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Jorge Cacho exhibits his collection Intuiciones in Tarazona (Zaragoza)

Cipoegato Tarazona
La fiesta del Cipotegato en Tarazona, Aragón, España, 27 de agosto de 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Tarazona - Catedral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The soiree seemed great, you handed a glass of champagne, some grapes were ready to be eaten as you were celebrating the New Year´s Eve in Spain. You had dined with your family and you were going to celebrate such an important date with your best friends. Enthusiasm on the television presenters, last messages from people you could not meet that night, jubilation on the people walking along the streets... Of course, you do remember it very well, the night of New Year´s Eve was wonderful, whilst the bells were tolling and you were eating a last grape you said to yourself-This is it, this is to be the year!!-

Regrettably, soon henceforth you did come back to your job position that is poorly paid, to waking up early, the hurries, the unfairly demands and exigencies, the disdain and contempt of  your bosses, the falseness and mendacity of your colleagues. Moreover,  your economy does not work really well, let alone that of the country in which you trust your retirement and savings. The continent where you live is losing all the greatness that historically owned and you know your future is nothing but gloomy. What is more, the alternatives do not seem right as beggary playing a cheap instrument in a busy street or incapacity are even worse.

Was New Year´s Eve an illusion? Did you really cheat on yourself badly and had you been cheated on the last day of December? Does it make sense to celebrate a tradition that obliges you to live in a agreeable fantasy to wake up thereafter with despair as  discovering what  the reality looks like?  Is it really worthy? 

Of course is, the harsher and tiring the journey is, the biggest reward will you obtain,   even though the path is full of tramps and challenges the few yet gratifying moments are so pleasant that allow you to be back on the road with even more strength overtaking obstacles and achieving your goals. Amongst these brilliant moments, the Intuiciones collection that  painter Jorge Cacho has made is found. That exhibition is available in the historical city of Tarazona, in the province of Zaragoza (Spain) close to El Moncayo.

Just after a brief but intense meeting in the matchless Paradise Bar (Bar Paraíso) of Tarazona, the Turiasonense artist was convinced and hopeful to show everybody his collection and "Be able to make the day of all the people that humbly try to escape from our harsh situation" subsequently, Jorge Cacho added "I am not looking for a monetary refund, what I want   is to create beautiful art conveying it to the public efficiently".
English: Flag of Tarazona, in Zaragoza province, Spain. ) Wikipedia)

Little did one confront itself with authors so open, gentle and nice in a world where selfishness and haughtiness are something we are accustomed to. If you are near Tarazona and La Comarca del Moncayo do not doubt about visiting these paintings and walk throughout the streets of this beauty Aragonese city in order to taste and enjoy one of those few yet comforting moments that these awful times are still able to provide.

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