Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The multiple meanings of Rolling Stone

 Rolling Stone, The Rolling Stones, Like a Rolling Stone, A rolling Stone gathers no moss...

1. There is an expression which says, "A Rolling Stones gather no moss" which defines a person who is always travelling and changing his/her  home, as a result, has no problems when it comes to establish himself in a house or create a family. 

 2. My favourite magazine is "Rolling Stone", it is a magazine which conveys and represents with hubris the lives, success and failures of the stars, actors, musicians but also politicians, fashion and the world in which we live. They have great writers such as Matt Taibbi or Peter Travers, the language is great and all the relevant  people who want to be sincere choose that publication to talk about themselves. Furthermore, they have discovered great exclusives related to politics and journalism and the cover is always a masterpiece. They are always ahead of our time. The photographers, writers and the staff working there are wonderful.
Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones
                                                     Rolling Stone 

3. One of my favourite songs is "Like a Rolling Stone" written and sung by, Bob Dylan. He was inspired by at that moment emerging rock band "The Rolling Stones" and tells off the live of one person who is struck by life and suffered from a lot of things, is a beautiful street view of life with a rich language and a very accomplished music. As a matter of fact, is one of the best songs ever written according to the best music critics of the world. It is really rich and precious. It is included in one of the best albums of music ever written "Highway 61 Revisited". According to many pundits it is the best song ever written. Now, almost 50 years since it was first published Bob Dylan has produced an official video that can be seen now.

Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone new official video.
Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone music video

4. My favorite rock band is "The Rolling Stones", they are old but they are great, when they launched their band they swore they would always be in a stage, and there are they.. They have written and done memorable pieces of art concerning to music, in fact, they are the authors of a great number of rock songs which are history, and they have achieved innumerable successes. The Rolling Stones As a matter of fact, they are the best rock band in the history of the music. They have been playing and rocking the world for 50 years!! Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are the only two original survivors. They render a special version of the song Like a Rolling Stone


However, sometimes people forget the figure of Brian Jones who was the first leader and founder of this amazing rock band, he is now a member of 27 Club, you can discover how he invented this band.

 5. But there are more things, this Rock band picked its name from the legendary bluesman  Muddy Waters, who invented the term in a song.

6. "Rolling Stone" means a lot of more things, people who will be always young as their will be keeping busy themselves all their lives, also means people who are always travelling and will never settle themselves in a place, people who have a lot of experiences as they have lived rich lives and people who do not have remedy as they are always doing the things wrongly and nothing can change them. 

Rolling Stone, the best song ever, the best rock band ever and the best magazine ever (I do not know if  the best meaning too...)


  1. Jagger and Richards were both born in 1943. At present (Nov 2013) Jagger is 70 and Richards 69. Also, charley watts is also an original member of the stones.

    1. Thanks for your message Ian Stewart and Brian Jones were the founders, Mick Jagger, Dick Taylor and Keith Richards came later to start the band and the first drummer of The Rolling Stones was Tony Chapman. Charlie Watts came one year later, Steve Haris was another drummer The Rolling Stones had at their beginnings

  2. I read once a story about one of the early members of he Rolling Stones, I do not know if it was Tony Chapman but it was pretty sad, the man left The Stones as he did not see any future but some decades later he was selling hot dogs while The Stones were wealthy rock stars, I believe it was Rolling Stone magazine that arranged a meeting between him and Keith Richards in Paris and was even offered some money to write about his experience, so painful it was for him to remember the bad decision he made that he refused, at least Keith told him he was on of the best musicians he had ever met. Life is incredible, and our decisions never easy

  3. Carlo Little is the name of the poor soul who left The Rolling Stones as he thought they did not have no talent nor future, he even recommended Charlie Watts to play drums. Decades later, The Rolling Stones were playing in Paris where he owned a site that sold hot dogs. When the story was discovered Carlo Little was to publish something and give interviews but he died soon thereafter... Check my site, best music best models

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