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2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show.

Perhaps US elections were not so close as it was thought or at least what media would had wanted, yet it was a great fact that the following day and just after Barack Obama won the American Elections the 2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show took place in New York City. This show has become an important moment in the Fashion industry and millions of people pay attention to it, models work really hard in order to be fit and the ones who appear on the show are the most privileged amongst her peers. What is more, some pretty important musicians are invited and it is a honor indeed to be part of this event. 2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show will not be aired on Television until December but at least here you are to see the best pictures from the catwalk. 

                              Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show
                                       Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show models

The best thing you can do after having played at the Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show (most of all if you are named Rihanna) is to post a picture of yourself on Twitter from backstage. So tired Rihanna was that she had to put this photo to prove that a popstar´s life is not so easy as it can be deemed. She was the most important musician in the 2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show.

                   Rihanna Singing "Diamonds" at Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show

Jokes aside, we can say Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show is improving every year, it always deploys her models and outfits in such a way that we usually see a wonderful show with some great singers, glamour is the corollary effect of such a magic event. Regarding this edition, the musicians selected were Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

                 Victoria´s Secret models sing Justin Bieber´s "Beauty and the beat"
Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show

Halcombe Norilsk has selected the best shots from the most important Victorias´s Secret models. What is more, some juicy anecdotes and interesting facts about them are added. Hope you love everything!!!! (and you do not know the stories already)

                          Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show
The best models in the world on the catwalk of Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show

MIRANDA KERR The Aussie star is one of the best models in the world, she is married to the actor Orlando Bloom. Her daily routines include yoga, meditation, reading, singing, running and drink lots of coconut oil (this is her beauty secret). She is the 4th most important model in the world, before Orlando Bloom came she dated a broker who made her loose loads and loads of money because of his fraudulent techniques, yet she did not sue him. Eventually, he ended up in prison. Miranda Kerr replaced Gisele Bundchen in Victoria´s Secret and  earns 3,5 million dollars per year modelling.

Miranda Kerr

CANDICE SWANEPOEL  Undoubtedly,  Candice Swanepoel is one of most important models in the world. The South African beauty earns 3 million dollars per year,  She is fluent in Portuguese and Afrikaans (language used in South Africa related to Dutch) apart from English of course. (Have you seen the campaign she did for Brian Atwood which was banned?). The flawless model grew up in a farm and was a ballet dancer in her teens.

Candice Swanepoel

ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO  She has two children, she only needed three months to recover from giving birth so that being on the catwalk again. Alessandra Ambrosio earns somewhere in the region of 5 million dollars per year only as a model. She is one of the most important faces of Victoria´s Secret. What is very strange about this Brazilian model is that she had her ears reduced as she was ashamed of them, something she wholly regrets, she swears therefore she is not to have plastic surgery again as it is not worthy nor comfortable. Alessandra Ambrosio has appeared on the movie Casino Royale and on the sitcom How I met your mother.

Alessandra Ambrosio

LILY ALDRIDGE. Lily Aldridge is married to Caleb Followill the frontman of one of the best rock bands in the world Kings of Lion, one of their hits was written inspired by her beauty (Sex on fire). She is from California. Her mum was also a model who appeared on the cover of Playboy. Lily is one of the most important faces in Victoria´s Secret. Her favourite place in the world is Nashville in the state of Tennessee.  Also, she has a  daughter.

DOUTZEN KROES The Dutch model Doutzen Kroes has a lot of experience and she is a very recognised model. After the 2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show she admitted to be yearning for French Fries something she adores (and ate indeed). She became an Angel in 2008 and she is the face of numerous fashion brands like, for instance,  L'oreal. She is married to a DJ and has a child. Doutzen Kroes earns 7 million dollars per year.

ADRIANA LIMA The Brazilian top is one of the most important models ever, a devout Catholic churchgoer she is married to the Serbian basketball player Marco Jaric and they have two children, she has opened the Victoria´s Secret Fashion show four times thus far. Rather,  she has only missed one show in the last 12 years and it was because of pregnancy. She admitted in an interview that she only eats milkshakes the eight days prior to the Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show. Adriana Lima  earns 7,3 million dollars per year. Brands know that having her hired means high sales, hence she one of the most relevant and powerful women in the industry.

ERIN HEATHERTON The American model  has just broken her relationship with the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio though that detail does not prevent her from keep laughing and smiling as you can clearly see in this picture. Erin Heatherton is one of the most important models of this brand. Her family is Jewish and she is from Illinois in the United States of America, she is only 23 albeit she is one of the few Victoria's Secret Angels and has been in the show for 5 years in a row.

LINDSAY ELLINGSON. From California. She made her debut as a model in 2005 due to John Galliano who was her mentor, she attended University, Lindsay Ellingson was studying Biology before entering the world of fashion.

MAGDALENA FRACKOWIAK from Poland. She is now the 23rd most important model in the world and is considered amongst the best 30 models of the first decade of 2000s.      

IZABEL GOULART From Brazil. Apart from modelling she appeared on a chapter of the sitcom Two and a half men. She is from Sao Paulo and has been in the Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show for many years.

KARLIE KLOSS  Karlie Elizabeth Kloss was born in Chicago, Illinois, this year makes her second appearance on Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show. Karlie Kloss is only 22 and is one of the models with a brighter future. As a matter of fact, she is the 2nd best model of the world right now.                     

BARBARA PALVIN. The Hungarian Victoria´s Secret model Barbara Palvin who is only 19 is one of the new faces of this brand, her idols are Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova.

TONI GARRN Toni Garrn was born in 1992 in the German town of Hamburg. She made her debut at a fashion catwalk at 15, she was discovered when she was 13. She is the 20th most important model in the world, her best ranking came in 2009 when she was the 11th.

CONSTANCE JABLONSKI From France. Constance Jablonski was born in 1991 in Lille, she was going to be a tennis player, yet she abandoned her favourite sport to become a model. At this moment, she is the 8th most important model in the world Hot Fashion Campaigns

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