Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Petroleum on a melting North Pole and plastic world

Whether you believe it is our fault or not the truth is that the ice is thawing in the North Pole and we are living in a hotter planet than before. Nevertheless, there are people who do not care about... (at all) because of the discovery of huge amounts of oil which is hidden under the ice... Indeed, United States, Russia and other countries  have made an arrangement as this oil reserves belong to them. What is more, countries such as Greenland are to separate itself from Denmark as they are going to be rich owing to the precious black liquid. Oil and therefore money are important above all when the reserves of oil in Europe, Africa, and Middle East are running out. At least, there will  be less wars and conflicts in the world, (I suppose so). However, all that glitters is no gold as it will be very difficult and expensive to extract this new petrol but the result is worthwhile, in fact, Russia, United States, Finland and Greenland are going to be very powerful and rich in some time. What do you think? (In some decades time there will be important problems as far as petroleum is concerned) Do you think the climate change is a fable or is it real? Do you think we should introduce hard measures so that reduce pollution or nothing should be done?

The city of The Angeles in the state of California is to delete plastic bags forever removing  them from shops and putting paper bags instead. We have got used to plastic bags without a clear reason, we use far too many plastic and we do not care about it as we ignore there is a problem. There was a small island in the Pacific which was only habituated by birds, the sea has been pushing plastic bags and plastic for years  and now the island is three times the size of Portugal and Spain together. Animals are trapped and it would be really difficult to clean everything. Plastic bags are used worldwide and are really, really difficult to recycle as there are the result of different mixtures so it lasts years and years to delete a single plastic bag or a plastic bottle of water. In the past, great interests made us use plastic ( made from oil and petroleum) without thinking the consequences and now we do not know what to do without them nor with them. There is a great business related to plastic and nobody is to do anything.The contamination is damaging our planet but we carry on using plastic worldwide because we are unaware of the effects.There is a new documentary named Plastic planet, which shows this problem, It is really interesting and it shows cleverly the problem we do not face. 

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