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Crown of Aragon, Catalonia, Spain and Europe

CROWN OF ARAGON (1035-1716)

The Crown of Aragon was born after the marriage of Petronilla of Aragón and Ramón Berenguer of Barcelona in 1137 (others say the proper time to take it into consideration is 1162 or 1164) as the Kingdom of Aragon (1035) and the County of Barcelona were united. The city of Zaragoza was the most important city of the Crown of Aragon although during some time it was Naples and Barcelona was also one of its main places. As a matter of fact,  Kings were crowned in Seo´s Cathedral in central Zaragoza, its splendour was throughout 13th and 14th centuries. At its highest peak, it owned important territories such as Catalonia, Valencia, Malta, Naples, Athens, Sardinia or Majorca. Nevertheless, it was never a centralised empire, it was an unified system whose different kingdoms had their singularity.

                    Crown of Aragon
Crown of Aragon


Later on, the Aragonese king Fernando married Isabel, queen of Castille in 1469, it was a Dynastic Union. They were called The Catholics Monarchs (Reyes Católicos) Even though many historians see these marriage as the birth of Spain as an unified single country, both kingdoms kept some of  their peculiarities and systems, every kingdom, for instance, maintained their traditional institutions, parliaments and even laws, it was an union with important interests.

Time passed by  and   War of The Spanish Succession took place which lasted from 1701 until 1714, it was an international event with many countries involved in a long conflict. Carlos II died without a male heir,   the Grand Alliance (Great Britain, Dutch Republic and  Austria mainly) supported Archduke Charles and The Two Crowns (France and Bavaria mainly) supported Philip V. Spain was divided between whom support Charles (Austrian candidate) and whom support Felipe (Bourbon candidate). The war  ended with the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) and Rastatt (1714) which recognised Felipe V as the King of Spain (Bourbon dynasty). The Crown of Aragon disappeared due to Nueva Planta decrees (1716) and the establishment of the Bourbon dynasty with the Kingdom of Felipe V, thereby Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza lost their political autonomy as a new centralised Spain was created albeit Kingdom of Navarre and Basque provinces kept their laws and institutions as they had supported the Bourbon candidate. Some historians believe Catalonia could have been independent had the Austrian candidate won. On the other hand, others believe this is the moment when an unified Spain was really born. The only clear matter is that Crown of Aragon died forever!!!.


Type of entityNotes
Coat of arms of Andorra.svg AndorraCo-principalityEstablished in 1278, briefly annexed by Aragon in 1396 and again in 1512
Aragon Arms.svg AragonKingdomEstablished in 848 as a County and, in 1035, as Kingdom, from a division of the Kingdom of Navarre
Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Athens (de la Roche family).svg AthensDuchyEstablished 1205, inherited through the Kingdom of Sicily in 1381
Aragon Arms.svg CataloniaCounty, later PrincipalityEstablished in 801, merged with Aragon in 1162
Blason province fr Gevaudan.svg GévaudanCountyInherited in 1166 by Alfonso II
Armoiries Majorque.svg MajorcaKingdomEstablished in 1231 by James I, including Roussillon and Montpellier
Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Naples ( Arms of Holy Emperor Charles V.svg NaplesKingdomEstablished in 1282 after the Sicilian Vespers, splitting the kingdom of Sicily in two parts: insular and peninsular
Duchy of Neopatras.png NeopatriaDuchyEstablished 1319, inherited through the Kingdom of Sicily in 1381
Aragon Arms.svg ProvenceCountyInherited with the county of Barcelona in 1162
Arms of Sardinia.svg SardiniaKingdomAwarded to the crown by Pope Boniface VIII in 1297, including Corsica
Aragon-Sicily Arms.svg SicilyKingdomEstablished in 1130, added to the crown in 1381; including Malta
Escut de la Ciutat e Regne de València.svg ValenciaKingdomEstablished in 1238, following the conquest of the Moorish taifa

1978 SPAIN
Modern Spain was born with the Constitution of 1978 which determined that Spain was divided within 17 regions, each one of them has their Parliament, constitution, history. Some like Catalonia, Galicia and Basque Country have even their own language. Since then, Catalonia has been clearly  one of its most important regions. Crown of Aragon

                                         Crown of Aragon
In 2012 Artur Mas the president of Catalonia decides that the time has come for Catalonia as their citizens should have the right to decide whether they wish to keep being within Spain or not as he thinks Catalonia could be better off without Spain because Central Government borrows too much money from it. Yet, there is not as easy as it can be deemed as Spanish law does not allow this kind of plebiscite, let alone that this referenda should be held in Catalonia alone.
                     Crown of Aragon
                         Catalonia is not Spain according to some

Catalonia is rich and powerful, yet it is the Spanish most indebted region. Indeed, Catalonia had to borrow a lot of money from Madrid some months ago.
                         Crown of Aragon
                                      España, Spain and one of its symbols..

