Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Black Market Clothing

I got a free Sunday in which I discovered an amazing shop in Toronto, Black Market Clothing, it was similar to those shops in Camden, London in the sense it looked like an old fancy building and the shop was located downstairs. Not only the clothes were cheap they were very original. There were plenty of T-shirts with imaginative designs and slogans. Jeans from top brands such as Lee or Levis. As I am from Europe these Northamerican brands are specially expensive thereby I bought a military jacket with the Canadian flag on, some stylish Levis jeans and a T-shirt that depicts Homer Simpson and his beloved friend Barney as if they both were inside Pulp Fiction movie, the funny fact is they carry glasses of beer instead of guns though, something you can discover thanks to the following pictures.  Black Market Clothing

Black Market Clothing Toronto
Levis Jeans and a funny T-shirt on Chinatown Toronto after buying on Black Market Clothing

Black Market Clothing Toronto
On the nearby Alexandra Park, Toronto (Alexandra was the wife of Edward VII) with a Canadian military jacket on from Black Market Clothing Toronto

If you are tired of buying in big malls and you do not have a huge budget try Black Market Clothing Toronto as you will be positevely surprised Black Market Clothing is situated on 256a Queen W. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.