Tuesday, 12 May 2020

An interview with Halcombe Norilsk

I have done an interview because of the publication of my new book: "El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis". Follow the link to read it: Interview Halcombe Norilsk 

Halcombe Norilsk
Halcombe Norilsk interview

It was exciting to do this interview and give the answers. I tried to give interesting answers so that the reader could have a nice experience reading it and could be interested in the book (Buy my book "El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis

This interview is in Spanish. An Italian website talked about my books not long ago as I am writing about an Italian series in my blog Ser un Tusitala. If you are fluent in Italian, you can read it following this link Halcombe Norilsk in Italian 

Read a special version of this post in Spanish: Halcombe Norilsk

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