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David Cameron´s years in power.

David Cameron
David Cameron's (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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David Cameron  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
David Cameron has faced several issues that have impacted severely. Firstly, after nearly 13 years of Labour government a new Tory politician was in power, have the wounds yet to heal or everything is no longer germane? I am talking of course of Margaret Thatcher who divided the country in such a painful way that its consequences can still be seen deeply throughout British society. In fact, it is assured rich people do vote Labour in the north of England. By contrast, poor people vote Tory in the south. This can happen in sport where a person follows a football team forever, in politics though, it is not the most sensible way to see reality and it was not like that until Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister. What is more, Scotland, once a Tory stronghold, rarely sees a Tory MP, this relevant part of Britain was on the verge of being independent, this was the major threat Britain has overlooked since World War Two, the difference though is there was not a foreign army ready to invade Britain, rather, a place inhabited by brothers and sisters with whom English, Welsh and Northern Ireland population have lived peacefully for centuries decided it was the proper time for them to be independent. Northern relatives were tired of being part of the United Kingdom. I find peculiar how many people deem Britain as a powerful country, do envy their lifestyle or its own currency but some of those who live therein yearn for independence, it is rather shocking and this is something historical alike, now time has passed by hence we do not recognize what was to happen, something that could have broken a whole country for once and all. With regards to this, many could claim David Cameron has won. In my personal opinion, he risked unnecessary something as serious as the sovereignty of a nation. No even Alex Salmond, leader of SNP, (who has resigned since he lost the Independence referendum albeit one can say he won given the repercussion and the result he obtained), thought he was going to have such a utter eminent profile, the whole world was watching, European Union trembling, private sector worrying and I presume, David Cameron without a proper bedtime. Alex Salmond wanted more powers to Scotland as his political agenda had promised in Scotland´s general elections, yet David Cameron unexpectedly allowed him to have a radical choice, to break away from Britain or to maintain the status of Scotland, in my view, Mr. Cameron decided to oblige supporters of Scottish Independence to forget their dream. However, it was Alex Salmond who obliged Westminster politicians to take it into account. Nobody could have expected Scotland was on the verge of going independent. David Cameron was sure the referendum was going to be won by people who love Britain thus Scotland´s pro-independence movement would end forever, at first, this was thought, but little by little the situation did change, it was so worrying Westminster politicians went north in order to plead Scottish people to remain British. This was when David Cameron (hated in Scotland as any Tory politician would be) rendered his most memorable speech to date urging Scottish people to keep the current status, yet it was him who allowed the risky situation.  In the end, Scotland did not go alone but David Cameron was close to become the most hatred British politician ever. In fact, the speech we have read to pen this piece of work could have been the last in Britain´s history!!!. I believe he should have given Scotland more powers to start with, something it is said is to do now hence his work on this area has not been positive from my point of view. By contrast, David Cameron had a great summer in 2012 Olympic Games that took place in London where British Olympic Team did have a great result and for some time United Kingdom seemed more united than ever, what is more, a Briton born in Scotland, Andy Murray, won Wimbledon, ending a long search for the most important tennis tournament, the best played in grass courts, Wimbledon. Still, Queen Elizabeth saw her family enlarged with the welcoming of a new Royal member, a baby that makes Britain to have its future ensured. However, David Cameron did decide to appear on American Television, (Late Night with David Letterman You can watch it here) to promote Britain and its Olympic Games but as these live shows prove you cannot trust your knowledge enough, a group of screenwriters and TV presenter (David Letterman) did made David Cameron a fool of himself as he could not answered adroitly some questions about United Kingdom, he did not know Magna Carta in deep for instance. This was a big embarrassment for him, as the day he was seen in an official dinner with a t-shirt wrongly unbuttoned or when he was caught in camera sleeping, a picture that went viral, in these times when everybody is allowed to have a camera and an Internet connection far too many people have a say, everybody can ruined you in consequence above all when you are a renowned political leader. Perhaps is not so important but while many Britons live in poverty and when Britain has a huge deficit (as Britain has its own Bank of England it does not depend on others hence can spend happily although this can be reckless) he decided to go to American television notwithstanding, something not so important, he did so because his nemesis, the famous and brilliant conservative politician, Boris Johnson, (current mayor of London to whom he is competing as Johnson does want not only be the leader of Conservative Party but also to rule Britain), did a great performance in the same programme Mr. Cameron was jealous of him therefore he appeared there too, he somewhat seemed more focus on this battle than to improve the reality of Britain. Nevertheless, this can also be seen as a modern day for politicians as they go to television. In fact, David Cameron does want this notion, he took paternal leave when his new son was born or when he would ride a bike to work. These help to modernise politics but have to be attempted properly. Now, David Cameron has a new problem called Ukip, this party is changing British Politics in a way nobody could have expected once David Cameron read his speech, Ukip is stealing votes from traditional Tory grounds as people who are suffering a lot in the current global crisis does not fell close enough to Westminster politicians like David Cameron, we ought to point out that British politicians come from privileged backgrounds more than any other country thus they are highly educated having not seen real problems in their lives. Ukip state Immigration and European Union are the ones to blame for all the problems in Britain. British Economy is recovering rapidly if compared to other European countries for instance. However, the corollary effect it has had from European Union is a hefty fine in the sense other European Countries are suffering a lot hence Britain (the Netherlands has also been requested to do so) has to pay money, this has exacerbated the dislike many Britons own towards European Union, Ukip is gaining space, is obtaining great results, this is why I do believe David Cameron´s strategy to see European Union from a negative point of view lies. This is a political strategy so that counteract the recent fame of Ukip, I immigration reform likewise. Once Cameron remained Prime Minister Britain will keep within European Union and immigrants would be welcome albeit this is only my opinion and the truth is that a date it has been established to vote whether Britain stays in Europe or not and also some measures to battle immigration have been debated. From losing Scotland to leave European Union, this is what I have to say about the significance and historical transcendence of David Cameron´s years in power. 

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