Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Opinion Article. The political strategy par excellence

Nationalism and/or patriotism is the political strategy par excellence. The one that makes you win elections, the one that makes you to be in power eternally, the one that always makes you successful. Nationalism and/or patriotism is to politics what football means to television, what the female body represents to publicity and musical video clips, what love and its derivations represent to pop music, what alcohol represents to pubs and parties, it is always a good bet, a perfect choice. It does not matter whether globalisation has broken barriers and frontiers, it does no matter if there is a common currency in Europe and it is not necessary to show your passport at customs for instance. It does not matter at all, a self-styled politician will appear she/he will win an election being far from real problems, without offering real solutions let alone improving our lives but rather installing fear and scaremongering with patriotic or/and nationalistic speeches or a slogan likewise. Humans will live in the Moon, we could reach 200 years old, we will no need to sleep and sickness will no longer exist but a middling politician yearning for power appeared notwithstanding he/she will embrace nationalism and/or patriotism, will win an election and will rule us all. People who do allow it and who do vote it are even guiltier than the ones who propose it.

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(This article appeared on Spanish newspaper El Mundo (The World) chosen as the best article of the day on its section on September, 29. 2014. This is a translation I have tried of the article I wrote in Spanish)

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