Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer,

Inspired by famous pieces of writing such as The Decameron or One Thousand and One Nights, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote his last yet most important book The Canterbury Tales. It can be interesting to point out that Geoffrey Chaucer worked for Prince Lionel and his wife Elizabeth, third son of King Edward III, this is the reason we have details of his life. In 1387 after retirement Chaucer moved to Kent, he died subsequently in 1400 (he was 60 years old in theory). The Canterbury Tales was left unfinished. Under the coruscating writing style, poetic evocations, rich language underlies a mordant irony and sarcasm.  

The Canterbury Tales Chaucer
The Canterbury Tales Chaucer

Plot of The Canterbury Tales is as it follows; main protagonist of The Canterbury Tales goes to a tavern where he finds some pageants to whom he joins, each of these pageants will tell four stories of their own, the person who tells the best story will win a free dinner in the aforementioned tavern. Characters of any kind are seen in The Canterbury Tales. Irony, sarcasm o parody are mixed in a book that is in literature history by its own merits. The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer Have you read The Canterbury Tales?. Do share, rate, or comment.

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