Friday, 30 March 2012

Madame Bovary in our century.

Madame Bovary is one of the best pieces of writing ever, is was conceived by a French writer named Gustave Flaubert, who wanted to write with neutral dexterity. Probably,  you find it a little slow and boring at the beginning but it has such a great end and you learn such a great lesson from it  that everybody should read it at least once. Madame Bovary was written centuries ago but the lesson you learn from it is widespread in the society we are living. Gustave Flaubert would read several pages from non fiction books such as the ones from Law in order to be able to write without being by the side of anybody. In fact, he wanted to present everything with great neutrality, something he achieved.

                 Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert
                Gustave Flaubert, author of Madame Bovary

Nowadays, millions and millions of people want to scape from life with the multiple social networks in which we live such as Twitter, Facebook.... Rarely did I mean to insult people who are in these social networks but I want to convey that the expectations are so high that many people feel unable to reach them. In consequence, far too many people felt happy living another life on the Internet putting tweets believing themselves as being  great professionals when in real life they have not achieved anything important if it is to be compared to other people who are far from our humble backgrounds. Madame Bovary had a great life, she was married to a doctor in a rural southern French city and she had everything. However, she felt bad and she wanted to achieve great things and was always trying to escape from reality. She was always dreaming in a world of her own.

Madame Bovary  Madame Bovary
Madame Bovary                                                      Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert

We should be very humble and be down-to-earth, depression is one of our worst enemies as television, cinema, publicity are always telling us what we should live and do and there is not enough world prepared to have so many winners. Madame Bovary is a wonderful book inasmuch as its moral can be taken into account nowadays.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012


 Bullrunners in Spain at 19th century 
Bullfighting and the games related to bulls are very popular and interesting among many people. In Spain, people would love love bulls but every year this is changing as people are more and more concerned about and aware of the rights of the animals. However, there is clear clash of interests and it is not as easy as it at first can appear. I strongly dislike bullfighting, I cannot view a single thing interested in this event, and I do not like to see animals suffering but there is something hidden that people tend to forget about bullfightingBulls live a long a great life as they are fed and treated like kings inasmuch as they have a peaceful and relaxed life. They have a horrible two hours where a man (who sometimes believes of  himself as a superb hero) do painful  things while people (usually drunk) scream. Read an improved version of this post with current facts following the link Bullfighting If you want to read a version in Spanish follow this other Bullfighting


Notwithstanding these two awful hours, if we are to compare the lives of these bulls to other animals we will be amazed at the cruelty and awfulness of the lives of animals such as cows, pigs, chicken which we eat everyday with no regrets. They have horrible lives and  they are being exploited and obliged to live an artificial life in order to give profits to a lot of people but as we only see the result (hot and delicious food in our plate) we tend to forget this. I strongly respect people who hates bullfighting but I hope they do not eat plenty of pig or rabbit as they have such awful lives. The matter of the thing with bullfighting it is not so easy because there are many people who have prepared themselves really hard in order to become bullfighters and it is also a cultural event for a lot of people. What is more, there was a strange thing happened in Catalonia as a ban on bullfighting was declared but there was an agreement to permit games related to bulls. There is a clear evidence which shows that games related to bulls do not kill them but is more than true that they are overly harmed on the verge of suffering from death (Toro de la Vega tournament in Central Spain looks for the killof the animal). Some argue bullfighting is used as a political matter, while in some parts of Spain bullfighting is like a religion in others parts is mocked. In other countries such as United States of America, some businessmen whose roots are Latin ones have launched bullfighting events, however, the laws in that country do not allow the death of an animal, bullfighters instead put soft sticks in the body of the bull. Far many people believed such event do not pay respect to the pure and real act of bullfighting but at least this not harm nor kill the sacred animal. The only problem I see is that if we abolish this event forever foreigners do not know what to think of ourselves as we have always been linked to this practise. Bullfighting, Profitable business? Beautiful practise? Cultural tradition? Retrograde sport or a Bloody massacre? Bullfighting

PS. As far as the Spanish law is concerned, the act of Bullfighting is of the utmost cultural relevance. Since October, 2016, the Spanish rule has dictated that the law in Catalonia does not apply as the national prevails regarding cultural acts. As a result, nobody can declare bullfighting illegal in a part of Spain because is deemed as something with cultural values albeit it has been assured from Catalonia that not a single act of bullfighting will take place again in this Spanish region.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Tea Party and USA

After the great victory of Obama some years ago, Republicans felt overly beaten but after that they did something clever, they encouraged an old party called "Tea Party" which could bring back all the lost voters. They used fresh faces such as Sarah Palin who is a powerful and strong woman to do that. Sarah Palin is a role model for many women as she is the epitome of a succesful person as she has achieved great things such as a large and happy family, an important career in politics and a lot of more things.

