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Seth Macfarlane hosting the Oscars 2013, quotes, photos, jokes and Michelle Obama within

According to Halcombe Hackney Norilsk, Seth Macfarlane is one of the most talented comedians in the world, he is director, writer, actor, voice of many funny characters and responsible of such great serials as Family Guy or American Dad and the movie Ted. Nonetheless, his performance as the host of the last Academy Awards ceremony was clumsy and middling. He was not funny at all. When he is behind Brian,Ted or Stewie the humour is of a great quality, yet the other night was the personification of a boring news presenter sometimes and an awful guy trying to be funny (something he was not) at others. Why did this happen?

Whether it was because of his nervousness in such an important event (you could see how many times he was clapping his hands prior to the appearance of anybody or the fastness of his first speech) or because the writers did not make a great stuff as you cannot be too much sardonic nor too much formal, the truth is that the performance of Seth Macfarlane was too disappointing.
Charlize Theron reacts to the song "We saw your boobs"
Let me begin with the most controversial moment of the night that was the rendition of the song "We saw your boobs", perfect for a chapter of Family Guy with Peter, Chris or Quagmire, extremely stupid for the night the Academy Awards is being held. Look the face of Charlize Theron above and Naomi Watts below.
Naomi Watts and her face as listening to "We saw your boobs"
"Meryl Streep, we saw your boobs in Silkwood/ Naomi Watts in Mulholland Drive/Angelina Jolie we saw your boobs in Gia/ They made us feel excited and alive,"

   Seth MacFarlane
       Is true

"From Jodie Foster in The Accused and Halle Berry in Monster's Ball to Angelina Jolie in Gia and Charlize Theron in Monster And Kate Winslet in Heavenly Creatures and Jude and Hamlet and Titanic and Iris and Little Children and The Reader and whatever you're shooting right now Isn't it funny that we only watch movies to stare at women's breasts, nudge, nudge, snigger, snigger."

 Star Trek´s moment was a horrible end to a bad opening.



"a celebration of every woman's innate inability to never, ever let anything go," Not funny at all



"This is the story of a man fighting to get back his woman who has been subjected to unspeakable violence. Or as Chris Brown and Rihanna call it a date movie."  Cruel, too much for the big night of the cinema



 "To give you an idea how young she is. It'll be 16 years before she's too old for Clooney."You are talking of a 9 years old child!! and George Clooney is not famous because of his girls



"Our next two presenters, at least one is honest about being a former exotic dancer. Please welcome Channing Tatum and Jennifer Aniston". Nice try.




“The first time I saw all that dark facial hair I thought, “My God! The Kardashians have finally made the jump into film.” Nothing to say. "I though the show was going pretty well. Maybe you can turn it around" (Ben Affleck answered)


"Well, we have reached the point in the ceremony where either Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz or Salma Hayek comes on stage and we have no idea what they are saying but we don´t care because they are so attractive" Nothing new, this joke has been said many times before, last year at the Golden Globes for instance


"And now  he's everywhere," That guy is not from The States and his career has just started, yet he has won already some Academy Awards. Bad joke


"Is 150 years too soon? If you don´t like that, i have got Napoleon jokes to tell you". We do not like that joke, we abhor it


People like Ricky Gervais or Sacha Baron Cohen and his team of writers could do a much better job. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosted the Golden Globes last January and was plenty of good jokes.

Nevertheless, the worst was not that your beloved did not win, not even the long ceremony plenty of commercials,  the boring jokes and the poor performance of Seth MacFarlane, the worst was Michelle Obama saying the name of the winner of the night

Michelle Obama addresses the audience at the 85th Academy awards

Why? The First lady should never give this kind of Awards as she is the wife of Barack Obama from the Democratic Party, not matter that now Obama is the president  of United States of America, he is still a politician who represents a particular party and not so much the aforementioned country, the Oscars represents the most important event in the year of movies not The White House (otherwise Hollywood would not be so powerful and above all so rich) it is widely recognized and admired throughout the world, it is linked to the world of cinema, no matter the country or the belief nor the religion. As Michelle Obama is giving the award she is saying that the actual Government supports Hollywood. In consequence, neutral dexterity is lost and  politics are involved something should never happen. What is more, you are giving the Republican party, enemies of Barack Obama, countries which hate USA a lot of reasons to distrust the movies made within Hollywood.

Big mistake. Perhaps in some Western countries it does not matter but in others whose politics are far from American values, Hollywood might not be seen in a magical way anymore.

Halcombe Hackney in New York City


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