Friday, 16 September 2016

Grimes flesh without blood

Claire Elise Boucher born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was uploading her music for the first time and updating her artistic information on My Space (when this Internet site was relevant and very popular), she was looking for adjectives when My Space came up with Grime, a negative one but the artist added an s instead and a new musical label was born, Grimes one of the most exciting artists of these new times.

Grimes Flesh without blood

Grimes produces a very original kind of music and her looks and music video are great alike. She usually has her color dyed. Likewise, prior to appear onstage she demands to have a dog on her backstage in order to be able to embrace the animal so that starting the concert in good mood. Try listening an album of her, she is a very special musician.

Grimes Flesh Without Blood

One of her recent hits that is superbly made is Flesh without blood whose music video can be enjoyed right now. Hope you love this Flesh without blood by Grimes.


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