Monday, 14 December 2015

Elements of Elizabeth Bishop´s poem Twelve O'Clock News

Studying this poem oblige us with assuring it is the epitome of New Historicism movement insofar as the key term thought control is conveyed. Likewise, the political voice is evident, yet criticism, sharp though, is hidden subtly. Seldom can we do against the state power, perhaps write a poem like this one. Elizabeth Bishop does not talk in first person nonetheless, she hides herself behind objects, overlaid with a constant analogy with no rhyme at all, the poem hides a harsh reality, a comparison between ordinary objects we see in our home with a piece of news regarding a conflict, you do not notice it the first time you hear the poem thus the metaphor could scarcely be overly dreadful. However devastating however evident is, the state is right, depending on the side you are in, everything is said consequently, thereby you are to be taught under the notion capitalism is right and nothing horrible is taking place in Vietnam War. The theme of this poem is to make us aware of how we are manipulated. Why must we accept this paradoxical poem?. When we start dinner at home tonight a news show concludes as this second part does. (if you want to read the third part of this piece of work about Elizabeth Bishop´s poem 12 O' Clock News follow the link)

Elizabeth Bishop´s poem 12 O' Clock News

Elizabeth Bishop´s  Twelve O' Clock news
Elizabeth Bishop´s poem Twelve O'Clock News

Poem twelve O'Clock News Elizabeth Bishop
As you all know, tonight is the night of the full
moon, half the owrld over. But here the moon
seems to hang motionless in the sky.It gives
very little light, it could be dead. Visibility is poor.
Nevertheless, we shall try to give you some
idea of the lay of the land and the present situation... Elizabeth Bishop


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