Monday, 21 November 2016

Donald Didius Julianus Trump

Ancient Roman Empire still has a legacy in our time. So relevant was that its historical imprint is still visible on our cities and other aspects of our society. Read this in Spanish. Lee esto en español Donald Trump Original Version Donald Trump

    Roman Empire and United States of America

If there is something similar between the Roman Empire and United States of America that has been the most powerful country in the world in recent history has always been that proud feeling, a constant effort to preserve, exalt its virtues and achievements in such a way that sometimes seem far-fetched.

Roman Empire had good, bad and silly emperors. Similarly, we have seen good, bad and silly US presidents. Still, one of the strangest cases not only in Roman Empire but in human history as well may be equal to what has happened to Donald Trump recently.

                                          Didius Julianus

Didius Julianus bought Roman Empire after the death of Pertinax who was assassinated by his Praetorian Guards because he did not fulfill his promised monetary demands.

Donald Didius Julianus Trump
Donald Didius Julianus Trump

All of a sudden, Roman Empire was opened to public auction and Didius Julianus bought it showing off his extraordinary wealth, trying to impress the high society of his epoch in a both unbelievable and clumsy chapter of Western history.

His wife and daughter encouraged him to do so, Didius Julianus stood up and he offered 25 thousands sesterces to every soldier that were accepted by the Praetorian Guards. Everybody praised him. Who wouldn´t? He was the new Roman Emperor.

Soon thereafter and once the party ended Didius Julianus saw everything from a fearful point of view. He realised he did not have a single clue on how to rule Roman Empire, something he had never prepared for.

How was he going to lead an army with no military knowledge? Why Didius Julianus made a bid for the Empire in the first place anyway? He could have maintained a millionaire Roman lifestyle.

2 weeks after this bizarre auction took place foreign countries declared the war against Rome. Likewise, citizens get tired of Didius Julianus very soon, revolts followed, he was insulted and mocked publicly. Problems were mounting. Everybody got angry at him,

Two months after buying Roman Empire, Didius Julianus was assassinated by his guards and an experienced general was crowned new Roman Emperor.

Roman Empire no longer was as great as it was before. Last words of Didius Julianus prior to be killed were these "What Have I done wrong??"
                                                                                                                     DONALD DIDIUS JULIANUS TRUMP

Comparison to Donald Trump and United States of America could not be (in my opinion) better. Why does Donald Trump abandon his funny celebrity profile who was in every party, on every show? Why at 70 years of age he does not focus his efforts on his fifth son of only 10 years of age and enjoys life with his young third wife, his children and his multiple businesses?. Does Donald Didius Julianus Trump know where he is really heading to???

There is a theatrical play in which an elected politician spends two hours saying preposterous things and acting like a clown whereas the audience laughs continuosly.

At the end, the politician gets serious and addresses himself to the audience. "Why are all of you laughing? You have elected me, if you are laughing at me, you are making a fool of yourselves"
Donald Didius Julianus Trump
             Eating Mexican food to "Make Hispanics feel safe again"

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Your vote does not matter US 2016 Election results.

"If you trump another player´s card, you beat it with a card that belongs to the group of cards that has been chosen to have the highest value in the game you are playing" Definition of Trump. Cambridge Dictionary.

Read this in Spanish lee esto en español Ser un Tusitala Original story US Elections

Donald Trump is the new president of United States. Yet, I find very interesting what I have learned about him. According to experts he has NPD Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The problem is people do not accept this as something negative and never get cured. These people need to be recognised and feel admired and love being famous. What is more, they take advantage of people around them. Others claim Donald Trump is a sociopath. He is able to do anything in order to obtain what he is yearning for.

Bible of Donald Trump is book "The power of positive thinking" by pastor Dr Norman Vincent Peale, written in 1952. Donald Trump has had more than 3500 lawsuits in the last 30 years. Grandparents of Donald Trump came from Germany. In fact, his real surname is Drumpf I believe, his grandfather changed it to the winning one Trump. They worked in Western America helping miners with alcohol, food and women. Father of Donald Trump got rich building houses in Queens, New York taking advantage in loopholes New Deal offered. Donald Trump inherited from his dad plenty of money to invest and to live comfortably. Yet, he expanded it to have a bigger and global impact. 


