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New petroleum discovered as the North Pole is melting.

English: Oil - proved reserves.
English: Oil - proved reserves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nodding donkey pumping an oil well near Sarnia...
Nodding donkey pumping an oil well near Sarnia, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Countries with largest oil reserves
Countries with largest oil reserves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ivan Papanin on the North Pole-1 drifting ice ...
Ivan Papanin on the North Pole-1 drifting ice station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whether you believe it is our fault or not, the truth is that the ice is thawing in the North Pole and we are living in a hotter planet than before. Nevertheless, there are people who do not care about... (at all) because of the discovery of huge amounts of oil that is hidden under the ice...

Indeed, United States, Russia and other countries  have made an arrangement as this oil reserves belong to them (according to its geographical situation) so that make sure nobody will claim a new oil exploitation. What is more, countries such as Greenland are to separate itself from Denmark as they are going to be rich owing to the precious black liquid.

Besides, China has also reached an arrangement with Iceland in order to explore and exploit some routes from this country to the North PoleOil and therefore money are important above all when the reserves of petroleum in Europe, Africa, and Middle East are running out

However, all that glitters is no gold as it will be very difficult and expensive to extract this new petrol because is a gruelling task to work on remote icy places but the result is worthwhile, in fact, Russia, United States, Finland and Greenland are going to be very powerful and rich in some time soon (even more). 

Furthermore, it is revealed that The United States of America is to become the biggest producer of oil in the world (read it on The Economist on January 2013) in less than decades due to new discoveries made in North American soil, as a result, USA will have a better future because it will no be dependent on foreign oil, they will cut its deficit (the highest of the entire world), will have revenues,  jobs will be made. Still, some poor nations will not have a strange war on their country...

In some decades time there will be important problems as far as petroleum is concerned so that these new routes to the North Pole due to climate change are relevant. Do you think the climate change is a fable or is it real?. Are we hooked on oil without a worthwhile reason? Our Governments do not start real polices because some are to obtain huge revenues with these new discoveries on the North Pole? What do you think? Comment, share and rate this post if you have enjoyed it.


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