Saturday, 22 March 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio made Daniel Day-Lewis to win an Oscar!!!

I am to tell of an anecdote revealed by legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg as Daniel Day-Lewis won his third Oscar because of Leonardo Dicaprio´s advice, an incredible actor who unfortunately is having bad luck with Academy Award members (albeit he won one recently) was responsible nonetheless of one of the finest performances of recent times. Daniel Day-Lewis was not going to star Lincoln, he was not thrilled to do it and the role was written originally for Ralph Fiennes who worked alongside Steven Spielberg in the famous flick Schindler´s list.

                       Leonardo DiCaprio Daniel Day-Lewis
Leonardo DiCaprio made Daniel Day-Lewis to win an Oscar

However, time passed by and Spielberg delayed his project. When the new century came Ralph Fiennes felt too old to such a role and Spielberg  thought of Daniel Day-Lewis instead as the perfect candidate but the English-Irish actor was not convinced and he did not want to make that movie. One night thereafter,  Leonardo DiCaprio was having dinner with Steven Spielberg and the wife of the last one where Spielberg confessed DiCaprio his frustration over Lincoln. Indeed,  Steven Spielberg thought he was going to die without attempting one of his most coveted projects, the biopic of one of the most conciliatory presidents in the history of the United States of America: Abraham Lincoln. According to him, the only possible actor to do it was Daniel Day-Lewis. Spielberg was going to abandon the idea.

Leo DiCaprio made Daniel Day Lewis to win an Oscar
Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio             .

The following day, Leonardo DiCaprio phoned Steven Spielberg giving him Daniel Day Lewi´s personal phone number as he had convinced the renowned actor into making the main role of his latest project: Lincoln. The result is far to well known and now Daniel Day-Lewis is the only actor ever who has won three Academy Awards in the major category of best actor. Daniel Day Lewis 
Daniel Day Lewis
       Daniel Day Lewis won his third Oscar thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio.