Sunday, 7 June 2020

Pearson Media Group SCAM


They send this kind of email to scam people. Be careful.


Wishing you well!

I'll keep this short and precise to make it worth your time. 

My name is E. Peterson from Pearson Media Group. Our company is pleased to inform you that your book qualifies for a sponsorship program for International Film & Movie recommendation.

Your book, has gone through a strict evaluation and earned exceptionally favorable remarks from our board of editors. Hence, we have seen great potential in your writing which can be an asset to our target market.

We hope to conduct a further assessment to formulate a project for us to finance. You can reach me at 1-833-272-8755 ext. 615. You may also respond to this email with your contact details and a convenient time to call.

We look forward to working with you soon.


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