US Elections 2016 results
US Elections
Donald Trump  

I have been following Donald Trump since he presented his candidature. No matter people laughed at him. I really think he was going to be the Republican nominee.  However, after seeing his performances at final debates against Hillary Clinton I thought nobody could vote for him. He seemed like a fish out of the water, anything but a politician. His answers and his behaviour were so weird he could not have been taken into account seriously. Nevertheless, nearly 60 million people have voted for him, this means 60 million people deemed his debate performances fine. What is more, 60 million people believe his promises. 60 million people think he should be president of United States of America. 60 million people consider his behaviour, comments and political skills at least acceptable. 

Donald Trump 

US Elections results 2008
USA Elections 

I really think the whole United States election system does not make any sense at all insofar as if the candidates are to be the utter representation of the entire country the one who obtains popular vote overall has to rule the nation. It is as simple as that. 

Furthermore, there are already politicians who represent states thereby not only US elections are a failure it ends up being the decision of five or six secondary states.

It does not matter if you vote in Texas or New York, two of the most important states, however candidate is chosen, however mistakes are being made, Texas is going to vote for a Republican candidate and New York is going to vote for a Democrat one. 

Since the complete number of votes does not matter you should move to Ohio or Florida to have a real impact in US elections. If they do not change this the result will always be overshadowed in my opinion. 

In fact, I do not believe there are many countries in the world that follow this United States pattern. Is a simple as to realize that if you are going to rule a country you must have the majority of votes of that country. 

If you win a state with 51% of the votes is the same as winning it with 95% of the votes. In my opinion, this cannot be maintained.

I do not believe they are going to change this because they love their traditions, it is like voting on Tuesday (there is a story of mine here on Niume explaining why United States vote in Tuesday) or the long and gruelling pathway a candidate must endure. This strange political system will continue. 

US Election results 2012
US Election results 2012

Hillary Clinton won popular vote, she had more people voting for her than Donald Trump had for him. What is more, she had more votes than Kennedy and Nixon when they won US presidency. Yet, perhaps her political career may have ended once she lost against Barack Obama in 2008.

She could be more than happy having worked as secretary of state, a position she could still be having with perhaps a new Democrat US president. However, the title "First woman president" is so attractive she ran again.

What Democrats did was not only ugly was also their key failure. They were given double delegates to Hillary Clinton when debates had not been started yet while Bernie Sanders was winning states and rendering great debate performances.

What is more, Barack Obama stopped Joe Biden from presenting his candidature because it was the time of a woman as president and the proper time for Hillary Clinton.

Someone thinks Donald Trump would have beaten Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders?. Enemies of Bill and Hillary Clinton had counted on different issues to attack her. Yet, Bernie Sanders has no scandals attached to his persona.

Given the experience of Donald Trump, all his scandals and the political acumen of Bernie Sanders, he would be now United States president and perhaps Hillary Clinton could still be secretary of State.

Finally, what is to happen with Hillary Clinton´s political career?. Watch this video. By the way, the other day Leonard Cohen passed away...

Donald Trump (Final Result Hillary Clinton, 64 million 223, 958 votes. Donald Trump 62 million 206, 395 votes)

Thursday, 10 November 2016

24 crazy hours in Manhattan, New York City

(This is what would have happened to me had I spent 24 hours in Manhattan, New York City.)

24 hours in any city might be an amount of limited time but when you are going to the city known as “The city that never sleeps” one must be even more careful and with the security of having everything under control. (Lee esto en español 24 horas en Manhattan Nueva York Original Story 24 Hours in New York)

This is the reason that whilst I was going to New York I chose to watch plenty of movies and television serials set on this place during the flight from Europe to JFK airport. The problem is that the last movie I watched was "The Terminal" starred by Tom Hanks. This is why I grabbed my passport and hid it strongly. I did not want anybody to steal it!!!!

