Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Kanye West, Pure Genius

Kanye West pure genius
Power (Kanye West song)
Born in Atlanta but raised in Chicago, Kanye West is one of the best artists of our time, there are a few musicians whose music is so good that are able to be loved by many fans even though they may not be experts in a determined kind of style. There are only few, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, U2, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Madonna... Kanye West is one of them, I am not crazy about hip-hop nor a rap pundit yet some songs of Kanye West are just incredible.He is pure genius. 

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West and Eminem could be a two proper Hip-Hop ambassadors because some of their songs are so good that they reach worldwide audiences. Read an updated version of this post. Kanye West


We are to show some of his best songs and performances, I assure you that you are to be dazzled. We are to talk only about his musical career hence if you only know him for being a celebrity, for being famous and his controversial episodes (there are plenty of them) or for being married to a celebrity (Kim Kardashian) this is a good opportunity for you to discover his work, as in most cases fame is only a scourge because people tend to forget your real talent and on this occasion Kanye West´s music is fabulous!!!

Kanye West pure genius
 Kanye West on BBC Radio. His best interview ever?

To start with, one of the best songs I have ever heard. This performance is special as I deem it as somewhat outstanding, it is from Coachella Festival one of the most important Music festivals of the entire world. The song is Power. I also recommend you to read the lyrics and to listen the original version

                                        KANYE WEST POWER 

Kanye West Power live Another great song is Stronger, if you do not know Kanye West perhaps you remember an episode of that comedy television series that is so popular, Girls, where Marnie (in my  opinion the funniest character played by actress Allison Williams) sings to her boyfriend or lover in revenge for his bad.

                                          STRONGER KANYE WEST

I am also putting this live performance from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Kanye West is poised to sing but before doing so he has some kind words for his mum as she died unexpectedly after having had an operation to lose weight, that death was so strange that there is now a law in California that prevent people from surgery if they are not fully fit. 

Kanye West
Kanye West

Seeing this performance I want to show you something peculiar, all musicians and singers invited to perform on Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show are distracted by models and their beauty, they tend to allow supermodels to steal the show. All of them? No, Kanye West is so focus on his work that his song Stronger seems better, sounds louder and is more powerful than any outfit however extraordinary it might be thought.


Similarly and on my opinion, the best two songs of 2013  were made by Kanye West, First of all, Black Skinhead. I strongly love its videoclip, it was chosen by Martin Scorsese to be the main song of his latest flick, Wolf of Wall Street. The other song is New Slaves, both of them were played at Saturday Night Live. 


Kanye West Pure Genius
Kanye West Black Skinhead

I do love BlacKKK skinhead (it was a story about this song on this blog) Kanye West acts as a wild beast.

Purists prefer New Slaves than BlacKKK SKKKinhead, I do not because I prefer the energy of the first song. However, New Slaves hides some joyful aspects, lyrics are very interesting because he talks about how we are blinded as consumption is dig into our lives. This video was banned from televsion (I do not know until which extent). It is more than interesting. Do watch it now please and wait until the end!!! 


To be honest, I first discovered Kanye West singing with Rihanna and Jay-Z within the great Run this Town song that deserves to be included here. This performance is from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Run this town videoclip is great as well.


In 2012 Jay Z and Kanye West published a good album, Watch the throne. There is a song I particularly like, Otis albeit Jay Z struggles to say in Spanish some words looking as if he were to be drowned. 


OTIS Kanye West Jay Z

This live performance is also good. OTIS Jay Z and Kanye West

Another good song of that album is No Church in the Wild.  The entire album Watch the Throne contains good material

No Church in the Wild Kanye West

Lift off is good likewise. In fact, most of the songs signed by Kanye West are wonderful. Some are to be liked for some people and some for others but I really think the first Four songs included at the beginning are somewhat special thus should be added to any setlist. Prior to end this post about the best songs of Kanye West, I am to highlight some older songs too like Flashing Lights which videoclip is funny, you can discover Kanye West in an unexpected situation. The last two are even older with actor Jammie Foxx (Gold digger) and celebrity Pamela Anderson (Touch the Sky)


KANYE WEST Gold Digger


Hope you have discovered new songs so that you put them on a party to impress your friends!!! Kanye West is one of the artists with more Grammy Awards garnered. He has 21 although he has not reached 40. A perfect ending for this post is this speech said by Kanye West when he received a Grammy Award in the major category of Best Rap Album in 2008. Do listen to his words, Firstly,  Kanye West talks about life, death, time (remembering his mum) and ends up receiving an outstanding ovation his last words are something like these "People were thinking what Kanye West would say if he did not win, What he would do this time, Well I guess they will never know". Updated version Kanye West Kanye West Best music video of 2016 Kanye West Kanye West


Kanye West, pure genius Fade Kanye West

Friday, 19 September 2014

Visiting Dubrovnik and waiting for Khaleeshi as Game of Thrones is shot in Croatia

The best surprise of holidaying in Dubrovnik was to discover that Game of Thrones television series is shot in this beautiful Croatian city. If the television channel HBO has selected this location, something good it may have. May not? But our vacation did have plenty of other good moments notwithstanding. When we were tired we spent the day in our resort, we visited the city centre that is very impressive and we did take the Game of Thrones tour of course!!!. It allows you to remember vividly the scenes that have being shot there like the incredible fight between Oberyn and The Mountain or the now legendary King´s landing for instance that is worldwide famous. Similarly, the faces of the actors are reproduced on your imagination.

