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Tarazona and Paco Martínez Soria on ¡Vaya Par de gemelos! (what a pair of twins)

What a pair of twins!! (¡Vaya par de gemelos!) Spanish movie based on Tarazona with Paco Martínez Soria therein dazzling in an incredible role. Nobody had dared to shoot in the city of Tarazona within the region of Aragon, inside the north of Spain. I heard once that Stanley Kubrick took it into account to finish some scenes of Barry Lyndon but in the end he did not feel ready enough to be in Tarazona. This Mudéjar Aragonese city does seem here in all its splendour showing what is able to produce, two daredevils twins full of witty, naivety and fun. Spanish/Léelo en español One of the siblings is everything a man can dream of as he is plenty of money, has a good job, dresses impeccable, is married to an attractive woman who is faithful, nice and obedient to him. Plus, on his spare time he travels to Madrid regularly in order to visit some exciting night clubs (lacking good reputation though) where young women with no many clothes on dance in style. He is a knave but also a man beyond his time.      
   Paco Martínez Soria     Paco Martínez Soria         

A miserable twin and his winning brother with Tarazona and Moncayo as spectators.                                                                                                               
By contrast, his twin brother is everything a man is afraid of becoming, he is always clad in horrible costumes and has a horrible flat cap on (boina), his wife, who does speak a little bit strange, humiliates him constantly, he does never have money as his wife is the boss, his friends look down on him with pity and he badly survives selling fruit, therefore (and of course) when he sees a female foreign tourist with good looks has to say something pleasant and always offers himself kindly to her so that show the city of Tarazona and anything she might wish as the town that hosts Cipotegato has hidden treasures that cannot  be seen at first sight...


Such an interesting sociological study of the prototype of a winner man and a loser one show us not only the versatility of an actor, moreover, the explanation of how the same background is able to produce two people so different between them and so close at the same time. It is really a great movie, with superb scenes and such an original screenplay that does never make you feel indifferent, the two twins are involved into some problematical hassles and they will do anything possible in order to overcome difficulties. Notwithstanding, the end of this movie can be deemed as one of the most unfair in the history of the Spanish cinema...

Paco Martínez Soria Vaya par de gemelos Tarazona
Paco Martínez Soria and his aggressive wife Maria Isbert

To those numerous arrogant people who look down on any actor and Paco Martínez Soria for instance, who dares not to speak in English we should recommend this movie  because, let´s face it, acting behind a multimillion budget movie with plenty of advertisements and marketing campaigns is not so difficult and is not as great or funny like watching Paco Martínez Soria acting as two so distant characters and so close at the same time on a humble  movie made in the 70s. Taking everything into account we can clearly stat that ¡Vaya par de gemelos! (What a pair of twins!) is a jewel that  will not disappoint you!!! Share, rate or comment if you have liked this post and remember reading other related posts that contain juicy and original stories regarding the incredible world of cinema.

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