Friday, 27 June 2014

Sin City 2: A dame to kill for is already here!!!

Sin City 2 A dame to Kill for
A Dame to Kill For (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To put it in a nutshell, Sin City was a spellbinding movie!! As fiendish as it was both because of its greatness and strong tales we did not have enough thus Sin City 2 a dame to kill for is already here awaiting for us. Sin City 2 trailer as you can realise is impressive. Frank Miller has written two new stories for this sequel while the other two were included on his comic series Sin City.(A dame to kill for Just another Saturday Night). Sin City 2 is to be one of the best movies of 2014.

A humdrum life can suddenly changed for once and all if you find yourself in Sin City where tough guys bad-mouthing, misfits become heroes, crooked politicians do dirty business, femmes fatales do exist and exotic women make you feel alive.

Sin City A dame to kill for
Sin City 2

Sin City 2 cast could have scarcely been better Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Bruce Willis, Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin or  even Lady Gaga!!!!

Jessica Alba Sin City 2 A dame to kill for
Jessica Alba Sin City 2 A dame to kill for

Sin City 2 A dame to kill for
Rosario Dawson Sin City 2

Sin City 2 A dame to kill for
Sin City 2

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Black Keys, a feverish band

The Moan
The Black Keys
Barring Jack White´s point of view (who allegedly does not stand them and urged his ex wife, model Karen Elson, to take their children out from the same school wherein children of The Black Keys attend to) everybody agrees The Black Keys are a feverish band. One of the best you can see these days. The Black Keys
The Black Keys
The Black Keys
Jack White Jack White has explained himself recently and he assures everything was blown out of proportion, yet we had to start this post in a way or another hence this kind of scurrilous controversy over The Black Keys makes headlines being the proper introduction therefore to present The Black Keys and 4 great The Black Keys songs  that are already famous, perhaps do not describe entirely what The Black Keys represent, but these songs are what have provided them worldwide fame, this is what does really produces dough. Take a look


The first single from their last album. Turn Blue, the two stars act as televangelists.

My favourite The Black Keys song

Perhaps their most famous one

Another excellent The Black Keys song

THE BLACK KEYS TIGHTEN UP, from their successful album El Camino

The Black Keys

The Black Keys are from Ohio Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney met at the age of 9, they started to play in 1996 in a humbly manner but now The Black Keys are one of the best bands of the world and the good news is that they are true artists as the have not been the result of a marketing gimmick, mawkish music that is made these days does not relate to these two musicians that perform concerts and produced songs as it should be done, hard work plus talent. 9 Grammy Awards have won to date. 

The Black Keys, a Feverish band. The Black Keys

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Punk: Manolo Kabezabolo is not dead!!!!

Manolo Kabezabolo
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Presentation of the new album of Spanish punk legend Manolo Kabezabolo brought a nice surprise to lovers of music who were at Teatro de las Esquinas of Zaragoza. Manolo Kabezabolo was launching his work "If you have teeth left it means you were not there" (Si te quedan dientes es que no estuviste ahí). Not only Manolo Kabezabolo was back to musical activity, what is more, he rendered one of the finest performances of his career and make everybody feel joyful because he seemed younger and the concert was spellbinding.First 3 albums of Manolo Kabezabolo were brilliant, fun and original. Lyrics were ironical and humorous. Nevertheless, after his fourth album he fell into a little period of decay. For instance, in 2006 he suspended his concert at Zaragoza Festivities. Manolo Kabezabolo Punk

Manolo Kabezabolo
Manolo Kabezabolo

In 2014 nonetheless, he is having a new lease of life, the new musicians who are with him (los que no dan pie con bolo) let Manolo Kabezabolo to sing freely. He does not have to worry about music hence he acts as a main singer. Thanks to these musicians his old songs sounded better. The comeback of Manolo Kabezabolo could have scarcely been better.

Manolo Kabezabolo live
Manolo Kabezabolo

In 1990s I saw Manolo Kabezabolo several times as he had to play the guitar his songs did not sound as good as they do sound now. Similarly, there were some funny moments as well during this concert of Manolo Kabezabolo such as every time he talked to the public and when he brought a young girl to scenery. Thereafter, it seemed singer Evaristo was going to collaborate with him on a song but Evas did not appear though. Subsequently, Manolo Kabezabolo took revenge on him and he appeared on the scenery singing along Gatillazo and even touching the derrière of Evaristo, the erstwhile leader of renowned punk band La Polla. Now you can watch two exclusive videos from this Manolo Kabezabolo and Gatillazo concert.



The first band to play on this Manolo Kabezabolo comeback was an unknown formation for me that come from Basque Country called RadioCrimen that were not bad. It is an interesting punk band and we have to pointed out the wonderful look of the main singer. They have good songs.

                             Manolo Kabezabolo
Manolo Kabezabolo

Evaristo Punk Páramos
 Evaristo Páramos, singer from Punk band: La Polla  
Evaristo was the biggest attraction that night and I did want to see him. I had not seen Evaristo since 2006 and he proved he is on good form albeit the concert of Gatillazo was not perfect though. There were plenty of stops between songs, it seemed as if Evaristo was going to fetch something from other room as he disappeared several times, besides you could not clearly hear what Evaristo was saying to the public and we missed lots of songs from his first and famous punk formation La Polla Records. They barely played four and a lot of songs of Gatillazo sounded really similar in musical terms. Perhaps he did not want to devalue his current musical formation, perhaps he want to focus on the present but with such a good set list it turned to be crazy to not played more songs from such iconic formation. All in all, Radiocrimen were good, Evaristo´s punk-monger and his stance on society in general was positive as always, yet who do really triumphed rendering the paramount punk performance it was Manolo Kabezabolo and his band los que no dan pie con bolo.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Rihanna´s roughest week

On Monday, Rihanna attended a special CFDA dinner where some fashion awards are handed being draped with this special outfit. She was widely criticised as a result. Do you think this dress was too much?


 Rihanna is no strange to controversy, yet what she was going to experience on Tuesday was nothing but a harsh day because her Instagram account wherein she used to post semi-naked pictures of herself was deleted because of a new strict policy. Lastly, it was announced on Wednesday that her new perfume ad is restricted due to be too sexually suggested. 


Rihanna´s restricted ad Rogue perfume
Rihanna Rogue perfume Ad

What do you think? Is this Rihanna´s ad far too much? Will she bear the deletion of her Instagram account? Do share, rate or comment