Thursday, 8 March 2012


Can you believe everything, can you trust everybody? Of course not. Likewise, when it comes to news on the Internet who is right and who is wrong?. Newsy understands it wholly, as a result,  they capture the same piece of news from multiple perspectives in order to know the truth hence the result is simply perfect. Newsy, multiple sources, the real story.

No longer will you have to be suspicious when you read pieces of news on the Internet as Newsy shows what is happening all around the world and analyses it showing the treatment it has had in different newspapers, channels, television programmes.. no matter from what ideology can it be, Newsy seeks and find all different points of view. In consequence, you can form your own opinion about something because Newsy is not interested in making you believe or follow somewhat artificially prepared. Furthermore, if you are to have problems as far as understanding is concerned, everything is written too so that  make you to understand, it is perfect for instance, to people who are learning English. Clarity and objectivity. Newsy has it at all!!!

If you have a problem regarding the neutrality of a fact  and you are no sure who is right or wrong  you can look Newsy up and you will obtain nothing but the truth, in a world so biased and corrupted where only the 2% of people owns most of all of the wealth that is available worldwide and we are living in a plutocracy which only looks for keep rich and powerful people in their  actual status been able to know everything from a neutral point of view happens to be essential.

Newsy, multiple sources, the real story


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