Friday, 4 May 2012

Halcombe Norilsk as a writer.

In consequence of his dreams Halcombe Norilsk arrived at London in order to work as a writer in the capital of the United Kingdom. At first, he showed a rueful smile and he was drenched in sweat but little by little he realised he was being mesmerised by the fact that he had devised a great story that could appear on his favourite newspaper, The Guardian.

                   The Guardian
He concocted a great plan. An important politician had embezzled oodles of money from the British citizens and squandered them on clothes, drugs and weapons, the tinge of success was clear, the top politician would be arrested and he will be rich and famous. He was going to scupper the career of this important public figure. It was an ominous act and he must be punish as he had derided British taxpayers as stupid.The story will depict the whole affair to some extent it will be such a torrid story that it will blare whereby it will swish through London and elsewhere. It was a proffer opportunity to be successful and Halcombe Norilsk would be rich.Thereby, he sent the story and when he was gauging the amount of money he was going to earn "The Guardian" called on him as his story was a preposterous farce and so bad written that it was called “wonky offal”. Notwithstanding, he would be in the cover as it follows: "Tinged with the debris of a zany soothsayer" as the politician was a wonderful person who, in fact, might write in the newspaper. Halcombe Norilsk was wrong and the misdeed actions were done by a criminal who shares the same name than the renowned politician. Furthermore, the lawyers of the politician sued him as he had discarded his reputation and Halcombe Norilsk ended up doing time in prison where he put the cover of The Guardian on the wall.

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