Thursday, 16 October 2014

Opinion Article II. Alex Salmond vs David Cameron.

Based on the augured certainty it was almost impossible Scotland embraced Independence David Cameron decided thereby to defeat for once and all supporters of Scotland independence movement thus in a risky manouvre allow David Salmond, leader of SNP, to formulate a clear, concise, single statement to embrace separation from the rest of The United Kingdom. However, what was supposed to be a clear victory for his interests has being transformed into a nightmare.  From being deemed a buffoon Alex Salmond made Westminster politicians look like a buffoonery class act.

These subjects are complex albeit in my opinion it is overly sad to see how at the same time a European Union is promoted something like a confederation of states and identities, small regions want to be independent and separate themselves from their neighbouring countries. Do they have more in common with Asian nations than with its neighbours with which in many occasions have been living together for centuries?.

Scotland has oil, a proper story (they were an independent country) and a more social political agenda than the one Westminster promulgates but are not these differences good for a country? Will Scotland on their own be so special or so appealing?. It is shocking in my view to see how United Kingdom has always been considered as a powerful state, an attractive choice to live in while at the same time Scotland does want to be independent. 

Will David Cameron succeed or should he live forever in disguise? What has become of you Mighty British Empire? In which are you to become?

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This article was originally written in Spanish and published by El País newspaper (The Country) and El Periódico de Cataluña newspaper (The newspaper of Catalonia) chosen by this last one as the best article of the day on its section on September, 20, 2014 (publised by El País the day before) You can read the original version following the links below.

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