobbered and his head clouted across with glasses of beer which were even hurled across his face and finally he was chucked out of the club. What is more, he was  flogged by them and plunged into the night  ending  up in the stark street, harmed and beaten. Furthermore, a smug and wrinkled journalist by the Daily Mail, foresaw the scoop, Halcombe Norilsk was grovelling and stuttering the journalist do not publish the story but he told him he was going to blow the gaff and clobber "The Sun" about the thorny issue.Halcombe Norilsk was yanked out of "The Sun" and had a whiplash but at least he had another wacky, ticklish cover story on his wall.

    Friday, 4 May 2012

    Halcombe Norilsk as a writer.

    In consequence of his dreams Halcombe Norilsk arrived at London in order to work as a writer in the capital of the United Kingdom. At first, he showed a rueful smile and he was drenched in sweat but little by little he realised he was being mesmerised by the fact that he had devised a great story that could appear on his favourite newspaper, The Guardian.

                       The Guardian
    He concocted a great plan. An important politician had embezzled oodles of money from the British citizens and squandered them on clothes, drugs and weapons, the tinge of success was clear, the top politician would be arrested and he will be rich and famous. He was going to scupper the career of this important public figure. It was an ominous act and he must be punish as he had derided British taxpayers as stupid.The story will depict the whole affair to some extent it will be such a torrid story that it will blare whereby it will swish through London and elsewhere. It was a proffer opportunity to be successful and Halcombe Norilsk would be rich.Thereby, he sent the story and when he was gauging the amount of money he was going to earn "The Guardian" called on him as his story was a preposterous farce and so bad written that it was called “wonky offal”. Notwithstanding, he would be in the cover as it follows: "Tinged with the debris of a zany soothsayer" as the politician was a wonderful person who, in fact, might write in the newspaper. Halcombe Norilsk was wrong and the misdeed actions were done by a criminal who shares the same name than the renowned politician. Furthermore, the lawyers of the politician sued him as he had discarded his reputation and Halcombe Norilsk ended up doing time in prison where he put the cover of The Guardian on the wall.