Tuesday, 28 June 2016

2016 US Olympic Basketball Team

Two biggest NBA stars Lebron James and Stephen Curry have decided not to play for 2016 United States Olympic Basketball Team. Lebron James wants to rest, he has already played for United States Olympic Basketball Team on Athens, Beijing and London winning two golden medals and a bronze one. Stephen Curry suffered from an injury at the beginning of last playoffs and he does want to recover from it. Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have played one of the finest NBA finals ever, even one of the most outstanding insofar as Cavaliers were losing 3-1, something Warriors did even attained playing against Oklahoma City Thunder on Western Conference Finals. What is more, Golden State Warriors had surmounted the historical record of Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls on 1996. Michael Jordan and his teammates had 73 victories and 9 losses. Golden State Warriors have won 73 games losing only 9, yet Chicago Bulls were the champions that year. Lebron James Read this in Spanish NBA Now you can enjoy the best moments of the last game between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers

Final Game Season 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Even so, no one should be worried at all as the players selected to play for 2016 US Olympic Basketball Team are excellent albeit Westbrook, Griffin, Davis and Harden can no play either we have on this US team the best partner of Curry on Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson. Similarly, the best partner of Lebron James, Irving. Likewise, we see the star of New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony, the star of Indiana Pacers Paul George or the best two players of Toronto Raptors DeRozan and Lowry.

2016 US Olympic basketball team
2016 US Olympic Basketball Team

  1. Carmelo Anthony. New York Knicks
  2. Harrison Barnes. Golden State Warriors
  3. Jimmy Butler. Chicago Bulls
  4. DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings
  5. DeMar DeRozan Toronto Raptors
  6. Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
  7. Paul George Indiana Pacers
  8. Draymond Green Golden State Warriors
  9. Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers
  10. DeAndre Jordan. Los Angeles Clippers
  11. Kyle Lowry. Toronto Raptors
  12. Klay Thompson. Golden State Warriors

Friday, 24 June 2016

John Milton Paradise lost

We are to talk today about one of the greatest masterpieces written in English, Paradise Lost by one of the greatest English poets ever John Milton. The figure of John Milton was defined as "the greatest English revolutionary who is also a poet, the greatest English poet who is also a revolutionary". John Milton

Nonetheless, there is some controversy over his legacy. For instance, Leavis says his way of writing does not follow English tradition. By contrast, Ricks defends originality of Paradise Lost. There are no full stops until the verse 16 inside poem Paradise Lost by John Milton, his language technique is deemed as Grand Style.

John Milton
John Milton Paradise Lost

After some years of English Republic, Monarchy was introduced again in the year 1660. Oliver Cromwell passed away, John Milton had to pay a fine in order to be free, he had already lost some members of his family, plays by John Milton are thrown to a bonfire, John Milton was detained but he subsequently was free thanks to a fine he paid. John Milton married again, broke, he started writing Paradise Lost even though he was almost blind.

Paradise Lost John Milton
Paradise Lost John Milton

John Milton read classic authors such as Homer, Ovid, Spenser and also the Bible. Paradise Lost is the story of humanity with mankind as main protagonist albeit there is also the subject of English revolution.

Paradise Lost John Milton 

JOHN MILTON 1608-1671.
John Milton was born in London on a very cultural environment, he inherited from his dad a musical taste and the love for poetry. John Milton studied in the School of the Cathedral of Saint Paul and in a private way with a tutor. Subsequently, John Milton studied at Christ´s College, in the University of Cambridge and he also considered being a priest. John Milton was able to write in Latin, Italian and also in English with a peculiar Latin style. 

Abide by his strong character he had to leave University for a brief period of time. He was called The lady of Christ´s as he had good looks. John Milton went to Horton, a house in the countryside in order to read and keep studying so that develop other languages such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Italian and Spanish.

