Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Eat garlic and onion to defeat coronavirus

Since coronavirus is spreading so fast, there is no cure, there is not a vaccine as yet and it is easy to catch it we depend on our immune system to fight it. 80 percent of people infected will have mild symptoms. The 14 percent of those infected will develop a serious illness and 6 percent of people infected will die. Read this in Spanish coronavirus 

As a result, your health, age and above all the immune system will be the key to defeat coronavirus soon, this is the reason we need to eat properly in order to improve our defenses.

Garlic to defeat coronavirus
Coronavirus garlic

It is high time we had a balanced diet and something you should add to it is garlic and onions as onions and garlic will improve your immune system. Slaves in old Egypt were given onions so that being strong and build pyramids. Adding garlic and onion to our meals is something we must do. 

Something that affects our immune system badly is the lack of sleep and also stress. Sleeping is essential in these relevant days. By contrast, too much sugar affects our immune system. If your immune system cannot defeat easily coronavirus it will get so anxious that it can cause huge problems into their own body.

Will you eat garlic and onions???
Will we defeat coronavirus???

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