What is more, there are a lot of different parties in Catalonia, each one has a different project and perspective. Furthermore, it would not be as easy as it seems to be within the European Union if Catalonia is to be on its own, a great clash of interests and an a conflict would start. Likewise, some scandals related to Catalans politicians have appeared, finally, so disappointing the results of the recent elections in Catalonia have been for the strongest Catalan party, CIU that these elections have damaged his until recently  relevant main position as the leader of Catalonia.They even could have made a mistake conforming elections so early (Artur Mas had two remaining years as president of Catalonia) and now they must talk to other parties which are contrary to them in many aspects.(ERC, PSC and even PP). In consequence, the dreams of Artur Mas have experienced a defeat. All in all, it is clear that Catalonia is living an historical moment.

European Union with its politics, laws, Constitution and even currency wants to convey the idea that Europe is an unified single movement which works together. Yet, we all know this is not true, every day there are more and more discussions as many parts of them do not want to be deeply involved (Britain). Some parts have not backed the Constitution (France, Netherlands) or have not adopted the  currency (Denmark, Sweden or Britain), and small territories want to become independent.(Scotland, Catalonia)

European Union
                           Crown of Aragon

There are a lot of regions within Spain and we are living in the European Union, if one wants to compete against giants like USA, China, Japan or China we ought to be united, this year China is to overcome the whole Europe. However, we are talking every day about Spain, Catalunya, Basque Country....We are weaker and weaker and Europe is so feeble that we are to be irrelevant within years. Whilst in Europe we are discussing matters about nationalities and the creation of  small new nations, emerging countries which were secondary actors in the past are becoming the main actors of the current reality. The only truly future that Spain, Catalonia, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Scotland... have is to be united in a strong single Europe, yet it is no to fully happen as many Europeans still think of themselves as really relevant and prevent Europe from working together, there are different interests such as big enterprises which want inequalities between countries and many smalls regions want to be independent or on his own as they have a different language and history.

                      Crown of Aragon
Crown of Aragon

Most of the population would not have their lives improved if a new small country (whichever named is given) is created in Europe. (Or at least this is what Halcombe Hackney Norilsk strongly believes!!!) Henceforth, I strongly hope you will not have any doubts as far as Spain, Catalonia, Crown of Aragon and European Union are concerned!!!

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Chanel No.5, of course.

 "What do I wear to bed? Why, Chanel No.5, of course". Marilyn Monroe
Chanel Nº 5

As the most awaiting season of the year is about to come and our reputation is in jeopardy if we do not buy the right present Halcombe Norilsk has decided to write a post in that regard making clear which it is the perfume we ought to buy. As you have guessed  such a  perfume is Chanel No.5 because it epitomizes widely what glamour and therefore beauty means. Furthermore, this year is somewhat special as Brad Pitt has been chosen as the first man who appears on its always marvellous commercials.

Brad Pitt is one of the most important stars in cinema´s history, apart from his tumultuous and  required private life he is an incredible actor whose appearances included great films such as Fight Club, Se7en, The Curious case of Benjamin Button or most recently Killing them softly. Notwithstanding, he has not won an Academy Award thus far, we hope he will not receive an Honorific one instead!!!.
                              Chanel Nº5 Brad Pitt
                                       Chanel Nº 5 Brad Pitt 

In this advertisement filmed in black and white the American actor makes a speech about subjects which come along when we are walking the difficult yet trilling path which life is made of. There are more great advertisements nonetheless as the ones Halcombe Hackney Norilsk has selected to you. They are unique.

Coco Chanel
Chanel Nº 5 Of Course!!!

One of the best perfume advertisements ever was this one in which the Canadian model Estella Warren dared the evil Wolf dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Sure you remember it!!!  Prior to her modelling career Estella Warren was a successful swimmer who even won some championships and was part of the Canadian National Team in the 1996 Olympic Games. She is now focusing her career on acting.According to Halcombe Hackney Norilsk, this commercial is one of the best ever done. Estella Warren could no be better as a modern Little Red Riding Hood. On the other hand, the latest piece of news about Estella Warren was that she was arrested as she was driving sozzled.