John Milton Paradise Lost.
John Milton Paradise Lost

Do share this post about the figure of John Milton and his masterpiece Paradise Lost. John Milton

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Cavalier Poets

Such was the horrendous situation of the state of England in XVII century (something you are able to discover reading this last post (Oliver Cromwell English Civil War) literature as a consequence was overlaid with that sense. On this post we are to talk of those who were supportive of the English Crown Cavalier poets also known as The Tribe of Ben Jonson or The sons of Ben. Ben Jonson (analysed here Ben Jonson) was so relevant that Cavalier Poets were his imitators. Cavalier poets reunited themselves in pubs such as The Mermaid or The Devil or in a place known as The Apollo Room for instance, forming a literary assembly reading poetry and talking about politics. Aristocrazy enjoyed poetry, a longing note or a letter written in verse served as propaganda. Influence of the ladies on Court was remarkable, there are some poems dedicated to influential women. For instance, Countess of Bedford. Writers and Court members shared readings and a cultural background. Without going any further, these Cavalier Poets used the epigram, a short, satirical poem imitating Catulo and Martial. Ode, a medium poem about love or celebration as Pindar or Horatio did. Elegy like the ones Ovid wrote. The best ever Cavalier poet was Robert Herrick.

Cavalier Poets
Cavalier Poets

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Oliver Cromwell English Civil War.

Poetry and politics are interconnected and highly dependent upon on English XVII century. On the one hand we have Cavalier Poets who are close to the Crown. Oliver Cromwell

On the other hand we ought to mention the figure of John Milton as poet of the English Revolution, an advocate for English Republicanism. Charles I son of James I (1603-1625) inherited the English throne in 1625, he shared like his father the believe in Absolutism as a gift by the grace of god as his dad firmly defended but Charles I was not possessed of the skills required to dialogue nor the capacity of agreement and compromise his dad epitomized, many disputes were established with Parliament in a constant basis. 

Furthermore, Charles I did want to marry Henrietta Maria, the Catholic daughter of Luis XIII who was an enemy of Protestantism. The marriage took place in Paris and subsequently it was celebrated in Canterbury one more time, official arrangements were fulfilled without the Queen.

Soon thereafter, 30 years war commenced. Charles I decided to rule without the Parliament. As a consequence, an absolute government was formed lasting from 1629 to 1640, a period known as Personal Rule or The Eleven Year´s tyranny, some taxes were reintroduced, anguish in the popular segment of the population was created hence. 

Similarly, some religious conflicts were produced as a result of the puritan distrust of those who were in charge of monitoring Anglican Church in a traditional way something it was not supported. 

Some literary plays such as Julius Caesar, Richard II, Henry V and Henry VI conveyed a strong statement, it purported the idea of killing a king as something that should be attainable when deserved, little by little it gained plenty of support. A Bishop´s war which took place in Scotland brought a military and economic crisis as well. 

English Civil War
English Civil War

English Civil War lasted from 1642 to 1649, Oliver Cromwell was the proper strategist of the key battles Marston Moor (1644) and Naseby (1645) on English Civil War which was won by Oliver Cromwell (1642-1649) 

What is more, he participated on the military campaigns of Ireland (1649-1650) being awarded with the title of Lord General.  Likewise, he participated in a military campaign in Scotland (1650-1651) thus he was honoured with the title of Lord Commander in 1653, a lifelong position. 

He was offered the Crown something he refused to accept. Oliver Cromwell was a firmly religious believer. He represented Cambridge in the Parliament but he ended being the most important person on the English Republic, his role was decisive to kill Charles I, the first English king to be decapitated to date. Oliver Cromwell was a Parliament member representing Cambridge, he was chosen colonel of the Revolutionary Army his role was decisive in order to execute Charles I, to abolish monarchy and establishing English Republic. 

Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell divided the country in military districts, people from the army were in charge and the only person to with they were obliged to take issue was Oliver Cromwell

In 1658 Oliver Cromwell died, his son followed him on his post but it was such a despair when it came to the state of the country that monarchy was reintroduced again. Oliver Cromwell was beheaded and his head was exposed on Westminster Hall

England XVII century
English Civil War

In Ireland, the country was tearing itself apart as there was a transference with regards to the land ownership between catholic and protestants an Irish revolution followed in 1941. 

A document called "Grand Remonstrance" was signed at House of Commons. The King requested the presence of five of these people, yet they were gone though, as a consequence, the Parliament made London theirs hence the king established the court in Oxford.

In 1642 English Civil War started, theatres were closed officially, The king Charles I was killed on January 30th, 1649. Never before a king was killed on British history nor was accused of treason. 

Notwithstanding all of the facts given on this post, English monarchy was reintroduced in 1660 in the person of Charles II son of Charles I who came from Paris. Cavalier poets were close to the Monarchy and a poet like John Milton defended the English Republic about them we are going to talk very soon. Read this in Spanish English Civil War.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Joan Smalls Givenchy

Seems normal to discover Puerto Rican supermodel starring the best fashion campaigns on earth and working with the best on the fashion Industry. Yet, it was a time when Joan Smalls was no renowned hence her career was only a figment of her imagination. You can see right now the first fashion campaign Joan Smalls did for French Label Givenchy some years ago. The rest is history.

Joan Smalls Givenchy
Joan Smalls Givenchy
Joan Smalls Givenchy

Friday, 3 June 2016

Ben Jonson

Appropriate is to mention the figure of Ben Jonson author of both masques and urban comedy. It is impossible to discover the personality of William Shakespeare on his plays. By contrast, with Ben Jonson we see just the contrary, all his production have a personal scent. His personality was exuberant with great vitality and energy, he was possessed of a huge capacity with regards to social observation and psychological perception that was added to his extraordinary comical talent. He was exigent and  impulsive something that can be discovered on his poem "My picture left in Scotland" included on the collection "The Underwood". His father was a religious person, his mum married again to a bricklayer and he had to work as one for some time. Despite not being able to attend University both Cambridge and Oxford gave him a  diploma in consequence of such a nice detail he dedicated his masterpiece Volpone to the beforementioned institutions; Cambridge and Oxford. 

Ben Jonson
Ben Jonson

In order to avoid the profession of bricklayer he enrolled himself on the army to fight in Flandes. In 1598 he killed another actor in a duel hence he spent some time in prison. He became a Catholic and later on he embraced the Anglican confession again twelve years later, his life was overlaid with prosperity and poverty. He wrote masques for the Court.  As he was accused of being on Gundpowder´s plot he worked as a spy for the monarchy. Ben Jonson was an avid reader of classic plays, he strongly believed one should know in depth the profession of writer to become one, a sentence of him was
  "A good poet´s make as well as born". Ben Jonson
He would read and would imitate classic authors with a constant exercise of improving the language and the style so that reaching clarity and precision, something relevant for Ben JonsonThe main aim of Ben Jonson was to confer literature with a professional status. Ben Jonson wrote: poetry, theatre and reviews.

Inside poesy of Ben Jonson we ought to praise the play "Epigrams", poems which are models of brevity, conciseness, cleverness and social satire. Ben Jonson criticises political institutions, colleagues or authors. Being an admirer of Horatio he expressed like him 
"The impossibility of any man´s being the good poet, without first being a good man" Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson

Ben Jonson

He censures mistakes made by Shakespeare on Titus Andronicus, Thomas Kyd on The Spanish Tragedy or character Prospero main protagonist of The Tempest because fiction ought to imitate real life.

We have to differentiate between comedies written for the commercial eye and masques for the Court. Masques were a widely popular act, an allegory of an important happening for the Monarchy. Ben Jonson wrote a lot of masques for the court, they were a lavish spectacle with special effects, music or dancing. Masques must praise the king otherwise you could end up in prison. Nevertheless, the masterpiece of Ben Jonson is Volpone Ben Jonson