Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The New York Times: Not all of Spain is buying

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Your article has reminded me (perhaps I forgot it on purpose) of the reality of my country Spain. The real issue we are facing is the lack of real projects. Following the new millennial it was thought building houses (Spaniards do have the notion we must end up our days owning one however happens) building big hotels to foreigners likewise were the best options available, it worked indeed for many years until one day the bubble exploded notwithstanding.  Now, some light is seen but the philosophy to apply is to be the same, if it failed so severely in the past (no so long ago) why is to work again?. European Union is no helping the South of Europe as they should be because Southern countries owe too much money, yet we should expect more from our politicians, above all when the Spanish coastline and countryside (once beautiful and impressive) are now only a pastime for rich and tourists. Furthermore, land and resources are limited as the patience of the people who leave this country looking for job opportunities elsewhere

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