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John Lydon. Words of Wisdom

John Lydon Words of Wisdom
John Lydon  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
John Lydon Words of Wisdom
John Lydon (Johnny Rotten)  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Until the day (John Lydon, former punk guru and leader of classic punk- rock band Sex Pistols said what he thinks in general and about Russell Brand in particular, everybody treated the comedian as if he were a political pundit or a Semi-god when in fact or in my opinion he does not say proper issues regarding politics let alone have the wisdom Johnny Lydon owns. What is more, I even think Russell Brand is no so funny, he exaggerates in a silly way his accent, he has talked about his days doing drugs a zillion times and even worse, I even consider he was lucky to marry Katy Perry for a while otherwise he would not be so popular nowadays. I am even surprised he is so respected when he talks because I think he is only a celebrity.

You have at the end of this post a video which shows a brief interview where John Lydon talks about Russell Brand and politics. It is very interesting. No one has ever talked so honestly about the political ideas of Russell Brand.

Similarly, You can read some of the statements the punk singer has conveyed relating politics, music, society... you are able to learn a lot from a man that led a Revolution and has plenty of knowledge. 

The interview was given to The Guardian Newspaper and he has answered plenty of questions of The Guardian Readers, you can watch the video and read his opinions. Johnny Lydon. Words Of Wisdom

In 1977 things were pretty bad but at least they had John Lydon as a leader, in 2014 nonetheless things are worse we have Russell Brand likewise...

Do you like Russell Brand? What do you think of John Lydon´s Statements?


John Lydon, the erstwhile Johnny Rotten answers readers questions as he publishes a new book: Anger is energy. 

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