Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halcombe Norilsk as a lawyer.

While enjoying a luscious tea Halcombe Norilsk decided to become a lawyer. As anybody can be aware this is not easy but he considered himself to be a genius however huckleberry Halcombe Norilsk could have been deemed. In fact, he did not hear any piece of advice from the person who helped him entering into USA (read Halcombe Norilsk in NYC) and  pursuant to his ambitions was ready to execute them.  Soon thereafter, he was on the verge of practising law (clad in an expensive suit as you can observe at the end of this story). His first trial was against a millionaire doctor who had been acted bad as he had deceived his wife. He mulled over and realised that the disclosure of the misleading deeds of that person will bring him fame thus the revocation of that marriage will make him a  millionaire too. He started to consider everything as a whole and so clear was the covenant against the dirty doctor that he decided to go clubbing the night before the trial. All his dreams were to become reality and he had a drink to celebrate that. Then, Halcombe Norilsk saw a beautiful woman from the East of Russia who was calling on him, her accent sounded familiar, he was drunk and  gave her a brooch with expensive trimmings. They went to a hotel.....Little did he know that they were filmed and everything was a diligent stunt made up by the powerful lawyers of the doctor who by no means was to lose all his wealth. What is more, he signed a quiz waiver which prevent him from practising law, as a result, his career was debunked because he was seen as  a sexual predator. In compliance with the rules of the American law Halcombe Hackney Norilsk could not work as a lawyer anymore as he had not proceed with exercise caution and hereby he was dismissed incompetent. At least, Halcombe Hackney Norilsk was able to rescue the brooch (after a fast trial that cost him more than the price of the present). So what?. Wait and discover a new adventure of Halcombe Hackney Norilsk soon!!!!

Halcombe Norilsk
Halcombe Norilsk ready to be at court...


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