Thursday, 23 January 2014

Banksy in New York City.

We do not know a lot with regards to Graffiti Artist Banksy, he is from Bristol (United Kingdom) and little more. However, we do know that he was in New York City not long ago where he deployed a series of paintings throughout the city that never sleeps that bemused his numerous followers, his paintings would appear on several parts of the city inside a series named "Better out than in". You are to relish some of his pieces of art and discover its exact location. NYC Police were told to look for Banksy as according to former New York Mayor Bloomberg, Banksy is only a vandal not an artist at all.


The truth is that is far more clever and interesting to know the pieces of art of an author than his love affairs for instance hence the way he has performed these paintings is really interesting as everything has been treated secretly. On October, 31st Banksy left New York City. Was it worthy? What do you think of Bansky? Do you like graffiti? Are these people artists or just vandals? Does Graffity belong to Art or not? Do you consider these paintings art, vandalism, a fad, a serious profession, schlock? I will love to know your opinion!!!

Better out than in collection by Banksy, secret paintings in New York City

 Yankee Stadium, Bronx Zoo

 Coney Island, Brooklyn

 Greenpoint, Brooklyn

 Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

 Manhattan´s Bowery

Hell´s Kitchen, Waiting in vain at the door of the club
Banksy New York City

South Bronx, Guetto For Life
Banksy New York City

Upper West Side,  Hammer Boy

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Banksy New York

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Top Ten at Late Night with David Letterman

Late Night David Letterman
Late Night with David Letterman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are many different Late Night programmes on American Television, many of them brilliant such as the ones presented by Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon but none of them are as special as Late Night With David Letterman. The veteran presenter is somehow unique owing to his peculiar way of addressing to the public and his distinct interviews where actors, actresses or musicians talk deeply about their careers and new projects. 

Top Ten Late Night David Letterman
Top Ten David Letterman

One of the funniest moments of this programme is Top Ten that talks in a comical way about different subjects. On multitude of occasions the personality on charge of presenting it is a famous or relevant individual who makes it even funnier hence I have selected some splendid Top Ten with a special guest therein.

                           Late Night David Letterman

This talk show was born in 1993, it is supposed to be on air until 2015 at least, David Letterman will become the longest running late-night talk show ever. Thenceforth David Letterman will be the only one Late Night Hoster!!! 

              Look the face of David Letterman when realising that!!!!
Top Ten David Letterman
David Letterman Top Ten

I have selected some Top Ten at Late Night with David Letterman that are particularly humorous. Hope you can have a laughable moment!!!


TOP TEN WITH STEWIE GRIFFIN (one of my favorites, a really funny appearance)


 TOP TEN WITH BRUNO It is also great, another one of my favorites, that´s why you should watch that movie.


TOP TEN WITH RICKY GERVAIS, Ricky Gervais plays cleverly with the differences between American English and British English


  TOP TEN WITH JUSTIN BIEBER Teen idol had a good sense of humour,


 MICK JAGGER TOP TEN AT DAVID LETTERMAN, Rock legend explains many interesting things, look number one!!!!


 TOP TEN WITH ELLEN DEGENERES, Another funny Television presenter appearing on Late Night With David Letterman

 TOP TEN WITH HOMER SIMPSON, the most famous cartoon dad is a proud American Citizen, discover why


TOP TEN WITH SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MODELS, not only models have brains they also have a good sense of humour!!!!


  TOP TEN WITH EMINEM, A lesson by the Rapper


TOP TEN WITH PETER GRIFFIN, Peter always knows how to have fun


TOP TEN WITH MITT ROMNEY, the top politican was on the show, something interesting as public figures love to be hidden.

TOP TEN WITH PARIS HILTON, star of great interviews on Letterman, here proves why she will never win an Oscar though...

 TOP TEN WITH LIL WAYNE, Did you think Rappers were dangerous and Tough guys?

