Friday, 13 April 2012

Born of Halcombe Hackney Norilsk

Far too many people have always wanted to be famous and successful, they have spent too much time looking for success. Whoever that has wanted to do it has found a difficult and hard pathway, amongst whom Halcombe Norilsk was included.

Hardly, he wasted a little minute doing ludicrous things, as a consequence, he had always wanted to be recognised insofar as he thought his life was great. There being no evidence of a flawless in all his living  he wrote and kept all his adventures in a diary  and sent them regularly to his friends and relatives. So successful his adventures were that everybody thought he was  famous. As a matter of fact, all his friends and relatives in Siberia  thought he was successful.

Nonetheless, little did they know that all his attempts were refused and the world of his century was such a hard issue that under no circumstances was he to become popular. He walked a really hardship path without obtaining anything important

Subsequently, he felt so awful that he established himself as a dog´s wastes cleaner in Hackney in the city of London. He hid his pieces of writings in a drawer and he decided to work. He spent 35 years cleaning dog´s wastes whilst his family and friends thought he was a famous person.

His wife having read and heard his adventures and as she was Spanish keep on living with him despite of being able to marry a rich British or American citizen. So great was this women that little did Halcombe know that she was on the verge of doing something surprising,  she picked all his pieces of work and sent it to a  publisher signed by a famous name. Such great was the work of Halcombe Norisk that a great New York company owing to the well-written pieces of work decided to call on him in order to offer him a contract inasmuch as they thought he could  become a household name.

When Halcombe Norilsk was going  to sign the contract and after having  opened the letter he fell as he stepped on a dog´s piece of  waste and he perished. His wife lived all her life paying homage to him and  let me (the publisher)  transcript his real pieces of writing, something I am going to do every week. She spent a lot of time telling me his real adventures.

Under no circumstances should we underestimate the live and piece of writings of a person nor the dog´s pieces of waste.

Welcome everybody to the world of Halcombe Norilsk!!!!

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