Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Describing Someone special for Halcombe Norilsk

Chrissie was so special for Halcombe Norilsk that Halcombe would spend the whole day doing nothing but waiting for her to come to his side in order to talk about what was taking place all around the world. With regards to her physical features she had a long curly hair which matched perfectly with her shiny brown eyes. When she smiled some beautiful dimples would appear on her round face. Her teeth was as white as pure was her heart because she was always thinking in helping everybody around her, she did it gently waiting nothing in return. I will never forget the day I first met her, I was minding my own business as nothing seemed exciting, it was a dull night indeed, preposterous ideas which I could not stand for came from bored people hence the night did become more and more forgettable. Suddenly, a smiling face changed everything for once and all. It soon made me realized that night would linger on my mind forever because no only it changed such a horrible summer night it brought so much joy into my life that Chrissie will always be on the imagination and heart of Halcombe Norilsk reminding Halcombe happiness does exist!!!. Do share, rate and comment this description written by Halcombe Norilsk
Halcombe Norilsk