TOP TEN WITH U2, Irish rockers make a good intervention

TOP TEN WITH SNOOP DOGG That´s the power Cool Guys have!! Snoop Dogg on Late Night With David Letterman

TOP TEN ABOUT GEORGE BUSH´S MISTAKES Top Ten based on funny mistakes George Bush did while on Office

David Letterman 

                                         Top Ten with Halcombe Norilsk

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Dolce and Gabanna Campaign with Eva Herzigova, Bianca Balti and Catherine McNeil

If you thought last year´s Dolce and Gabanna Summer Campaign with Monica Bellucci or Bianca Balti was great (it was)  See last year´s campaign take a look to the new one with even more renowned beauties.Monica Bellucci does not appear on this ocassion, yet the replacements are no less glamorous: Eva Herzigova, Catherine McNeil, Bianca Balti and Marine Deleeuw.

                Eva Herzigova Dolce and Gabanna

These imposing models and the impressive pictures have been taken by Domenico Dolce in Taormina, Sicily. These series are the particular presentation of the 2014 Spring/Summer. Can it be better? ENJOY!!


Dolce and Gabanna Bianca Balti Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova, Bianca Balti Dolce and Gabanna

Eva Herzigova, Bianca Balti, Dolce adn Gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna Eva Herzigova Bianca Balti

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Bridge on the River Qwai and its unknown facts

"The reason that made David Lean accept the whole project of the movie The Bridge on the River Qwai, everything related to the ownership of the screenplay or the lyrics of the song everybody has whistled will never stop amusing us"

"Despite its fame, lyrics of the main melody of movie The Bridge on the River Qwai have been always confused and ignored because of its rudeness"

How on earth somebody that barely speaks the language is capable of writing  a screenplay winner of the BAFTA Award?

Unknown facts of movie The Bridge on the River Qwai.
If we were transported right now to the year 1958 and we were watching the big night of world cinema we would have clapped enthusiastically seeing how David Lean won everything with The Bridge on the River Qwai. We had probably gone to the movies to watch it as it was the most successful flick that year and we had ignored therefore its two rivals "12 Angry man" of Sidney Lumet and Witness for the Prosecution of Billy Wilder. The bridge on the river Qwai

                                        The Bridge on the river Qwai
The Bridge on the river Qwai

Little did we have known then about the reality behind the classic The Bridge on the River Qwai and the greatness of the two losing movies which are amongst the best ever produced. Luckily, time allow us to analyse everything that have taken place with neutral dexterity.

Even though it is not a bad movie The Bridge on the River Qwai was excessively awarded back then and if you compared it to the sheer lucid direction of Sidney Lumet and the artistic riches of the screenplay of Billy Wilder you would realise that the power Hollywood Productions own, the opportunity of that story on that particular epoch and the propagandist element of its message overcame the better technical quality of the movies 12 Angry Men and Witness for the prosecution. These two movies would have won everything anytime, yet on this occasion they were left with nothing. 

                            The Bridge on the River Qwai
The Bridge on the river Qwai

Witness for the prosecution
Witness for the prosecution is based upon a story written by Agatha Christie and tells off a peculiar judicial case within London. Marlene Dietrich´s performance and above all Charles Laughton´s one are amazing, the screenplay is full of cleverness and witty details, it can be a confusing story but it is a title you should always have in your film collection

                                  Witness for the prosecution

12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men makes the supposed perfection of the popular juries look ludicrous. It has a great performance in the hands of Henry Fonda, even though it is merely recorded within a room the whole filming turns out to be of a superb quality.

                                           Twelve Angry men

Novel Bridge on the River Qwai by Pierre Boulle.
The bridge on the River Qwai it is based on the novel of French writer Pierre Boulle inspired as well on a true story, British soldiers working under Japanese officials built on that bridge during Second World War in Burma with the result of more than 2000 deaths (it is unknown the exact amount) American aviation destroyed it and afterwards it was built again in metal (the bridge does exist today albeit not on the exact situation but close to it).

Michael Wilson and Carl Foreman Screenwriting of The Bridge on the River Qwai.
Notwithstanding, that it is not the most surprising fact but the authorship of the screenplay, Michael Wilson and Carl Foreman were in the Hollywood blacklist of McCarthy Senator because of their liking for Communism so that their names were omitted on the credits of the movie and publicly too. 

