Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halcombe Norilsk as a lawyer.

While enjoying a luscious tea Halcombe Norilsk decided to become a lawyer. As anybody can be aware this is not easy but he considered himself to be a genius however huckleberry Halcombe Norilsk could have been deemed. In fact, he did not hear any piece of advice from the person who helped him entering into USA (read Halcombe Norilsk in NYC) and  pursuant to his ambitions was ready to execute them.  Soon thereafter, he was on the verge of practising law (clad in an expensive suit as you can observe at the end of this story). His first trial was against a millionaire doctor who had been acted bad as he had deceived his wife. He mulled over and realised that the disclosure of the misleading deeds of that person will bring him fame thus the revocation of that marriage will make him a  millionaire too. He started to consider everything as a whole and so clear was the covenant against the dirty doctor that he decided to go clubbing the night before the trial. All his dreams were to become reality and he had a drink to celebrate that. Then, Halcombe Norilsk saw a beautiful woman from the East of Russia who was calling on him, her accent sounded familiar, he was drunk and  gave her a brooch with expensive trimmings. They went to a hotel.....Little did he know that they were filmed and everything was a diligent stunt made up by the powerful lawyers of the doctor who by no means was to lose all his wealth. What is more, he signed a quiz waiver which prevent him from practising law, as a result, his career was debunked because he was seen as  a sexual predator. In compliance with the rules of the American law Halcombe Hackney Norilsk could not work as a lawyer anymore as he had not proceed with exercise caution and hereby he was dismissed incompetent. At least, Halcombe Hackney Norilsk was able to rescue the brooch (after a fast trial that cost him more than the price of the present). So what?. Wait and discover a new adventure of Halcombe Hackney Norilsk soon!!!!

Halcombe Norilsk
Halcombe Norilsk ready to be at court...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo. Professional Football player?

There is a Spielberg´s movie called "Catch me if you can" starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks that tells of the story of a guy who was able to work as a lawyer, pilot or surgeon even though he did not have any knowledge at all regarding the aforementioned jobs. Similarly, he is able to squander loads of money from banks thus FBI (Tom Hanks) starts an operation to catch him. In the world of football we would have a similar personage. Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo who played professional football until he was 39 despite lacking any football skills. Read to discover his unbelievable story.Carlos Henrique Raposo played in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, USA and finally France although he did not know how to kick a ball properly. This Brazilian player (you can read his stats below and who is called now Brazilian´s Forrest Gump and Kaiser on his early days) was such an incredible liar and swindler he enjoyed a superb professional football player life. At the beginning of his career he obtained a contract thanks to close acquaintances, soon thereafter, he decided to make a living cheating on everybody. He used to sign short contracts with special clauses on, as he was tall and strong at first sight he looked somewhat like an athlete (he was called Kaiser after German Footballer Beckenbauer) little did people know his football career was only a preposterous lie!!!

 Carlos Henrique Raposo. Professional football player?
Carlos Henrique Raposo, proud of his team?

Once he was in a club he must survived. He made friends easily, he got on well with the most talented and famous players of his teams. Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo made them happy with tricks like the following. He was able to bring girls to the places where his football team was staying, he put them close to where the footballers were resting hence he gained the respect of his comrades. Similarly, he would give presents to influential journalists thereby they would write a positive review of Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo.

Still, he had a dentist as a friend who signed medical acts in case it was necessary conveying he was injured as a matter of fact, thanks to these schemes seasons passed by swimmingly, he changed continually from a football team to another and nobody guessed nothing. He even asked some fellow football players (they knew the truth and helped him) that kicked him training in order to spend months resting at home. To say the truth, although he played for several Brazilian Teams (all of them important) he never entered nor started a professional football match in Brazil, his unbelievable stats can be read right now.

Carlos Henrique Raposo stats
Stats of Carlos Henrique Raposo Wikipedia 

One day however, there were plenty of injuries on his football team and he was at the bench (as you can imagine he was never summoned to play) his coach brought him to enter a match. What was going to do then if he was scared of anything related to football? Very easy, our hero started a fight with a local supporter thus he was sent off. After the match his coach asked Carlos Henrique Raposo what had happened and Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo exclaimed shamelessly: -God gave me a father who was brought out of me, now he has given me another father who is my coach therefore I am not to allow a supporter to insult my father- The aftermath? He had his contract renewed automatically!!! 

There is an anecdote regarding Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo that I consider particularly amusing, he used to have a mobile phone and talked in English as a sign of distinction (we are talking of 1980s and no many had that kind of gadgets) his make believe worked and people thought he was renowned as international clubs were interested in signing him. Having a mobile phone so big and a command of English made people think he was important until one day somebody discovered he was not talking in English but nonsense only to discover his mobile phone was only a toy!!!

After having played in the best Brazilian football teams (playing is a saying of course) he ended up in Mexico and USA where he played a little bit only to fell injured rapidly. He came back to Brazil once again and he did not enter an official football match, but every month a paycheck was sent to him.

At the end of his professional career he played in France, as he was Brazilian it was thought he was a superstar, a classy footballer who was going to succeed and make that French football team famous worldwide (Ajaccio was the name of this football team that was in the Second French Division). At the presentation there were many football balls for him to prove his skills as he did not have any he did what any of us would have done instead, he kissed his t-shirt repeatedly throwing crazily the ball to fans. He never played more than 20 minutes but people supported him nonetheless.

