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Top Ten at Late Night with David Letterman

Late Night David Letterman
Late Night with David Letterman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There are many different Late Night programmes on American Television, many of them brilliant such as the ones presented by Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon but none of them are as special as Late Night With David Letterman. The veteran presenter is somehow unique owing to his peculiar way of addressing to the public and his distinct interviews where actors, actresses or musicians talk deeply about their careers and new projects. 

Top Ten Late Night David Letterman
Top Ten David Letterman

One of the funniest moments of this programme is Top Ten that talks in a comical way about different subjects. On multitude of occasions the personality on charge of presenting it is a famous or relevant individual who makes it even funnier hence I have selected some splendid Top Ten with a special guest therein.

                           Late Night David Letterman

This talk show was born in 1993, it is supposed to be on air until 2015 at least, David Letterman will become the longest running late-night talk show ever. Thenceforth David Letterman will be the only one Late Night Hoster!!! 

              Look the face of David Letterman when realising that!!!!
Top Ten David Letterman
David Letterman Top Ten

I have selected some Top Ten at Late Night with David Letterman that are particularly humorous. Hope you can have a laughable moment!!!


TOP TEN WITH STEWIE GRIFFIN (one of my favorites, a really funny appearance)


 TOP TEN WITH BRUNO It is also great, another one of my favorites, that´s why you should watch that movie.


TOP TEN WITH RICKY GERVAIS, Ricky Gervais plays cleverly with the differences between American English and British English


  TOP TEN WITH JUSTIN BIEBER Teen idol had a good sense of humour,


 MICK JAGGER TOP TEN AT DAVID LETTERMAN, Rock legend explains many interesting things, look number one!!!!


 TOP TEN WITH ELLEN DEGENERES, Another funny Television presenter appearing on Late Night With David Letterman

 TOP TEN WITH HOMER SIMPSON, the most famous cartoon dad is a proud American Citizen, discover why


TOP TEN WITH SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MODELS, not only models have brains they also have a good sense of humour!!!!


  TOP TEN WITH EMINEM, A lesson by the Rapper


TOP TEN WITH PETER GRIFFIN, Peter always knows how to have fun


TOP TEN WITH MITT ROMNEY, the top politican was on the show, something interesting as public figures love to be hidden.

TOP TEN WITH PARIS HILTON, star of great interviews on Letterman, here proves why she will never win an Oscar though...

 TOP TEN WITH LIL WAYNE, Did you think Rappers were dangerous and Tough guys?

TOP TEN WITH U2, Irish rockers make a good intervention

TOP TEN WITH SNOOP DOGG That´s the power Cool Guys have!! Snoop Dogg on Late Night With David Letterman

TOP TEN ABOUT GEORGE BUSH´S MISTAKES Top Ten based on funny mistakes George Bush did while on Office

David Letterman 

                                         Top Ten with Halcombe Norilsk

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