         American War of Independence
American War of Independence

The movement was inteligent, they needed a party which could not loose a lot of things but could harm the president Obama. Having done that,  the Republican party then would work freely with their new candidate in order to win the next elections. The movement has brought their results as Obama (despite capturing Osama Bin Laden) has been losing their charm and now a new candidate can beat him in the next elections. This new candidate is Mitt Romney, a millionaire who has a great opportunity to win the next elections. The States have a high unemployment rate and they have been overcome in wealth by their Canadians neighbours.
American War of Independence

                                                       SEVEN YEARS WAR
The name "Tea party"  derived itself  from a blast  moment in the history of The United States, and it is an important point for Americans. United Kingdom ( the most powerful country in the world at that moment) started a war against France named (Seven years war) which ended without a clear winner. However, United Kingdom lost a lot of money and the King decided to raise the tax on important products such as the tea, the 13 colonies were angry at this movement and when the tea from Great Britain arrived at the United States (in the city of Boston) they threw the whole tea to the sea and a war started.
American War of Independence
American War of Independence
It was a strange war as United Kingdom (British Empire) had then the most powerful army.  Nonetheless, the Americans were thirsting for victory and they won following the establishment of the country, since that moment, United States has been the most important country in the world.
                        American war of Independence

As a result, this moment is really important for them and the term tea party refers to this event. It is a minority movement but has been in the public eye until recently. However, their ideals are retrograde and are not related to the world in which we live as tea party is an old-fashioned movement. As a matter of fact, only elderly people who have lived other epoch  follow its ideals. All has been well prepared and it had cleared the way to the new candidate of the Republican party who is now strong and is ready to beat Obama. The elections of this year are to be very interesting as the two candidates are strong, intelligent and powerful. Who do you think is going to win? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?
     American War of Independence

(By the way,  Where the hell is Tea Party now?

Now, you can enjoy the full three debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney without commercials.

First Match.

Second Round.

The Final One

And the Results of the 2012 Presidential Elections

Results Presidental Election

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Thursday, 8 March 2012


Can you believe everything, can you trust everybody? Of course not. Likewise, when it comes to news on the Internet who is right and who is wrong?. Newsy understands it wholly, as a result,  they capture the same piece of news from multiple perspectives in order to know the truth hence the result is simply perfect. Newsy, multiple sources, the real story.

No longer will you have to be suspicious when you read pieces of news on the Internet as Newsy shows what is happening all around the world and analyses it showing the treatment it has had in different newspapers, channels, television programmes.. no matter from what ideology can it be, Newsy seeks and find all different points of view. In consequence, you can form your own opinion about something because Newsy is not interested in making you believe or follow somewhat artificially prepared. Furthermore, if you are to have problems as far as understanding is concerned, everything is written too so that  make you to understand, it is perfect for instance, to people who are learning English. Clarity and objectivity. Newsy has it at all!!!

If you have a problem regarding the neutrality of a fact  and you are no sure who is right or wrong  you can look Newsy up and you will obtain nothing but the truth, in a world so biased and corrupted where only the 2% of people owns most of all of the wealth that is available worldwide and we are living in a plutocracy which only looks for keep rich and powerful people in their  actual status been able to know everything from a neutral point of view happens to be essential.

Newsy, multiple sources, the real story


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The multiple meanings of Rolling Stone

 Rolling Stone, The Rolling Stones, Like a Rolling Stone, A rolling Stone gathers no moss...

1. There is an expression which says, "A Rolling Stones gather no moss" which defines a person who is always travelling and changing his/her  home, as a result, has no problems when it comes to establish himself in a house or create a family. 

