Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Modern English Words based on Shakespeare´s plays

William Shakespeare wrote so many good plays that many modern expressions used today are extracted directly from some of his books. Now you can see 5 English expressions and its link to the books of William Shakespeare
  1. A FOOL´S PARADISE: Comes from the famous story Romeo and Juliet, believe something is good when it is not in reality.
  2. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NO GOLD: A very recurrent sentence ( I tend to use it a lot) was used for the first time in another renowned play of William Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice (recent film adaptation played by Al Pacino is great). Appearances are not always true, a vital lesson all we must learn.
  3. METHOD IN YOUR MADNESS, from the eternal story Hamlet, Polonius says to Hamlet "Though this be madness yet there is method in it" A very rich expression with plenty of meaning.
  4. WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE so that people can trust you, it is extracted from Othello and said in a special way by the villain of that play.
  5. A SORRY SIGHT from Macbeth, albeit it has a jocular sense now it is said when Macbeth kills a king (Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard are to star a movie soon based on this play)

There are lots of English Expressions based on Shakespeare, do you want to add any? Do share, rate or comment

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

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