If you already have Chanel No.5, (something I guess as Halcombe Hackney Norilsk´s followers have all of them a great taste as far as fashion is concerned) you cannot miss then another product made by Chanel, the excellent perfume Coco Mademoiselle, the star is Keira Knightley, the British Actress makes a great rendition to Paris and the French Brand. The advertisement is marvellous. 

Chanel Keira Knightley
Chanel Nº 5

The song LOVE by the British singer Joss Stone could not have been better to this commercial, Judge yourself!!! Keira Knightley is from London as she was once nominated for the Academy Awards.


One of the most important French actress ever (if only the lovely Brigitte Bardot allowed Halcombe to say such a thing) The famous Audrey Tautou has done recently an elegant, stylish and modern Chanel No.5 advertisement. It is very chic and you cannot miss it
Chanel Audrey Tatou
Chanel Nº 5

Audrey Tautou has declined to have a career in Hollywood. As a result,  she always appears on important French movies. She starred  in a  flick based on the life of Coco Chanel, the title was "Coco Avant Chanel". Enjoy Audrey Tautou´s Chanel No. 5 commercial!!!


In my opinion, Nicole Kidman will always be on the history of cinema, she has done so many great roles and movies, however, she is a totally new actress as her face has been modified in such a large manner that she seems another person. All in all, she did one of the most expensive and important commercials ever. Finally and the most remembered Chanel commercial has Nicole Kidman therein.

Chanel nº 5 Nicole Kidman
Chanel Nº 5 Of Course

Nicole Kidman  has appeared in classic modern  films such as Dogville, Eyes wide Shut or The Hours which garnered her all the awards an actress can have in a single year. She has 4 children though two were adopted and the last one was due to surrogacy. Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise during 11 years and now is married to a New Zealand musician named Keith Urban. Nicole Kidman has one of the most important acting career of the history and she will always be linked to Chanel No. 5!

This post cannot allow you to smell the wonderful French scent but at least teaches what you have to wear to bed at night. What is more, when it comes to buy a present you only have to choose a Chanel. No.5 in order to give the right gift.
Chanel Nº 5
Chanel Nº 5

By the way, which is your favourite Chanel Commercial? Do not be shy!! EXPRESS YOURSELF by voting, rating, sharing....

Have a scented time.!!!

Chanel Nº5, OF COURSE

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El Síndrome de Asperger (Dark Shadows)

El síndrome de Asperger es una variación de la enfermedad del autismo que impide a quién la sufre tener una perfecta interacción social, tienen pérdida de empatía. Sin embargo, uno de sus más ilustres “enfermos” (Tim Burton) lleva una vida artísticamente plena en la que realiza películas originales con un sello muy personal. ¿La enfermedad le ayuda o le merma a la hora de crear?
 “Sombras Tenebrosas” es una adaptación de una serie televisiva que obtuvo buenos resultados. Tim Burton la adapta a la pantalla contando con un reparto de lujo en el que Eva Green es la más destacada.
Sombras Tenebrosas
 Los efectos especiales, vestuario y ambientación también son muy buenos pero lo que le falla a la película es la historia. Johnny Depp es sentenciado por la bruja Eva Green a una vida de ultratumba y convertido en vampiro por no amarla. Unos siglos después, en la década de 1970 Depp despierta y decide volver a la acción.
Descubre lo que le sucedió a Johnny Depp con una niña británica

Sin embargo, Eva Green ni perdona ni olvida y seguirá intentado conquistarle y haciéndole la vida imposible. La película prometía mucho pero al final se convierte en una pelea entre Depp y Green no muy convincente y todo lo demás pasa a un segundo plano. Es original en su propuesta (aunque últimamente vemos demasiados vampiros en el cine) pero no logra convencer.

De hecho, es de las peores colaboraciones entre Depp y Burton sobre todo porque parece que lo tiene todo para triunfar y se queda en el camino. También aparecen Michelle Pfeiffer como la matriarca de la familia de Depp que hacía mucho que no la veía en una película importante y, como no, Helena Bonhan Carter (a la que el síndrome de Asperger le parece divertido porque lleva una vida muy feliz con Burton).
Sombras Tenebrosas

Johnny Depp pertenece a una familia que se dedica a la pesca como modo de subsistencia pero que cualquier éxito no es más que un recuerdo del pasado, una chica de Manhattan acaba trabajando con ellos y Eva Green que lo acapara todo (pero actuando bien) es la mala malísima que se la tiene jurada a la familia y sobre todo a Johnny Depp.
 No está mal, pero con semejante director y reparto uno se esperaba más. Para los amantes del rock hay que decir que hay un cameo de Alice Cooper. El problema de la película es el guión, hay demasiado artificio y excesiva pelea entre Depp y Green. Además, parece todo montado para que haya una continuación.
Sombras Tenebrosas
Sombras Tenebrosas

Al menos, he aprendido algo interesante sobre Tim Burton y es que el síndrome de Asperger no te impide ni hacer una vida normal, ni ganar Óscars ni hacer una película tan mediocre como Sombras Tenebrosas.

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2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show.

Perhaps US elections were not so close as it was thought or at least what media would had wanted, yet it was a great fact that the following day and just after Barack Obama won the American Elections the 2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show took place in New York City. This show has become an important moment in the Fashion industry and millions of people pay attention to it, models work really hard in order to be fit and the ones who appear on the show are the most privileged amongst her peers. What is more, some pretty important musicians are invited and it is a honor indeed to be part of this event. 2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show will not be aired on Television until December but at least here you are to see the best pictures from the catwalk. 

                              Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show
                                       Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show models

The best thing you can do after having played at the Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show (most of all if you are named Rihanna) is to post a picture of yourself on Twitter from backstage. So tired Rihanna was that she had to put this photo to prove that a popstar´s life is not so easy as it can be deemed. She was the most important musician in the 2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show.

                   Rihanna Singing "Diamonds" at Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show

Jokes aside, we can say Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show is improving every year, it always deploys her models and outfits in such a way that we usually see a wonderful show with some great singers, glamour is the corollary effect of such a magic event. Regarding this edition, the musicians selected were Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

                 Victoria´s Secret models sing Justin Bieber´s "Beauty and the beat"
Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show

Halcombe Norilsk has selected the best shots from the most important Victorias´s Secret models. What is more, some juicy anecdotes and interesting facts about them are added. Hope you love everything!!!! (and you do not know the stories already)

                          Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show
The best models in the world on the catwalk of Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show

MIRANDA KERR The Aussie star is one of the best models in the world, she is married to the actor Orlando Bloom. Her daily routines include yoga, meditation, reading, singing, running and drink lots of coconut oil (this is her beauty secret). She is the 4th most important model in the world, before Orlando Bloom came she dated a broker who made her loose loads and loads of money because of his fraudulent techniques, yet she did not sue him. Eventually, he ended up in prison. Miranda Kerr replaced Gisele Bundchen in Victoria´s Secret and  earns 3,5 million dollars per year modelling.

Miranda Kerr

CANDICE SWANEPOEL  Undoubtedly,  Candice Swanepoel is one of most important models in the world. The South African beauty earns 3 million dollars per year,  She is fluent in Portuguese and Afrikaans (language used in South Africa related to Dutch) apart from English of course. (Have you seen the campaign she did for Brian Atwood which was banned?). The flawless model grew up in a farm and was a ballet dancer in her teens.

Candice Swanepoel

ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO  She has two children, she only needed three months to recover from giving birth so that being on the catwalk again. Alessandra Ambrosio earns somewhere in the region of 5 million dollars per year only as a model. She is one of the most important faces of Victoria´s Secret. What is very strange about this Brazilian model is that she had her ears reduced as she was ashamed of them, something she wholly regrets, she swears therefore she is not to have plastic surgery again as it is not worthy nor comfortable. Alessandra Ambrosio has appeared on the movie Casino Royale and on the sitcom How I met your mother.

Alessandra Ambrosio

LILY ALDRIDGE. Lily Aldridge is married to Caleb Followill the frontman of one of the best rock bands in the world Kings of Lion, one of their hits was written inspired by her beauty (Sex on fire). She is from California. Her mum was also a model who appeared on the cover of Playboy. Lily is one of the most important faces in Victoria´s Secret. Her favourite place in the world is Nashville in the state of Tennessee.  Also, she has a  daughter.

DOUTZEN KROES The Dutch model Doutzen Kroes has a lot of experience and she is a very recognised model. After the 2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show she admitted to be yearning for French Fries something she adores (and ate indeed). She became an Angel in 2008 and she is the face of numerous fashion brands like, for instance,  L'oreal. She is married to a DJ and has a child. Doutzen Kroes earns 7 million dollars per year.

ADRIANA LIMA The Brazilian top is one of the most important models ever, a devout Catholic churchgoer she is married to the Serbian basketball player Marco Jaric and they have two children, she has opened the Victoria´s Secret Fashion show four times thus far. Rather,  she has only missed one show in the last 12 years and it was because of pregnancy. She admitted in an interview that she only eats milkshakes the eight days prior to the Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show. Adriana Lima  earns 7,3 million dollars per year. Brands know that having her hired means high sales, hence she one of the most relevant and powerful women in the industry.

ERIN HEATHERTON The American model  has just broken her relationship with the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio though that detail does not prevent her from keep laughing and smiling as you can clearly see in this picture. Erin Heatherton is one of the most important models of this brand. Her family is Jewish and she is from Illinois in the United States of America, she is only 23 albeit she is one of the few Victoria's Secret Angels and has been in the show for 5 years in a row.

LINDSAY ELLINGSON. From California. She made her debut as a model in 2005 due to John Galliano who was her mentor, she attended University, Lindsay Ellingson was studying Biology before entering the world of fashion.

MAGDALENA FRACKOWIAK from Poland. She is now the 23rd most important model in the world and is considered amongst the best 30 models of the first decade of 2000s.      

IZABEL GOULART From Brazil. Apart from modelling she appeared on a chapter of the sitcom Two and a half men. She is from Sao Paulo and has been in the Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show for many years.

KARLIE KLOSS  Karlie Elizabeth Kloss was born in Chicago, Illinois, this year makes her second appearance on Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show. Karlie Kloss is only 22 and is one of the models with a brighter future. As a matter of fact, she is the 2nd best model of the world right now.                     

BARBARA PALVIN. The Hungarian Victoria´s Secret model Barbara Palvin who is only 19 is one of the new faces of this brand, her idols are Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova.

TONI GARRN Toni Garrn was born in 1992 in the German town of Hamburg. She made her debut at a fashion catwalk at 15, she was discovered when she was 13. She is the 20th most important model in the world, her best ranking came in 2009 when she was the 11th.

CONSTANCE JABLONSKI From France. Constance Jablonski was born in 1991 in Lille, she was going to be a tennis player, yet she abandoned her favourite sport to become a model. At this moment, she is the 8th most important model in the world Hot Fashion Campaigns

Hope you have enjoyed it or at least learnt something interesting. Please, share, post a comment or rate if you like this post!!!! Read my stories

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El ridículo acento de Laetitia Casta en Arbitrage (El Fraude)

No sólo el cine se vuelve cada día más caro y previsible sino que aparte de tener que verlo doblado nos entregan a veces un personaje cuyo acento  es completamente infumable. La modelo francesa Laetitia Casta es doblada con un acento francés que roza el patetismo. En estos casos es preferible que lo doblen de una manera neutral que intentar una extraña pronunciación gala.

Laetitia Casta en el Fraude (Arbitrage)

Dicho esto, tengo que declarar que El Fraude es una gran película, mucho más que la prometedora Looper, mucho mejor que las obras de pesos pesados como Oliver Stone o Tim Burton (Salvajes y Sombras Tenebrosas) en 2012. Si pensabas que Richard Gere estaba muerto te sorprenderá que a los 62 años el otrora seductor realice un papelón. ¿Le caerá alguna nominación?. No sería injusto.
El Fraude
El Fraude

Susan Sarandon y Tim Roth también demuestran su talento. El guión es muy bueno y la película está brillantemente realizada. El Fraude es una historia de intriga, de negocios sucios en las altas esferas de la sociedad, de la avaricia humana, del ego masculino, del poder, el dinero, nuestra sociedad  al fin y al cabo. Sorprendentemente, con un actor entrando en la vejez y con un director novel, sin mucho presupuesto y sin hacer ruido El Fraude se convierte en una de las mejores películas de 2012. Todo a pesar del ridículo acento de Laetitia Casta.

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Skyfall y las chicas Bond del Siglo XXI

 “Una mujer lo puede tolerar todo, todo excepto la indiferencia” Ian Fleming
 Siguiendo las sabias convicciones del escritor Ian Fleming deducimos que una chica Bond no sólo nunca soportará la indiferencia sino que la misma nunca será capaz de superarla. En consecuencia, podemos estar tranquilos porque en la última aventura del famoso agente especial, Skyfall, aparecen las actrices Bérénice Marlohe y Naomie Harris. No obstante, son ellas las mejores chicas Bond de la historia? ¿Quién ha sido la mejor del siglo XXI?. Es sólo cuestión de tiempo que el lector lo descubra