To say the truth, the two writers did not work together, the screenplay was started by Foreman and it was finished by Wilson as David Lean was specially harsh and persnickety when it came to screenwriting and he usually hired more than one writer to pen all his projects.

Consequently, it was assured that the writer of the original novel, Pierre Boulle, was responsible of The bridge on the River Qwai´s screenplay. 

Nonetheless, the French writer was so horrified and got so angry when discovered that his Japanese general was not as sadistic as the character is on his play and the end was not loyal to what he had conceived that he did not want to recognize it. What is more, he even felt insulted because General Nicholson did not act as the way he wrote it but Hollywood obliged him to make us believe the screenplay was his in order to avoid any troubles with US Government. 

The problem did not end here nonetheless as while winning the BAFTA Award on the category of the best screenplay everybody realized that Pierre Boulle did not know a lot of English therefore How on earth somebody that barely speaks the language is capable of writing  a screenplay winner of the BAFTA Award? Boulle himself, said he was receiving it because of his book. It was hardly a secret that he had not written that screenplay but the truth had to be kept secret however happened.

                             The bridge on the river Qwai

The Bridge on the River Qwai

To make matters worse,  Pierre Boulle, because he was angry, embarrassed as he did not want anybody to discover what had happened (or perhaps because he did not know English either) did not attend to the Academy Awards of 1958 to pick the Oscar for best screenplay, somebody from the Studios (Columbia Pictures) did saying Pierre Boulle was overwhelmed and was too shy to go there. 

In 1985, Academy Awards did give an Honorific Award to the two screenwriters recognising the responsibility of such a relevant script. As they were dead the prizes were garnered by some relatives. Final credits were also modified so that include its names forever.

David Lean
Furthermore, legendary British filmmaker David Lean was not entitled to be the director of The Bridge on The river Qwai, seeing the nature and meaning of that movie we cannot be surprise knowing that John Ford and Howard Hawks were the favourite ones to direct a project that counted with even more candidates.

                                                   David Lean

David Lean the author of renowned movies such as Lawrence of Arabia or Doctor Zhivago, had always had lots of troubles with women (was married 6 times and had plenty of lovers) 

The divorce with the English actress Ann Todd was so expensive (he owed 20.000 pounds to British Taxpayers, a very large sum of money at that time) that he had to beg  to make the movie in order to obtain a huge wage thus he had to make this project by hook or by crook otherwise he would have went bankruptcy. 

Indeed, David Lean did not trust the screenplay as he did not deem  the story exciting, nevertheless, it was his first success worldwide and lot of people do still only link his name to The Bridge over the river Qwai

Regarding the shooting of The Bridge on the River Qwai everything was insane because Hollywood Studios did want the biggest accuracy available hence they demanded an American actor (William Holden) to make happy the American audience. 

It is also said that David Lean was on the verge of losing his life drowned having to be rescued just prior to perish and it is very famous indeed the predicament he had with British actors with whom he had some and very earnest confrontations.

                                The Bridge on the River Qwai

The Bridge on the river Qwai

What strikes us is that in such epoch Ceylon known now as Sri Lanka (the place chosen for the shooting) was a country under British influence, even though its population  was living in penury, neither Britain nor other rich countries did care about the people who were stricken by poverty, rich countries little did to change the bad situation, however, there were not problems at all when it came to fulfilled all the caprices Movie producers wish for so that give the movie more attractiveness. Read this in Spanish The bridge on the river Qwai

As a matter of fact,  they destroyed the local environment and change the nature in such a way that they were able to build a real bridge to subsequently explode it with a real train too, destroying surroundings and spending a lot of money to make the movie and film goers blissful making The Bridge on the River Qwai more appealing to a massive audience.

Colonel Bogey March, theme of the bridge on the river Qwai.
We should end with the famous melody "Colonel Bogey March" which was written by a British composer in 1914 who was inspired by the whistle a soldier did between one bogey and other while he was playing golf. 

