Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Petroleum on a melting North Pole and plastic world

Whether you believe it is our fault or not the truth is that the ice is thawing in the North Pole and we are living in a hotter planet than before. Nevertheless, there are people who do not care about... (at all) because of the discovery of huge amounts of oil which is hidden under the ice... Indeed, United States, Russia and other countries  have made an arrangement as this oil reserves belong to them. What is more, countries such as Greenland are to separate itself from Denmark as they are going to be rich owing to the precious black liquid. Oil and therefore money are important above all when the reserves of oil in Europe, Africa, and Middle East are running out. At least, there will  be less wars and conflicts in the world, (I suppose so). However, all that glitters is no gold as it will be very difficult and expensive to extract this new petrol but the result is worthwhile, in fact, Russia, United States, Finland and Greenland are going to be very powerful and rich in some time. What do you think? (In some decades time there will be important problems as far as petroleum is concerned) Do you think the climate change is a fable or is it real? Do you think we should introduce hard measures so that reduce pollution or nothing should be done?

The city of The Angeles in the state of California is to delete plastic bags forever removing  them from shops and putting paper bags instead. We have got used to plastic bags without a clear reason, we use far too many plastic and we do not care about it as we ignore there is a problem. There was a small island in the Pacific which was only habituated by birds, the sea has been pushing plastic bags and plastic for years  and now the island is three times the size of Portugal and Spain together. Animals are trapped and it would be really difficult to clean everything. Plastic bags are used worldwide and are really, really difficult to recycle as there are the result of different mixtures so it lasts years and years to delete a single plastic bag or a plastic bottle of water. In the past, great interests made us use plastic ( made from oil and petroleum) without thinking the consequences and now we do not know what to do without them nor with them. There is a great business related to plastic and nobody is to do anything.The contamination is damaging our planet but we carry on using plastic worldwide because we are unaware of the effects.There is a new documentary named Plastic planet, which shows this problem, It is really interesting and it shows cleverly the problem we do not face. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

Born of Halcombe Hackney Norilsk

Far too many people have always wanted to be famous and successful, they have spent too much time looking for success. Whoever that has wanted to do it has found a difficult and hard pathway, amongst whom Halcombe Norilsk was included.

Hardly, he wasted a little minute doing ludicrous things, as a consequence, he had always wanted to be recognised insofar as he thought his life was great. There being no evidence of a flawless in all his living  he wrote and kept all his adventures in a diary  and sent them regularly to his friends and relatives. So successful his adventures were that everybody thought he was  famous. As a matter of fact, all his friends and relatives in Siberia  thought he was successful.

Nonetheless, little did they know that all his attempts were refused and the world of his century was such a hard issue that under no circumstances was he to become popular. He walked a really hardship path without obtaining anything important

Subsequently, he felt so awful that he established himself as a dog´s wastes cleaner in Hackney in the city of London. He hid his pieces of writings in a drawer and he decided to work. He spent 35 years cleaning dog´s wastes whilst his family and friends thought he was a famous person.

His wife having read and heard his adventures and as she was Spanish keep on living with him despite of being able to marry a rich British or American citizen. So great was this women that little did Halcombe know that she was on the verge of doing something surprising,  she picked all his pieces of work and sent it to a  publisher signed by a famous name. Such great was the work of Halcombe Norisk that a great New York company owing to the well-written pieces of work decided to call on him in order to offer him a contract inasmuch as they thought he could  become a household name.

When Halcombe Norilsk was going  to sign the contract and after having  opened the letter he fell as he stepped on a dog´s piece of  waste and he perished. His wife lived all her life paying homage to him and  let me (the publisher)  transcript his real pieces of writing, something I am going to do every week. She spent a lot of time telling me his real adventures.

Under no circumstances should we underestimate the live and piece of writings of a person nor the dog´s pieces of waste.

Welcome everybody to the world of Halcombe Norilsk!!!!

Friday, 6 April 2012


Women are on the verge of winning the battle of the new century owing to her powerful nature and her superior intelligence. As a matter of fact, should they had a "dick" (sorry ) they would be able to reach "perfection". In consequence, It is about time Halcombe Hackney Norilsk wrote about them
                               Madonna, strong girl

2012 Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show. 

In the past, men were superior as monkeys need strength so that be able to fight against other animals and getting  food. However, in our society everything is so easy that strength is no longer required inasmuch as the basic aspects of life are too easy to obtain. Thus, the cleverness of the women made them superior than men. Nonetheless, most women want to have children and this is their weakness as it can interfere on their careers far too bad. Yet, they are still ready to overcome anything though.

As we come from evolution, our brain need challenges and if do not fulfil them we can feel down and suffer from the worst enemy ever: Depression. Women are to have this horrible sickness more times than men as they think about the whole of  everything too much. We should be really aware of what we think and, above all, be careful when we are to sleep as while dreaming our brain is capable of the best and the worst as our flaws and skills are developed. 

Women have in their nature the power of intuition and the power of giving birth and as strength is no longer needed as it was in the past the future is bright and clear for them. However, in cultural terms, our society has always been made by manhood so women sometimes tend to do not disturb but little by little it seems that women are winning the battle. Maybe this is not happening in other cultures such as the Islamic world and some countries in Asia but in Europe and America this is really clear.
                Margaret Thatcher was one of the most important woman ever             

The future is bright and clear for women, they are more brilliant, clever and perfect. Will be a women the next most powerful person of the world? It is only a matter of time. They do not really need men.
If you do not believe what I am saying you only have  to read one of my older posts named "Not fair by the fair lady Lily Allen"


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Monday, 2 April 2012

The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and QWIKI


Who has not watched the great masterpiece "The Social Network"? It won several awards, what is more, it represents the world in which we live perfectly as Facebook and other similar social networks are everywhere. Follow the link to discover why Mark Zuckerberg speaks Chinese Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg partying
 Mark Zuckerberg partying hard

It tells off the story of  Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest millionaire ever, but let me introduce another great genius and his new invention. If you see the film The Social Network you will discover a guy called Eduardo Saverin who is the clear loser of the story, however, in real life he is no such an underdog as he has invented and launched an incredible site which can overtake anything as it is simple, fast, funny and really clever. It´s name is QWIKI, it represents an encyclopedia  but  does it  with sound so it is really easy to learn things. I was amazed at it because it is a fabulous invention. Eduardo Saverin launched it with the money he won after losing the Facebook battle. As QWIKI is more visual and a sweet voice explains everything to you, we are able to learn things easily, you only must have your ears wide open. Rarely would you lose time reading and reading words you should only be aware of your senses as everything is visual and conveyed in a fast and efficient way. On no account must you loose any second of your time reading difficult pieces of writing you only have to be aware of Qwiki. I strongly believe it is one of the best inventions ever as far as technology is concerned. You can discover anything from a celebrity to a country, a song a politician.... Qwiki contains millions and millions of names, peoples, cities.... it works and it does really well!!!.