.                                       Chicas Bond

Skyfall es la Aventura número 23 de la saga y es una de las mejores, en mi opinión, el nuevo siglo nos ha traído al mejor James Bond, Daniel Craig es mucho mejor que Pierce Brosman y la película Casino Royale, por ejemplo, está entre las mejores que nunca se han hecho. Además, las chicas Bond del Siglo XXI  no sólo son glamurosas sino que son excelente actrices, algo que Eva Green y Halle Berry demostraron con amplitudEl director de la película es Sam Mendes uno de los mejores realizadores de los últimos 20 años, pese a no haber realizado ninguna película destacable en los últimos tiempos sigue siendo (y lo será siempre) el autor de American Beauty y Road to Perdition, dos auténticas joyas. El director británico también ha realizado obras teatrales, junto a su equipo ha trabajado el guion muy a fondo con el objetivo de dotar de mayor rigor cinematográfico a la saga Bond. Sam Mendes se ha propuesto conseguir el beneplácito de la crítica e intentar recibir algún premio relevante, por ello ha contado con Javier Bardem o Ralph Fieness que junto a Daniel Craig y Judi Dench hacen que el reparto sea una auténtica maravilla. Gracias a su trabajo y a la complejidad aportada los expertos coinciden en señalar a Skyfall como una de las mejores películas de James Bond, la pareja Daniel Craig y Javier Bardem hacen que  la aventura sea apasionante. Skyfall ha sido rodada en China, Turquía y Reino Unido, se retrasó debido a problemas financieros. La última aventura de 007 es una gran película, sin embargo, quizás no sea lo más importante de esta humilde historia ya que ahora vamos a elegir a la mejor chica Bond del Siglo XXI…. HOT
“Glamurosa y enigmática” están eran las palabras que describían al personaje Séverine cuando fue descrito por primera vez en el guión. La actriz francesa Bérénice Marlohe de 33 años fue la elegida  apareciendo por primera vez en una película importante, su sueño de actuar con Javier Bardem se ha convertido en realidad. Su primera intención era ser pianista, algo que desechó para convertirse en actriz. Bérénice Marlohe se está convirtiendo en la actriz revelación de  Francia

                                    Berenice Marlohe
                                   Berenice Marlohe, última Chica Bond

Naomie Melanie Harris es una actriz británica cuya venida al mundo se produjo en 1976, sus trabajos más reconocidos han sido sus apariciones en las películas 28 días después y Piratas del Caribe. Nació en Londres, su madre es jamaicana y nuestra estrella practica Budismo. Lleva actuando desde los 9 años y  aunque su papel  no es el más importante de Skyfall la destreza mostrada en la misma es más que destacable.
Naomie Harris
                         Naomie Harris 

Debido a su debut como chica Bond en la película Quantum of solace, Olga Kurylenko captó la atención de la industria cinematográfica, va a aparecer en la nueva película de Terrence Malick y tiene grandes ofertas. Antes de convertirse en actriz fue modelo, apareció en diferentes revistas de moda y es la cara de marcas conocidas. Nació en Ucrania pero tiene también nacionalidad francesa.
                                              Olga Kurilenko Chica Bond

Olga Kurylenko
Una de las mejores actrices del mundo, la francesa Eva Green ha aparecido en películas como Soñadores, Reino de los cielos o más recientemente Sombras Tenebrosas con Johnny Depp, su padre es un dentista de nacionalidad sueca y su madre fue una famosa actriz francesa. Eva Green es parisina, tiene una hermana gemela. Nació en 1980 y debido a que recibió una educación bilingüe utiliza a la perfección tanto el francés como el inglés. Probablemente, interpretó a la chica Bond más enigmática, Vesper Lynd, en la magnífica Casino Royale. Ganó un Bafta menor al principio de su carrera.
                          Eva Green Chica Bond
Halle Berry es una de las mejores actrices del mundo de Hollywood, su fama, belleza, calidad interpretativa y relevancia son ampliamente conocidas.  Fue elegida para celebrar los 40 años de la saga Bond e hizo una rendición histórica a Úrsula Andress, sin embargo, a pesar de ser una gran chica Bond su película Muere otro día no fue tan buena como digamos Casino Royale. (Berry es una gran actriz, ha ganado numerosos premios, un Oscar, un Emmy, un Globo de Oro e incluso el Razzie por su película Catwoman, ella se lo tomó bien e incluso acudió a recibirlo (algo que creo sólo han hecho ella y Sandra Bullock). Fue modelo antes de actriz y  es una de las superestrellas más poderosas y mejor pagadas. Toda una celebridad.
Halle Berry Chica Bond
Halle Berry como Chica Bond en Die Another Day

