Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Summer of Natalie Davis.

After publishing my first book Ser un Tusitala  my intention is to publish a fictional tale both in Spanish and English, the title of this book is to be The Summer of Natalie Davis. The main protagonist is a young girl from Manhattan, New York City whose name is given after American actress Natalie Portman.

Natalie Davis
The summer of Natalie Davis

Her surname is Davis, after seeing model Hannah Davis being chosen as the cover for Sports Illustrated on the programme of Jimmy Fallon and because she thinks she could be a great one she decides thereby to become a supermodel. 

The Summer of Natalie Davis
The Summer of Natalie Davis

She is very young and has plenty of ambition, yet her dad who is a lawyer denies it. Consequently, her mum decides to send her to a rural place in Spain in order to be with her mum (grandma of Natalie) during a summer in which she lives unforgettable experiences. Meanwhile, the mother of Natalie Davis convinces her husband of allowing Natalie Davis try modelling. You can read an extract of this novel following the link. Natalie Davis 

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