Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Snap out of it, Arctic Monkeys

SNAP OUT OF IT: To stop experiencing something unpleasant or stop behaving in a negative way."I was depressed, and I couldn't snap out of it"CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARIES ONLINE.

I am not to introduce Arctic Monkeys as you probably know them in advanced although perhaps you have not seen their video clip Snap out of it that is included in their last album named AM. It is a great song and the video clip is starred by Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman who became famous thanks to the movie Miss Bala. 

Snap out of it Arctic Monkeys
Stephanie Sigman Snap out of it

You can see how Stephanie Sigman regrets something and desires to be with the frontman of Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner as she may have been with him in the past and now she is not. Besides, she may have experienced something unpleasant. The expression Snap out of it was unknown to me but after such a good song I am not to forget it for sure. Stephanie Sigman  feels horrible, yet she should not worry about as Arctic Monkeys leader will be waiting for her as we should neither because Arctic Monkeys music will travel with us for a long time. 


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Stephanie Sigman Snap out of it
Stephanie Sigman Snap out of it

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