Monday, 4 July 2016

BBC article by Inka Piegsa about Trasmoz

It was more than a privilege to be part of a BBC article (indirectly) penned by German writer Inka Piegsa about the only one municipality in Southern Europe that is cursed by Catholic Church, Trasmoz. I visited this place with the author writer Inka Piegsa and the result is this astonishing article that has been translated to many different languages TrasmozTaking advantage of this opportunity I wrote my own version of what took place both in Spanish Trasmoz and English Trasmoz  What is more, Inka Piegsa conveyed his vision on her personal blog about Tarazona and the villages that are all around El Moncayo mountain and Trasmoz, something that can be discovered right now Trasmoz Inka Piegsa and on this other article Moncayo Tarazona.  

Trasmoz with my new friend Lola and Writer Inka Piegsa

Inka Piegsa has kept herself travelling and discovering new places. Accordingly, she has just published a new article about a hidden and remote place in rural Aragon as you can read now Inka Piegsa Do rate, share and comment Trasmoz

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