Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"A great name tells you more" Regarding Aaron Keller´s post

Once I heard that everything is marketing and it is more than true because sometimes it does not matter how great a product is people tend to buy and consume with their hearts rather than with their minds ending up owning far too many products that perhaps were not so fabulous but our subconscious mind made us realise buying them was the best option available at that moment. Likewise, how many times we have repeated a song only because it was sung by a famous pop star who is praised by journalists and music pundits?. How many times have we bought a pair of trousers that are sold worldwide because a relevant brand has worked hard in an image that is deemed cool and fashionable?. Not only a name tells you more than just what the company does, sometimes the name is less important than the story behind it, for instance, if a brand name tells of an incredible personal story, a one of survival people can relate themselves to such story thereby when they see the name of the brand they are seeing the story behind it. Let´s take The Rolling Stones for instance, people remember the adventures of 5 men from England that aimlessly did conquer the world of music and lived so many adventures that they are now legends. We humans live ordinary lives, we have to sleep, stand bosses do pay a mortgage hence all of us do need adventure and exciting experiences if our company does have a great name and an interesting story behind it people will pay less interest about what such company does, yet they will buy your product. Choosing the name of the brand may be essential but what does it convey is even more relevant and as Aaron Keller says, it is more important than just what the company does. Do rate share and comment.

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