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The Shining Stephen King

I have widely enjoyed The Shining by Stephen King. It is a long novel to say the truth but it is easy to read. Read this in Spanish The Shining 

I am a big fan of Stanley Kubrick, I read recently Dream Story the novel that inspired Stanley Kubrick to make Eyes Wide Shut. As you may remember, Stanley Kubrick made a horror movie called The Shining as well. But there is a big difference. Whilst Dream Story may inspire Kubrick, he made a film adaptation of The Shining insofar as he changes things. 

The Shining Stephen King
The Shining Stephen King

Albeit The Shining is a superb movie I really believe reading the novel is a superior experience inasmuch as there is a higher amount of richer details. For instance, the novel provides a deep explanation of the history of the hotel.

Something that does not change, horror scenes aside, is one of my favourite scenes ever in the history of cinema. I am talking (the picture of this post depicts it) about when the protagonist, Jack Torrance (actor Jack Nicholson) visits the bar of the hotel and he asks for alcohol to drink. 

In the novel likewise, the protagonist goes to the bar in order to drink alcohol. Yet, in the novel, this takes place twice. Another big scene that I have loved in the novel is when the protagonist hears the voice of his deceased father that demands him to kill his son and his wife.

As far as the plot is concerned (This movie and novel is so renowned that you probably know it in advance) The Shining tells of the story of a man who is hired to look after a hotel in a rural place of Colorado, United States. This hotel is called The Overlook and is only opened from May until October due to the weather that is harsh in autumn and winter. However, Jack Torrance accepts the job and his wife and his little son stay with him in the hotel. 

The problem is that little by little strange things take place inside the hotel. At the same time, Jack Torrance, who wants to end a play, starts losing his mind and his son sees horrible happenings because he has a mental power (The Shining).

The Shining is one of the best horror movies ever and is one of the best novels I have ever read. The Shining was written in 1977 and the movie was released in 1980. A few years ago, Stephen King published the second part titled: Doctor Sleep. A movie adaptation is set to be released this November, the protagonist is played by Evan McGregor. 

Which is your favourite The Shining scene??? Have you seen The Shining??? Have you read The Shining???

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