The movie made him a star and nowadays it is the official hymn of the Canadian Official army. It is one of the most popular and catchy songs within the entire history of the cinema, however, despite its fame its lyrics have been always been somewhat confused and ignored because of its rudeness, the truth is that in Second World War British soldiers added some particular lines of their own to the song that joyed them on his crusade against Germany during Second World War. 

Many people do not know the title of the song let alone the lyrics but when it sounds a smile is put on everybody´s face. David Lean was going to include it, but in the end he was persuaded to change his mind. There is no doubt that is far too much better that an entertaining movie which praises the winners of the Second World War were the best movie of that year than awarding others that make us aware of  loopholes on the Justice and the dark side of human soul as Witness for the Prosecution and 12 Angry Men do.

 In short, it is really clear that on the edition of the Academy Awards of 1958 we would have applauded as seeing The bridge on the river Qwai winning, meanwhile, David Lean and the screenwriters had some relief, the owners of the production and the author of the lyrics of the famous swindle were laughing out loud whilst Sidney Lumet and Billy Wilder looked at each other in annoyance. The Bridge on the river Qwai

                                                 Grave of Billy Wilder

Thereafter, the famous theme from The Bridge over the River Qwai was heard whose lyrics are not more than the following...

                      Lyrics of Colonel Bogey March
Hitler has only got one ball,
Göring has two but very small,
Himmler is somewhat similar,
But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.
Hitler has only got one ball,
The other is in the Albert Hall
 His mother, the dirty bugger,
 Cut it off when he was only small...


Bridge on the river Qwai The bridge on the river Qwai

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Canciones de 2013

El título de este post es Canciones de 2013, no es "las mejores canciones de 2013". Hay una amplísima variedad de estilos musicales, músicos, artistas e incluso países para decir algo tan jactancioso, como resultado, esta lista no será mejor que cualquier otra ni tampoco peor que la que confeccioné el año pasado. Lo único que he pretendido humildemente es que el lector disfrute leyendo esta lista. Hay canciones de rock, metal, hip hop, electrónica, pop, heavy rock...

Cuando alguien te pregunte de dónde demonios has sacado esta lista solo tienes que contestar: Halcombe Norilsk, naturalmente.

                                                   Las mejores canciones de 2012

                                   CANCIONES DE 2013
When a fire starts to burn  Disclosure
When a fire starts to burn, esta canción me ha sorprendido gratamente, es irrestible no ponerse a bailar cuando suena

When a fire starts to burn Disclosure

Black Skinhead Kanye West 
En mi opinión, la mejor canción del año, el disco de Kanye West Yeezus es extraordinario. Otra gran canción es New Slaves

Kanye West contra Jimmy Kimmel


Black Skinhead Kanye West

Heartbreaker Motorhead
El legendario Lemmy todavía está vivo, como prueba

Lemmy Motorhead
Lemmy Motorhead

Do I wanna know Arctic Monkeys
El mejor single del nuevo disco de Arctic Monkeys. Una de mis favoritas

Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know?
Do I Wanna Know Arctic Monkeys

Supersoaker Kings of Lion
Una de las grandes bandas del rock en la actualidad Kings of Lion


                                            Kings of Lion
Supersoaker Kings of Lion

Can´t Hold us Down Macklemore y Ryan Lewis
Macklemore ha creado varias buenas canciones, entre ellas, Can´t Hold us down



Forever  Haim
Mi favorita nueva banda de 2013, grabaron algunas de sus canciones en 2012 pero su primer disco lo han sacado en 2013, HAIM  son tres hermanas de California, si quieres saber más de ellas. Su disco es muy bueno, cuakluiqer canción podía haber sido incluída


The Next Day  David Bowie
David Bowie no estaba muyerto ni retirado, su regreso es de lo mejor de 2013, la canción The Next day está grabada con los actores Marion Cotillard y Gary Oldman, hay otra buena canción con la actriz Tilda Swinton llamada Stars (are out tonight). Si quieres ver la campaña de David Bowie para Louis Vuitton

                               David Bowie y Marion Cotillard                               David Bowie The Next Day

Get Lucky  Daft Punk
La Canción favorita de todo el mundo en 2013 Get Lucky Daft Punk

