Thursday, 17 July 2014

Germany National Football Team

Germany beat 3 World Cup Champions in a row, France, Brazil and Argentina scoring 9 goals and only allowing one to win another World Cup title. Germany Football Team has won 4 World Cups being runners-up other 4 times. Still, they have ended in the 3rd position other four times thereby we can assure German National Football team is the best ever. So proud Germans are that Angela Merkel render a special visit to her boys in order to congratulate the new World Cup winners. Besides this picture of Angela Merkel you can fin the amazing record of Germany National Football Team throughout World Cup  and European Championship history.

Angela Merkel Germany National Football Team
Angela Merkel visits Germany National Football Team

Uruguay 1930 Did no enter
Italy 1934 Third Place
France 1938 First Round
Brazil 1950 Banned
Switzerland 1954 Champion
Sweden 1958 Fourth Place
Chile 1962 Quarter-Finals
England 1966 Runners-Up
Mexico 1970 Third Place
Germany 1974 Champion
Argentina 1978 Knock-out stage
Spain 1982 Runners-Up
Mexico 1986 Runners-Up
Italy 1990 Champion
USA 1994 Quarter-Finals
France 1998 Quarter-Finals
Korea and Japan 2002 Runners-Up
Germany 2006 Third Place
South Africa 2010 Third Place
Brazil 2014 Champion

Overall: Champion:4 Times Runners-Up: 4 Times

France 1960 Did no participate
Spain 1964 Did not participate
Italy 1968 Did Not play
Belgium 1972 Champion
Yugoslavia 1976 Runner-Up
Italy 1980 Champion
France 1984 First Round
Germany 1988 Semi-Final
Sweden 1992 Runner-Up
England 1996 Champion
Belgium and The Netherlands 2000 Group Stage
Portugal 2004 Group Stage
Austria and Switzerland 2008 Runners-Up
Poland and Ukraine 2012 Semifinals

Overall: Germany has won 3 times being Runners-Up other 3 times

German National Team record
Germany National Football Team

Germany National Football Team

Do you think Germany National Football Team is the best National Football Team ever? Do you consider other teams to be more relevant than Die Mannschaft?

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