While we see great football players ending up their careers rapidly because of criticism, bad performances, serious injuries... we have here the real story of the biggest football swindler in history. Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo played all around the world, earned a hefty salary until he was 39 years old without knowing how to play the game. Ricardo Rocha, Brazilian defender who played for Real Madrid in 1990s and knew Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo has said of him "He did not even know how to play cards". What is more, he believes Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo had a problem related to his feet. Moreover, another Brazilian professional football player, Renato Gaúcho who met him closely assures "Carlos Kaiser Henrique Raposo is the biggest enemy a football ball has ever had" Carlos Henrique Raposo, footballer and a professional swindler. What do you think? Do share, rate or comment.

Carlos Henrique Raposo Professional Football player
Carlos Henrique Raposo, laughing 

Friday, 17 October 2014

John Lydon. Words of Wisdom

John Lydon Words of Wisdom
John Lydon  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
John Lydon Words of Wisdom
John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Until the day (John Lydon, former punk guru and leader of classic punk- rock band Sex Pistols said what he thinks in general and about Russell Brand in particular, everybody treated the comedian as if he were a political pundit or a Semi-god when in fact or in my opinion he does not say proper issues regarding politics let alone have the wisdom Johnny Lydon owns. What is more, I even think Russell Brand is no so funny, he exaggerates in a silly way his accent, he has talked about his days doing drugs a zillion times and even worse, I even consider he was lucky to marry Katy Perry for a while otherwise he would not be so popular nowadays. I am even surprised he is so respected when he talks because I think he is only a celebrity.

You have at the end of this post a video which shows a brief interview where John Lydon talks about Russell Brand and politics. It is very interesting. No one has ever talked so honestly about the political ideas of Russell Brand.

Similarly, You can read some of the statements the punk singer has conveyed relating politics, music, society... you are able to learn a lot from a man that led a Revolution and has plenty of knowledge. 

The interview was given to The Guardian Newspaper and he has answered plenty of questions of The Guardian Readers, you can watch the video and read his opinions. Johnny Lydon. Words Of Wisdom

In 1977 things were pretty bad but at least they had John Lydon as a leader, in 2014 nonetheless things are worse we have Russell Brand likewise...

Do you like Russell Brand? What do you think of John Lydon´s Statements?


John Lydon, the erstwhile Johnny Rotten answers readers questions as he publishes a new book: Anger is energy. 

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Opinion Article II. Alex Salmond vs David Cameron.

Based on the augured certainty it was almost impossible Scotland embraced Independence David Cameron decided thereby to defeat for once and all supporters of Scotland independence movement thus in a risky manouvre allow David Salmond, leader of SNP, to formulate a clear, concise, single statement to embrace separation from the rest of The United Kingdom. However, what was supposed to be a clear victory for his interests has being transformed into a nightmare.  From being deemed a buffoon Alex Salmond made Westminster politicians look like a buffoonery class act.

These subjects are complex albeit in my opinion it is overly sad to see how at the same time a European Union is promoted something like a confederation of states and identities, small regions want to be independent and separate themselves from their neighbouring countries. Do they have more in common with Asian nations than with its neighbours with which in many occasions have been living together for centuries?.

Scotland has oil, a proper story (they were an independent country) and a more social political agenda than the one Westminster promulgates but are not these differences good for a country? Will Scotland on their own be so special or so appealing?. It is shocking in my view to see how United Kingdom has always been considered as a powerful state, an attractive choice to live in while at the same time Scotland does want to be independent. 

Will David Cameron succeed or should he live forever in disguise? What has become of you Mighty British Empire? In which are you to become?

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This article was originally written in Spanish and published by El País newspaper (The Country) and El Periódico de Cataluña newspaper (The newspaper of Catalonia) chosen by this last one as the best article of the day on its section on September, 20, 2014 (publised by El País the day before) You can read the original version following the links below.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Opinion Article. The political strategy par excellence

Nationalism and/or patriotism is the political strategy par excellence. The one that makes you win elections, the one that makes you to be in power eternally, the one that always makes you successful. Nationalism and/or patriotism is to politics what football means to television, what the female body represents to publicity and musical video clips, what love and its derivations represent to pop music, what alcohol represents to pubs and parties, it is always a good bet, a perfect choice. It does not matter whether globalisation has broken barriers and frontiers, it does no matter if there is a common currency in Europe and it is not necessary to show your passport at customs for instance. It does not matter at all, a self-styled politician will appear she/he will win an election being far from real problems, without offering real solutions let alone improving our lives but rather installing fear and scaremongering with patriotic or/and nationalistic speeches or a slogan likewise. Humans will live in the Moon, we could reach 200 years old, we will no need to sleep and sickness will no longer exist but a middling politician yearning for power appeared notwithstanding he/she will embrace nationalism and/or patriotism, will win an election and will rule us all. People who do allow it and who do vote it are even guiltier than the ones who propose it.

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(This article appeared on Spanish newspaper El Mundo (The World) chosen as the best article of the day on its section on September, 29. 2014. This is a translation I have tried of the article I wrote in Spanish)