Get Lucky Daft Punk

The Mother we Share CHVRCHES
Chvrches son de Escocia y han publicado su primer disco este año



You make me  Avicii
Wake me up del Dj sueco Avicii está en boca de todos pero he elegido You make me porque la encuentro particularmente divertida, sobre todo el videoclip


Avicii You make me

Stoned and Starving  Parquet Courts
La guitarra de está canción es simplemente genial

                                Parquet Courts

Despair Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Yeah Yeah Yeahs es un grupo fenomenal, tanto es así que he tenido muchas dudas con que canción quedarme, he elegido Despair pero Sacrilige ha estado también cerca


Despair Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Fox Ylvis
Estos hermanos noruegos solo pretendían promocionar su show de televisión en Noruega y han creado el videoclip más divertido y popular de 2013 The Fox

The Fox Ylvis

Survival Eminem
El regreso de Eminem es tan bueno que podría haber incluido cualquier canción de su nuevo disco, aquí tienes Survival, como un ejemplo

Eminem Survival

Hannah Hunt Vampire Weekend
El grupo de Rock indie Vampire Weekend es de Nueva York

Vampire Weekend

Pompei Bastille
Los londinenses Bastille convencen con esta canción
Pompei Bastille

If I had a Tail Queens of the Stone Age
Me encanta como empieza esta canción

If I had a tail Queens of the stone age

Hard Out Here Lily Allen
Hard out here  no es tan divertida ni genial como Not Fair pero a pesar de todo es Lily Allen haciendo de las suyas

Lily Allen Hard Out Here

                                              Lily Allen

Applause  Lady Gaga
El regreso de Lady Gaga no ha sido tan alabado como se esperaba pero su canción Applause es brillante y el videoclip mucho más

                                                              Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Applause

Pour it Up by Rihanna
El último disco de Rihanna es de 2012 pero Pour It Up ha sido grabada en 2013, si quieres saber más mira este link, la he elegido como la canción más sexual del año.

Rihanna Pour It Up

Imagine Dragons On top of the world
He descubierto esta banda en 2013, Imagine Dragons tiene canciones muy interesantes

Imagine Dragons

Cut me some slack  Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Kris Novoselic
Si alguien echa de menos a Kurt Cobain ya está Paul McCartney en su lugar

Nirvana Paul McCartney

We Exist Arcade Fire
Los canadienses Arcade Fire actuarán en Glastonbury en 2014


Arcade Fire

Love is a bourgeois construct Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys todavía son capaces de darnos lecciones

Pet Shop Boys

                                   Pet Shop Boys

Blurred Lines Robert Thicke
Para bien o para mal, Blurred Lines ha estado en boca de todo el munod y nos ha descubierto a Emily Ratajkoswki.

                                                                  Blurred Lines
                  Blurred Lines

Safe and Sound Capital Cities
La poderosa melodía de esta canción no te deja permanecer sentado

Capital Cities
Safe and sound

Slow down Selena Gomez 
Permítanme introducir en la lista a Selena Gomez, fue chica también Disney pero no aparece en ningún tipo de controversia barata y graba canciones dulces y agradables como Slow Down

Selena Gomez

Hold on, we are going home Drake
El canadiense Drake, aparece en esta lista con Hold on,  we are going home


Royals Lorde
No hay un top 5 este año sin Lorde, la neozelandesa aparece aquí con Royals

Lorde Royals

Love me Again Paul Newman
La contagiosa canción Love me again también tiene un hueco en esta lista

Paul Newman
John Newman

God is dead Black Sabbath
Los dioses del metal Black Sabbath vuelven a hacer de las suyas

Black Sabbath God Is Dead

Love and Meth Korn
Korn han vuelto a contratar al guitarrista Head


Timber by Pitbull and Kesha
Nadie podía haber predecido la mezcla de Pitbull con Kesha y mucho menos su buen resultado en Timber


Kesha Timber

Work Bitch Britney Spears
La artista más honesta de 2013, si quieres algo tienes que trabajar duro Britney Spears

Work Bitch Britney Spears

Espero que disfrutes de esta lista, comenta, comparte y puntúa si te ha gustado.
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