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The Tea Party and USA

After the great victory of Obama some years ago, Republicans felt overly beaten but after that they did something clever, they encouraged an old party called "Tea Party" which could bring back all the lost voters. They used fresh faces such as Sarah Palin who is a powerful and strong woman to do that. Sarah Palin is a role model for many women as she is the epitome of a succesful person as she has achieved great things such as a large and happy family, an important career in politics and a lot of more things.

         American War of Independence
American War of Independence

The movement was inteligent, they needed a party which could not loose a lot of things but could harm the president Obama. Having done that,  the Republican party then would work freely with their new candidate in order to win the next elections. The movement has brought their results as Obama (despite capturing Osama Bin Laden) has been losing their charm and now a new candidate can beat him in the next elections. This new candidate is Mitt Romney, a millionaire who has a great opportunity to win the next elections. The States have a high unemployment rate and they have been overcome in wealth by their Canadians neighbours.
American War of Independence

                                                       SEVEN YEARS WAR
The name "Tea party"  derived itself  from a blast  moment in the history of The United States, and it is an important point for Americans. United Kingdom ( the most powerful country in the world at that moment) started a war against France named (Seven years war) which ended without a clear winner. However, United Kingdom lost a lot of money and the King decided to raise the tax on important products such as the tea, the 13 colonies were angry at this movement and when the tea from Great Britain arrived at the United States (in the city of Boston) they threw the whole tea to the sea and a war started.
American War of Independence
American War of Independence
It was a strange war as United Kingdom (British Empire) had then the most powerful army.  Nonetheless, the Americans were thirsting for victory and they won following the establishment of the country, since that moment, United States has been the most important country in the world.
                        American war of Independence

As a result, this moment is really important for them and the term tea party refers to this event. It is a minority movement but has been in the public eye until recently. However, their ideals are retrograde and are not related to the world in which we live as tea party is an old-fashioned movement. As a matter of fact, only elderly people who have lived other epoch  follow its ideals. All has been well prepared and it had cleared the way to the new candidate of the Republican party who is now strong and is ready to beat Obama. The elections of this year are to be very interesting as the two candidates are strong, intelligent and powerful. Who do you think is going to win? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?
     American War of Independence

(By the way,  Where the hell is Tea Party now?

Now, you can enjoy the full three debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney without commercials.

First Match.

Second Round.

The Final One

And the Results of the 2012 Presidential Elections

Results Presidental Election

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