Game of Thrones locations Dubrovnik Croatia
This is where Oberyn and The Mountain fight to each other. Game of Thrones

Khaleesi is one of the stars that I admire the most, I strongly believed I was going to envisage her long hair and her magical aura (her Dragons likewise) As a result we took a tour in Dubrovnik to visit some little islands called Elaphite (Kolocep, Lopud y Sipan) as Dubrovnik has a lot nearby and Croatia has more than 1000 I think. The journey was incredible. At some time, the captain of the ship put some fresh fish on his hand, Dragons did not pass by but hungry seagulls appeared nevertheless, it was really outstanding to be surrounded of them, seeing them eating ferociously even more. Both these three islands and sunbathing at the beach and on the ship feeling the Croatian Coast and its unique landscape was magical, yet regrettably Khaleeshi was not seen

Game of Thrones King´s landing  Dubrovnik Croatia
Game of Thrones King´s landing

However, I had a premonition, I believe she was going to arrive at Lokrum Island, a big one which is in front of Dubrovnik port. You can go there until 7 o'clock in the afternoon as there are daily ships that arrive at it often. I spent a whole day waiting for her at Lokrum Island, I had devised everything as I was afraid Khaleesi´s enemies were to attack her, I did have to prevent her from poisoning hence.

Lokrum Island Dubrovnik Croatia
Lokrum Island Croatia Game of Thrones

In the end, she did not come. Did it matter? Of course not, Lokrum island is  a worthwhile experience, you can have a good time because you have plenty to see and do. Play sports, eat something or have a drink, you can use a bike to see the whole island. Feed beautiful peacocks that inhabit Lokrum, sunbathing, resting or to go swimming. Lokrum island is great and I know khaleesi will be there one day as Game of Thrones is not finished yet and I will visit Dubrovnik and Croatia again in the future.

Dubrovnik Croatia
Dubrovnik Croatia

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hateful expressions according to Stephen King

Stephen King
Stephen King,  Taken at the 2007 New York Comicon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Legendary American writer Stephen King, who says you must read and write during 5 hours everyday to do it well and assures you can only call yourself a writer when you do receive a cheque that allows you to earn something  as writers are usually indebted has made some interesting revelations in an interview with Jessica Lahey. Following this here you have some expressions which are hateful according to Stephen King.

  • That´s so cool
  • At the end of the day
  • At this point in time
  • Some people say
  • Many believe
  • The consensus is
  • LOL
  • YOLO
  • IMHO
Do you use these expressions? Are you going to disturb the Horror Writer Stephen King using them? Take care...

Stephen King interviewed by Jessica Lahey

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Infolinks - Let our online ads work for You!

Halcombe Norilsk did not have a good experience (as always) regarding online ad companies.  This time was even harder for him. Was he guilty of having lived so many adventures throughout the world? Was he guilty of having to write about them? Was he too dim?

One day he tried Infolinks and everything changed for once and all. Infolinks is the only ad company that works in the main blog of Halcombe Norilsk. No other one is expected, everything works just fine. Nothing else is needed.

Infolinks is very easy to use, implement and monetize. Something he really loves is how the reports come easily to his inbox whenever he decides to have them. Likewise, it is really wonderful how to control the number of ads you put on your site or the different styles which can be selected from the wide array of ads that can be used. 

Halcombe is generous as Infolinks is, he shares his content with others as Infolinks allows you to implement its ads on different sites despite they may have be endorsed with other ad companies, this is very interesting because no only Infolinks can be your main strategy it can also be used to complement other kind of ads you might be using with other organizations.

When the blog is not telling the adventures of Halcombe Norilsk it may tell of diverse themes. Writing is such a powerful activity that allows you to write millions of posts from diverse themes and subjects. Infolinks adapts itself to it as it uses the words you write. You can pen anything and wait swimmingly, Infolinks does the rest. There is no a single problem at all, I am telling you, Infolinks is a great bet!!!!

I do not know if your stories are like the ones Halcombe Norilsk (it is difficult to found a loser character as him) has lived but what I do really know nonetheless is that if you want to write a blog and monetize it you must try Infolinks contingent upon the fact Infolinks offers plenty of possibilites, it is easy to implement, use, control and above all is really, really efficient. 

Sincerely. Follow the link to discover more.


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Dreamers: Discovering Eva Green.

Eva Green The Dreamers
Eva Green The Dreamers
One of the best actresses in the world, Eva Green,  star of films such as Dark Shadows, Kingdom of Heaven or most recently 300 and the most enigmatic Bond girl ever, Vesper Lynd, is becoming the global movie star sensation of 2014 thereby is a good moment to talk about the film that brought her to us. The Dreamers by Bernardo Bertolucci.

Italian director is one of the most relevant filmmakers ever. His movie The Last Emperor won Oscars and he has received many others awards: best director, best screenplay and was nominated two more times. Likewise, he is responsible of two famous stories such as Novecento and The last waltz in Paris, albeit his most recent hightlight was to discover Eva Green within The Dreamers. (Read an update and improved version of this post EVA GREEN

                          Eva Green The Dreamers
Eva Green The Dreamers

If one is tired of seeing the same repetitive movies that are made these days The Dreamers can be a good bet.The Dreamers is based upon a novel of Gilbert Adair, the Holy Innocents. An American journalist (Michael Pitt) is living in Paris for a while, at the same time historical disturbances of 1968 are taking place. He  met then two enigmatic siblings (Eva Green and Louis Garrel) who invited him to have dinner one night and subsequently to stay in their house, in central Paris. A special relationship between the three of them starts as a result. 

The Dreamers Eva Green
The Dreamers Eva Green

They will talk and discuss over politics, movies, history, Eva Green starts henceforth her journey in the cinema history in an outstanding way proving why she has become a global star, able to do movies of any kind Eva Green
                            Eva Green The Dreamers
Eva Green The Dreamers