Saturday, 19 May 2012

Plutocracy and Halcombe Hackney Norilsk as a model

Plutocracy: (Cambridge definition) a system of government in which the richest people in a country rule or have power.

  • Why must we spend several millions in buying a car which is so expensive and big whether we can go by walking or by bus, by bike to anywhere?
  • Why should we buy a house and pay a mortgage which costs us nearly our full salary which is so complicated to earn? Why?
  • Why everybody should go to University if there are not enough jobs for all of them?
  • Why everything is made of products which derives from petrol?
  • Why we must buy so many things and follow traditions based only on spending loads of money?

  •                                        Halcombe Norilsk

    We have been cheated. We live in a plutocracy and under no circumstances are we allowed to end it as everything has been prepared in that way.Do not panic, after having read such a sad post here you have another chapter of the live of Halcombe Norilsk, somewhat superficial.

     Halcombe Norilsk decided to become a model, he was dismissed as an idiot and a sexual predator  before but he was handsome, therefore, he entered a model agency in London  and  was ready to do a foray into the world of modelling. He told himself, You are a hunky dory man, you are going to set the world on fire!!!  He sent a letter to his friends and told them that he was a starlet in a famous scion of young models wearing swanky clothes and appearing like a slick ethos of fashion. He wanted to appear on the cover of the GQ magazine. Nevertheless, he encountered with some powerful  shenanigans in the model agency, the people jeer at him as his accent was horrible and his tummy fat. He ended up in a hosiery shop playing hoopla  and looking after an ugly poodle, he felt as he was incarcerated and into staycation.

    Halcombe Hackney as a Journalist

    Consequently, he shunned this world as he felt he had received an outright drubbing.
    Lastly, he screamed, Tut!Tut! Tut! Leave this world as there are abound other places to discover!!!!!

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