It was such a shame I was not able to watch my favorite movie, Taxi Driver, directed by Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro as main protagonist. Yet, I watched episodes of television series “Sex on The City” and “Gossip Girl” which gave me plenty of ideas of what could have been taking place in New York throughout my 24 hours journey.

I was going to stay at The Plaza, A Fairmont Managed Hotel that belongs to Accor. A deluxe hotel. Majestic and historical likewise. Situated closed to 5th Avenue on the southern entrance of Central Park.

There was not time to lose. After leaving my luggage in the beforementioned hotel I was buying clothes on Fifth Avenue to look stylish during the party I was going to attend later that day.

After two hours of shopping clothes on Fifth Avenue. Not only did I have quality clothes to wear. I was also getting the mood of this city. In order to feel even more integrated, I ran across Central Park, stopping to have some refreshments as the picture may prove (street wear though).

Halcombe Norilsk
New York City, Manhattan

Once a hot shower had finished I went back to the street so that taking a ferry. I had a pleasant trip across the coast of Manhattan passing by Statue of Liberty. A panoramic vision of Manhattan on the ferry with the big Statue of Liberty as solely witness made me feel so special that it is something I will always remember. Instead of going back to the place from where I took the ferry I decided to stop on South Ferry, from whence ships go to Staten Island.

I was in the southern part of Manhattan. I started walking direction Plaza Hotel. As a result, I had travelled the whole isle of Manhattan (more or less). First, I had been running to the north through Central Park, secondly, travelling by ferry. Finally, I was going to walk the streets like other New Yorker, looking everything carefully and stopping deliberately in some key spots. I visited National September, 11 memorial place leaving some flowers to pay my personal homage. I took pictures on Broadway, Wall Street and United Nations Building and I also went to last floor of Empire State Building. Seeing the impressive skyline made me scream passionately: New York is mine!!!

When I was in Times Square I ate something quickly, hot dog, soda and French fries while a musician was singing for live television. I did not lose a second because I got tickets to see New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden against Cleveland Cavaliers. I was going to be able to devise an official NBA basketball game!!! 24 Horas en Nueva York To be continued 24 Hours in New York City


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton real and SNL debates

"Whoever wins this election, the outcome will be historic, we will either have the first female president or the first president who started a Twitter war with Cher"

"Donald Trump really is as healthy as a horse. You know, the one Vladimir Putin rides around on"

"Donald Trump Looks at the statue of Liberty and sees a 4 maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair"

"Donald Trump if at any time you don't like what I am saying feel free to say wrong"

These Funny Jokes about Donald Trump belong to Hillary Clinton who
conveyed them in a charity event in New York City with Donald Trump on it as well Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump with Hillary and Bill Clinton on his last wedding

Probably you have already heard about 2016 United States elections, yet the best you can do is to watch SNL, Saturday Night Live parodies. Imitators are great, actress Kate McKinnon is so good at her impersonation she recently won an Emmy Award beating professional actresses from movies and television series. Likewise, famous actor Alec Baldwin renders a great Donald Trump impersonation, everything is witty and overlaid with neutral dexterity (Follow the link if you want to read an analysis of United States presidential race in Spanish)  Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton 

But before that you can see the famous video whose impact has changed this 2016 United States presidency race where Donald Trump and Billy Bush (member of Bush family) talk about television actress Arianne Tucker in a very scarce presidential way....

 Donald Trump Billy Bush Arianne Tucker
Donald Trump Billy Bush Arianne Tucker

Donald Trump Billy Bush Arianne Tucker
Donald Trump Arianne Tucker Billy Bush

Similarly, you can see now a funny and strange video where singer Mary J Blige dedicates some lines to Hillary Clinton


Mary J Blige Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton Mary J Blige Donald Trump

One last thing before SNL parodies, a special version of Beyonce hit Lemonade, Melaniade


You can watch the SNL Saturday Night Videos videos with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump . Really, really great.


Donald Trump explains himself. This SNL video is especially jocular

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump 2nd Debate

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton 3rd Debate

Now you can watch the real debates Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

REAL 2016 DEBATES 1st one Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

2ND REAL DEBATE Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

3RD DEBATE Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

United States Elections on Tuesday