Friday, 11 May 2012

Halcombe Hackney Norilsk as a journalist.

When his time in prison was over and his reputation was excruciating, Halcombe Norilsk thought that at least he could write for another great newspaper “The Sun” and he was hired to find great exclusives. Nevertheless, time passed by and he started to feel bad. While a cold snap in London he decided to take some hols and went to Bournemouth. One day while he was in a pub quaffing a drink he saw a woman and fell in love. She seemed a dork but she was a model and was really pretty, she was an important Scouse celebrity who was whirling round on the dance floor strutting around the attention of everybody and mingling her beauty with her perm hair. He paid her a fiver drink and they started to talk and she started to give a great hoot of laughter very soon. He knew she was going to be his. In fact, he had sexed her mood up....

Halcombe Norilsk
Halcombe Norilsk

In spite of being deemed many times as a lanky before, his look this time proved that he was the dapper perfect gentleman who every women dreams of as his clothes were the  perfect attire for the occasion. He gave her a hint and then she gave him a demure smile and as he was being tantalised by her offer, they started to kiss each other, everything was cushy and he was frisky. She even blabbed  to him some grudges against her hubby.... Because of her fame Halcombe Norilsk knew that his salary would go up with a hefty 80 per cent, therefore, his reputation as a lover and a journalist will go up too.  He will sell the exclusive and he would be famous. The only fly on the ointment was that she was married to an important footballer and a lot of grumpy sozzled hooligans were there looking at each other. Halcombe was beleaguered, clobbered and his head clouted across with glasses of beer which were even hurled across his face and finally he was chucked out of the club. What is more, he was  flogged by them and plunged into the night  ending  up in the stark street, harmed and beaten. Furthermore, a smug and wrinkled journalist by the Daily Mail, foresaw the scoop, Halcombe Norilsk was grovelling and stuttering the journalist do not publish the story but he told him he was going to blow the gaff and clobber "The Sun" about the thorny issue.Halcombe Norilsk was yanked out of "The Sun" and had a whiplash but at least he had another wacky, ticklish cover story on his wall.

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