Si nos centramos en el plano interpretativo, Halle Berry y Eva Green son mucho mejores actrices que las 3 mencionadas anteriormente sobre todo debido a que tienen más experiencia y han aparecido en mejores películas. Como ejemplo,  Halle Berry ganó un óscar por la gran Monster´s Ball convirtiéndose en la primera mujer afroamericana en hacerlo. Eva Green no tiene un premio de primera categoría pero su calidad interpretativa es igual o mejor. Películas como Soñadores lo demuestra. Descartadas Bérénice Marlohe, Naomie Harris y Olga Kurylenko tenemos una gran final entre Eva Green y Halle Berry. La película de Eva Green es mucho mejor que la de Halle Berry, además, su personaje, Vesper Lynd, es la clave de la personalidad de James Bond. Tanto Halle Berry como Eva Green son grandes actrices, no obstante, Eva Green habla francés e inglés a la perfección y al ser europea ha tenido más problemas para llegar al estrellato, (ha realizado películas Europeas muy humildes).  Además, Eva Green está soltera mientras que Halle Berry se ha casado con el actor Olivier Martínez cuya calidad interpretativa no es muy destacable para Halcombe Norilsk Después de analizar todo cuidadosamente, Halcombe Norilsk elige como ganadora y por lo tanto mejor chica Bond del siglo XXI a...  

¡¡Eva Green!!! (Si no estás de acuerdo espero que al menos hayas visto Casino Royale)

                             Eva Green Chica Bond

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

El bodrio, Manuel Vicent


(De brodio, y este del germ. *brod 'caldo').

 1. m. Caldo con algunas sobras de sopa, mendrugos, verduras y legumbres que de ordinario se daba a los pobres en las porterías de algunos conventos.
2. m. Guiso mal aderezado.
3. m. Sangre de cerdo mezclada con cebolla para embutir morcillas.
4. m. Cosa mal hecha, desordenada o de mal gusto. Ese cuadro es un bodrio.En ese teatro no representan más que bodrios
Halcombe Hackney Norilsk  no le gusta citar a otros ni siquiera reproducir contenidos, para algo escribe y para algo ha abierto sus blogs, sin embargo, hay momentos en que la realidad le supera de una manera tan extraordinaria y lee unas reflexiones tan bien escritas y profundas que no le queda más remedio que reproducir el artículo "El bodrio" que fue publicado en el diario El País hace unas semanas y está firmado por el escritor Manuel Vicent.
La situación de España Spain es tan mala y el futuro pinta tan negro que la realidad que describe este artículo puede hacerse realidad muy pronto.


 "Este es el panorama que auguran los profetas. Si la crisis económica persiste con esta virulencia, la sociedad quedará dividida en tres partes incomunicadas: unos pocos ricos serán cada día más ricos; la clase media se verá reducida a la pobreza; los pobres de toda la vida bajarán otro escalón y se convertirán en mendigos. Los ricos se harán invisibles en sus yates y en los clubes financieros insonorizados; tramarán negocios redondos en los reservados de los restaurantes de superlujo; delante de la tienda de ropa exclusiva esperarán los mecánicos en tercera fila al volante de un cochazo a que salgan las señoras con varias bolsas y los viernes en su todoterreno con las ventanillas tintadas se irán a sus fincas a matar venados. La clase media comenzará a contar los euros uno a uno hasta los céntimos de cobre para congraciar el sueldo o el subsidio con las necesidades básicas. Los caballeros honorables deberán adaptar el estómago a la comida basura. Adiós al solomillo, bienvenido el reino del pollo y del pollo se bajará directamente a las gallinejas.

 Habrá que elegir entre el coche o el autobús, el cine o el helado, la copa en el bar o la rebusca en el mercadillo guineano. Volverán a oler a repollo los portales donde antes había un conserje de uniforme. Después de dar una vuelta al abrigo, los ciudadanos de clase media llevarán la pobreza con resignación y dignidad, pero sus hijos cabreados saldrán los sábados noche a romper escaparates con un horizonte iluminado por el cóctel molotov. Los mendigos que antes limpiaban el parabrisas o hacían de saltimbanquis en los semáforos, ahora pondrán solo la mano. Dado que la justicia social ha sido suplantada por la caridad estarán de enhorabuena las antiguas damas del ropero parroquial y los ricos de buen corazón porque se va a imponer de nuevo el placer de la limosna. El bodrio era un caldo que antiguamente se impartía en la trasera de las catedrales y conventos a la hora del ángelus a la cuerda de mendigos que esperaba remediar el hambre.

