Sunday, 6 March 2016

Oscar Mistakes 2.

Some time ago I did write an article about mistakes made by the Academy Awards inside the history of Oscars Oscar Mistakes I focused the story on filmmakers and actors mainly. Notwithstanding, the piece of writing I penned was not wrong at all because and thanks to a research carried out by Hollywood Reporter magazine current members of the Academy have revisited 5 movies that did win the major category at Oscars, yet they should have not resulted the winners, these 5 movies were awarded with the prestigious prize of best motion picture and are history. Nonetheless, if these people would vote today everything had been different. In fact, those members assure the following changes should take place. Henceforth, Brokeback Mountain would had been the best movie of 2006 instead of Crash. Saving Private Ryan would be the winner of 1999 getting rid of Shakespeare in love thus. The Shawshank Redemption would beat Forrest Gump in 1995. My left foot would be now the best picture of 1990 not Driving Miss Daisy. All the president´s men would be now the best picture of 1977 beating Rocky similarly. If there are mistakes on Best Director and best actor category there are even more in the best motion picture category. All in all, it is with great delight that I announce that the beforementioned article I wrote with other other two have been published in a book of my own named Ser un Tusitala available worldwide Ser un Tusitala Hope you love it!!!

Ser un Tusitala
Ser un Tusitala Book

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