Friday, 11 December 2015

Gascoigne documentary. Is Paul Gascoigne a football legend?

Let´s remember football career of Paul Gascoigne who is making headlines again because of the new documentary about him named Gascoigne that is to be talked about here subsequently. Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne reached semi-finals both in 1990 World Cup and UEFA EURO 1996 playing for England, similarly, he played for Newcastle, Tottenham, Lazio (Italy) Glasgow Rangers (Scotland), Middlesbrough, Everton, Burnley or Gansu Tianma (China). 

He won the FA Cup, 2 Scottish Leagues, one Scottish Cup and one Scottish League Cup. Injuries, diverse scandals and above all his alcoholism ended his career (he was expelled from English national team in 1998 for instance because he was caught drunk, what is more, he tried to punch the English manager because of his decision). 

Is Paul Gascoigne a football legend? I am not sure. Even so, I still believe he deserves a documentary as his life and career are interesting and this film Gascoigne it is indeed, we see Wayne Rooney on it whose football style, environment and upbringings are not dissimilar to the ones of Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker also appears who played alongside Gascoigne in English national team and finally Jose Mourinho who is not an Englishman but he is very popular nonetheless. 

Gascoigne Documental

Documentary Gascoigne is interesting, you can see Paul Gascoigne talking sincerely about his life, failures, scandals, excesses yet the easiness with which many attribute extremely positive adjectives to anyone is insulting. Gascoigne

Let me formulate a question; Is Paul Gascoigne a football legend or England, a country in which football is so important and relevant does not have proper legends hence they are always ready to find anything so that having an excuse to produce a documentary? I am afraid to answer it...

Paul Gascoigne


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