Hoy una legión de verónicas y samaritanos ejerce también la misericordia de dar de comer a los hambrientos. Pero los hambrientos deberán aceptar su destino. Para ellos solo habrá una disyuntiva: si son buenos, tendrán sopa; si se rebelan, rebotará en su espalda la verga de la policía"

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Why American Elections are always on Tuesday? Donald Trump and Katy Perry

The elections in The United States of America are always on Tuesday something that does not happen in other countries and it is strange indeed.There was a law passed in 1845 (yes, 1845) which has not been modified and there is little intention to do so which established the first Tuesday of November as the day in which  elections must take place as people those days had to travel by horse to the capital of their state in order to vote. Weekends were not appropriately because of religion, as a result, Tuesday was established reserving Monday to do the trip and Americans still respect this. What is more, in 1792 a bill was passed saying that American elections should be held around November as it was the proper time to farmers to be away from their lands. Concerning this matter and as there are a lot of people who do not vote on Tuesday because they are busy working or studying Mitt Romney suggested that America needed better candidates to boost American´s morale while the rest of Republican nominees did not even know anything about this anecdote (I hope they are reading Halcombe Hackney Norilsk henceforth). Meanwhile, Barack Obama said that whether Tuesday do not fit most Americans they could vote before that day something he has done. All in all, it is somewhat peculiar, yet perhaps many Americans feel proud of tradition though if there are many people who do not attend to the polls that day there is a clear reason to blame on.

At the end of this post you are to discover an amazing video of Katy Perry in which she is clad in a wholly special supporting dress. Here there is an anticipation of that. I hope you can wait on a little longer...
Katy Perry
Katy Perry 

As everybody knows Donald Trump does not love Barack Obama so much, however, the offer the billionaire entrepreneur has made is somewhat strange. Where is the point? What does he want to prove?. Maybe harm Democrats? I am talking of Donald Trump´s recent video in which he offered 5 million dollars whether Barack Obama showed his University Records and passport,  the 5 million dollars would go to a charity of the election of the still president of the United States. You can enjoy the video right now. Donald Trump accuses Barack Obama of having made USA a weak and feeble country, something did not happen in the past. Furthermore, he dismisses Obama as the worst president ever.

            DONALD TRUMP

Let Donald Trump explain himself. In addition, Does Donald Trump ever tried pot or any other kind of drugs? Why does he hate Obama so hard? You can discover these issues right now, David Letterman asked the wealthy tycoon about many interesting facts in a great interview. Is Obama dithering over his proposal? What do you think?

Donald Trump explains his offer

(Try the link if the video does not work as it may not be available worldwide)

The British newspaper The Guardian (they are thinking of stop printing in paper something that would be very sad albeit that is other story) tried to obtain Donald Trump´s University records so that The Guardian phoned the offices Donald Trump has in New York City to get such certificates, do you want to hear what they got? You will find the incredible phone call in this link.

Well, everything Donald Trump does is always on the news, I think such powerful people can do anything they wish to like ask for the College´s records of the most important politician in the world. We will move from this mogul´s strange deeds and focus now on other exciting thing relating US Elections. Katy Perry showed her barrack for Barack Obama (today Halcombe is in a great mood) last week. KATY PERRY. The lovely pop star Katy Perry did an incredible performance last week. Before Obama´s speech in Nevada where Katy Perry´s grandma still lives she did render some songs showing her support to the president of the most important country in the world clad in a bizarre, yet amazing outfit in which you can see clearly what you should do in the next elections.It is really amazing, she starts with Obama´s favourite song ever."Let´s stay together" (By the way, this song was deemed the best of the Sixties by Rolling Stone magazine) Its author is Al Green Later on, Perry changed her dress and sang some famous songs of her own. Here you can watch the performance of her song "Teenage Dream" picked as one of the best published in 2010. After that, you have another video with the full performance in Nevada. Needless to say that such kind of dresses would prevent a lot of people from not voting on the 6th of November!!!

Katy Perry

This performance can be deemed surprising and even dangerous as Katy Perry is a pop star who sells her music to a very wide part of population therefore her support towards Obama can make Romney´s supporters do not buy her music, it is something that for instance does not happen in Spain and perhaps is because musicians in Spain are more humble as far as the number of sales are concerned and also because politicians has even more power than in the States as if they do want they can forbid a musician or a band from playing in the town or region they rule. Never mind, Katy Perry´s performance is really imaginative and beautiful, her dress is somewhat original and makes all she wants in an incredible way. You can look her poll outfit right here. By the way, Katy Perry was celebrating her 28th birthday the following day.