 2. My favourite magazine is "Rolling Stone", it is a magazine which conveys and represents with hubris the lives, success and failures of the stars, actors, musicians but also politicians, fashion and the world in which we live. They have great writers such as Matt Taibbi or Peter Travers, the language is great and all the relevant  people who want to be sincere choose that publication to talk about themselves. Furthermore, they have discovered great exclusives related to politics and journalism and the cover is always a masterpiece. They are always ahead of our time. The photographers, writers and the staff working there are wonderful.
Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones
                                                     Rolling Stone 

3. One of my favourite songs is "Like a Rolling Stone" written and sung by, Bob Dylan. He was inspired by at that moment emerging rock band "The Rolling Stones" and tells off the live of one person who is struck by life and suffered from a lot of things, is a beautiful street view of life with a rich language and a very accomplished music. As a matter of fact, is one of the best songs ever written according to the best music critics of the world. It is really rich and precious. It is included in one of the best albums of music ever written "Highway 61 Revisited". According to many pundits it is the best song ever written. Now, almost 50 years since it was first published Bob Dylan has produced an official video that can be seen now.

Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone new official video.
Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone music video

4. My favorite rock band is "The Rolling Stones", they are old but they are great, when they launched their band they swore they would always be in a stage, and there are they.. They have written and done memorable pieces of art concerning to music, in fact, they are the authors of a great number of rock songs which are history, and they have achieved innumerable successes. The Rolling Stones As a matter of fact, they are the best rock band in the history of the music. They have been playing and rocking the world for 50 years!! Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are the only two original survivors. They render a special version of the song Like a Rolling Stone


However, sometimes people forget the figure of Brian Jones who was the first leader and founder of this amazing rock band, he is now a member of 27 Club, you can discover how he invented this band.

 5. But there are more things, this Rock band picked its name from the legendary bluesman  Muddy Waters, who invented the term in a song.

6. "Rolling Stone" means a lot of more things, people who will be always young as their will be keeping busy themselves all their lives, also means people who are always travelling and will never settle themselves in a place, people who have a lot of experiences as they have lived rich lives and people who do not have remedy as they are always doing the things wrongly and nothing can change them. 

Rolling Stone, the best song ever, the best rock band ever and the best magazine ever (I do not know if  the best meaning too...)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

(Not Fair) by the lovely fair lady Lily Allen

 "People in this day and age are still under the illusion that every woman who is successful must be being controlled by a man... I'm the boss" Lily Allen
                      Lily Allen
                                                                   Lily Allen

The first thing that rushes your mind when you think about Country Music is Johnny Cash, a strong man who do not fear anything and he is capable of a lot of things as he is brave and powerful, a traditional macho. However, times are changing and the future is bright and superb for  women, men are no longer the king of the jungle. To prove that, you only have to hear this song, the best one a woman can write. Women have been always shy and weak, not longer will  this happen. Lily Allen is back with Hard out here that mocks recent hits like Blurred Lines and female stereotypes. Nonetheless, her hit Not Fair is still better and funnier regarding differences between boys and girls...
                            Lily Allen
                                        Lily Allen, Not Fair

If you have a female friend whose man do not work properly on the bed tell her that she does not have to feel bad about it, she is not alone at all. She only has to hear this song: Not fair, there are live recordings in You tube which are great such as the Glastonbury one but also the original version in which she appears clad in cowboy clothes.This song of Lily Allen is great and this artist too, please read the lyrics and you will be amazed at the witty and the cleverness of this unique artist.
                                       Lily Allen

Lily Allen has a great relationship, she has found the perfect man, however, there is also something that utterly disturbs her... This is the official video.


 Now you can enjoy a wonderful live performance of Lily Allen


Lily Allen

Lily Allen 

Lily Allen has changed her artistic name, now she is know as Lily Rose Cooper. She has created her own label, has had her second child and just unveiled her new album. She is from Hammersmith, London. We are excited to listen to her new material!!!.
         Lily Allen             Lily Allen
                     Lily Allen                                                      Lily Allen

Glad you are back  again lovely fair lady, Lily Allen (or Lily Rose Cooper)